WARNING about Meditation Certifications Online

A number of unscrupulous individuals have started creating meditation certifications online as a way to make money off of would-be teachers. This page is a warning about the risk of certifications online. As a practitioner and teacher it saddens me to see that certain websites (which shall remain unnamed) have begun to use the tradition as a way to make money illegitimately.… Read more →


How To Meditate At Any Time Day And Night

You can meditate any time of the day to promote relaxation and wellbeing and to improve you overall health. Here’s how to meditate at any time during the day and night. ** Embed this image using the code provided at the bottom of the page How To Meditate At Any Time of the Day  Getting Up Early: Watch the sunrise… Read more →

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How To Do A Mindfulness Meditation In Easy Steps

This guide to how to do a mindfulness meditation breaks down the process of mindfulness meditation into simple to follow steps. This is  perfect for newcomers and is one of the many techniques covered in our comprehensive book: Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners (click on the book on the right or left of your screen for more details). Mindfulness is one… Read more →


Meditation Techniques for Anxiety and Stress

 Meditation techniques for anxiety and stress are one of the most effective ways of overcoming the symptoms of anxiety and stress. If you are not sure whether you are suffering from anxiety and stress, ask yourself whether you are suffering from the following symptoms: Symptoms of anxiety and stress Fearing what people are thinking Claustrophobia Sensation of being overwhelmed Suffering… Read more →

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Five Things A Nun Told Me That Have Changed My Life

Guys. I’m pretty amazed right now. Here’s why… Nuns. I met one yesterday. Her name was Sister Helen Eunice. We had a long chat. And honestly, I think she may just have changed my life. Here are five unbelievably amazing things that sister Helen Eunice said to me… Sister Helen Eunice: Stop controlling everything. Give in to life and you’ll… Read more →

how to do hari om meditation

How To Do Hari Om Meditation

Learning how to do Hari Om meditation puts you in complete control of the chakras in your body. Our spiritual being operates through prana, the life fore. Prana runs throughout our nadis (the energy channels in our body). The body contains thousands of nadis and many chakras. It is through these nadis and chakras that are energy is channelled. By learning… Read more →

buddhist meditaiton techniques for beginners

Buddhist Meditation Techniques for Beginners

With the Buddhist Meditation techniques for beginners which we will be covering in this article you will learn the best Buddhist meditation techniques for quieting your mind, cultivating inner peace and achieving sustained happiness. The key to being successful with these Buddhist meditation techniques for beginners is commitment. Try to do at least one of the exercises each day. In… Read more →