Your Complete Guide To Dynamic And Dance Meditation– Because Your Body Is The Sacred Seat Of Your Soul

dynamic meditation technique

Click To Tweet “Be — don’t try to become”  ― Osho   One of the most wonderful but also the most misunderstood of all meditation techniques is dynamic meditation. Simply trying to trace the origins of dynamic meditation is the proverbial mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. So many different spiritualities and religions… Read more »

Karuna, A Meditation Technique, Can Boost Your Compassion In 10 Minutes

Two hands hld together in compassion, a piece of artwork used for Karuna meditation

Importance of Compassion Jainist and Buddhist Compassion Benefits of Compassion Karuna meditation for compassion Video Importance of Compassion Karuna meditation is the meitation technique for compassion. This guide shows you the importance of compassion and how you can develop compassion by practicing Karuna meditation.     Click to Tweet If you want others to be… Read more »

Dhyana Meditation : How To Be Yourself, Not What Society Made You

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Introduction Everyday dhyana How To Do Dhyana Meditation Introduction   Click To Tweet All things are linked with one another, and this oneness is sacred – Marcus Aerilius     Whether practicing meditation as a spiritual practice or as an entirely practical thing, it’s important to start with Samatha meditation.   Samatha meditation calms and… Read more »

The Essential Basics Of Meditation That All Zen Masters Stick To

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When I first began to learn meditation, my mind was abuzz with excitement. Within months of first starting to learn meditation I had already journeyed through Chinese culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, modern spirituality, New Age, and so many other subjects that I felt the very world were a huge smouldering pot of philosophy, science, and spirituality…. Read more »

30 Types Of Meditation–Discover The Right One For You


A titanic shift is occurring in the realms of spirituality right now. Meditation techniques from the East are gaining tremendous popularity in the West, where those techniques are being influenced by modern society and led in new directions. It’s like two great ocean currents, East and West, hurtling into one another and changing the direction… Read more »

What Meditation Really Is And Why You Already Do It

what meditation really is

When I was finishing drama school back in 2004 my acting teacher said to me “Imagine there are curtains closed around your mind. Now imagine them opening”. Looking back on that time when my drama teacher told me to open the curtains of my mind, one of the main reasons why his words resonated with… Read more »

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mindfulness Meditation–New And Improved

Great Buddha statue in India. Learn mindfulness and meditation with our guide here.

Introduction About mindfulness ’Benefits’ Mindfulness and Health mindfulness exercises Introduction   The mind is like the sun. Both are energy centres. The sun creates heat and light. The mind creates awareness and consciousness. The beams of the sun radiate outwards, spreading light onto all they touch. The mind radiates consciousness, which illuminates our world. Without consciousness… Read more »

Powerful Meditation For Abundance And Prosperity-Guide

meditation for abundance and prosperity

By learning to use meditation for abundance and prosperity you will learn to stop holding yourself back, to adopt an attitude of acceptance, and to welcome abundance and prosperity into your life. Ultimately, your attitude and your beliefs shape your personal world. By using meditation for abundance and prosperity, you will learn to shape your… Read more »

Whoa! Science Just Opened Our Eyes To The Importance Of Spirituality


Did you know that spirituality can help defeat anxiety and depression, boost happiness and improve relationships?

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6 Enlightened Minds On Why Being True To Yourself Is Important  

Share this article in an image:   Why be yourself? Because you’re the only you the universe will ever know. Posted by The Daily Meditation on Friday, August 28, 2015       If you’re ready to connect to your true spiritual self, our exclusive guides will show you the way.

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5 Joy-Filled Ways To Let Yourself Be Happy Today

Your happiness is immensely important to me. It’s strange that so many people put themselves and their own happiness second. Sure, you’ve got family to look after and you do an amazing job at that. And you’ve got work to take care of, I get that. But amongst all that work and caring you do,… Read more »

6 Tricks For Complaining Like A Pro And Getting What You Demand

To complain like a pro you have to have the mindset of a winner. Winners never whine and rarely complain. They know how to get what they want, and how to do it in style. When I think about true winners I’m often led to think about that most inspiring person, Richard Branson (who I… Read more »

Player Girl
7 Mind Blowing Life Lessons You Can Learn From Video Games

Some people say playing video games is a complete waste of time. Pah. Little do they know. We’ve discovered that gaming offers profound life lessons. Here are seven of the most amazing life lessons we’ve learnt from gaming. 7 Mind Blowing Life Lessons From Video Games 1. Don’t forget the trigger: This is the deepest life… Read more »

how to have self worth
10 Essential Ways To Have The Self Worth You Deserve

Let’s start right now by getting something straight: self worth does not make you an egotist or self centred. The notion that if you value yourself you’re an egomaniac is total, straight-up bullshit. Self worth is about self compassion, about self-respect, about valuing your own person. But the problem is that near all of us… Read more »

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5 No Nonsense Ways To Clear Your Mind Before Bed

Do you lie in bed at night with thoughts racing through your mind? Do you struggle to find that calmness and relaxation necessary for you to drift off? If you’re busy or dealing with stress, your mind starts to overflow with thoughts. Then when you lie down your mind is on autopilot talking to itself… Read more »

Breaking Scientific Discovery Shows Chimps Can Cook

For the past hundred years scientific studies have continued to prove just how closely related you and I are to chimpanzees. The latest discovery shows that chimps even have the intellectual abilities required for cooking. It’s a discovery that could have profound implications for human evolution. A new study found that chimpanzees prefer to eat… Read more »

Self love can help you to lose weight.
Science Just Proved You Can Lose Weight By Loving Yourself

Healthy eating is about so much more than the food you put in your mouth. It’s about the reasons you choose to eat what you eat. It’s about psychology. Let me lower my head just a sec and level with you: I used to be a stress eater. But then I researched the reasons why… Read more »

Science Just Brought Mind Control That Much Closer To Reality

Mind control used to be a subject only seen in entertainment. The Truman Show, They Live, Dark City… mind control has long been a favourite theme in fiction. But that fiction is rapidly becoming reality. Scientists have taken a big leap forwards and are now able to control memories. Memories are one of the constituent… Read more »

7 Things To Do When Life Sucks Too Much

Wow are there some times when life sucks. And oh good lord are there times when life is boring. And don’t even get me started on the times when life is just too hard, too painful, or simply too much.  Recently my father passed away. That was one of those times when life sucked a… Read more »

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The Scientific Reasons Why Dancers Are Happier Than Everyone Else

Have you ever wondered precisely why dancing makes you happy? Or perhaps you’ve questioned why so many famous and successful people are known to be lovers of dancing. Believe it or not, dancing is one of the best exercises not just for the body but for the mind too.  Dancing makes you happier, smarter, and… Read more »