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You Probably Wont Believe These 100 Benefits Of Meditation

You Probably Wont Believe These 100 Benefits Of Meditation

There are way over 100 benefits of meditation. The 100+ benefits of meditation I’ve put below have all been scientifically proven. Be sure to share these 100 benefits of meditation on Facebook and Twitter so we can motivate others to start meditating!


 100 Benefits of Meditation and Effects of Meditation for Health   

The benefits of meditation infographic shows the benefits of meditation to your health body and mind.


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Health Benefits of Meditation

It lowers the rate at which we consume oxygen.

Slows down your breathing rate (this helps breathing for asthma and other conditions)

It raises blood flow to the heart

It helps us to become more tolerant

Improves our physical relaxation

It is excellent for people suffering from high blood pressure 

It improves our exercise tolerance

Reduces free radicals, which equals less tissue damage

Improves skin resistance

Lowers our risk of getting cardiovascular disease

Improves the air flow to the lungs = better breathing

Slows the aging process

Meditation is a great way of treating asthma

Makes us better at sports events

Improves the endocrine system

Over a period of time meditation helps us return to normal healthy weight

Helps the immune system to relax

Is of benefit to electrical activity in the brain

Meditation lowers the levels of blood lactate and thus helps cure anxiety attacks

Is of benefit to diseases including arthritis and allergies

Helps lower the symptoms of pre-menstraul syndrome

Meditation decreases muscle tension

Helps with post-op healing

Boosts the immune system

Reduces viral activity

Improves the flow of energy and makes us stronger

Is of great benefit to weight loss programs

Has shown to cure infertility due to stress relief

Increases our levels of Dehydroepiandrosterone

Meditation helps control chronic diseases

Leads to less sweating

Reduces free radicals, which equals less tissue damage

Improves skin resistance

Lowers our risk of getting cardiovascular disease

Improves the air flow to the lungs = better breathing    

 Can cure headaches and migraines 

Reduces our dependency of medical care

Makes us consume energy more effectively

Meditation connects mind and body, making us more likely to use our body energetically


  • 100 benefits of meditation |The psychological benefits and effects of meditation

Improves self confidence

Increases our levels of serotonin

Helps with fears and phobias

Purifies character

Improves will power


Improves communication between the hemispheres of the brain

Improves reactions

Reduces worry and helps with stress

Makes us better listeners

Enables us to make better judgments

Improves tolerance

Makes us more intimate with loved ones

Lowers risk of contracting mental illness

More sociable

Less aggressive

 Is great self help for addiction (it isused by addiction treatment centers)

Makes us act with more control and in a more constructive manner

Makes us more balanced individuals

Makes us more emotionally mature

Improves motor performance

Increases intelligence growth rate

Better job satisfaction

Allows us to manage and control our thoughts

Improves focus and concentration

Makes us more creative

Improved brain wave coherence

Helps us to learn and to remember

Improves vitality

Makes us more emotionally stable

Significantly improves relationships

Slows the aging process of the mind

Allows us to remove unwanted habits

Improves intuition

Makes us more productive (which is why its used in business training) 

Improves our relations at work

Enables us to see the big picture

Helps us to ignore unimportant distractions

Helps us when solving complex problems

Makes us more responsible

Helps with road rage

Settles restless thinking

Reduces our need for pharmaceuticals

Makes us need less sleep

Makes it easier to get to sleep (is a great anxiety insomnia treatment)


  1. 100 benfits of meditation |Spiritual benefits of Meditation:
  2. Gives us a better sense of perspective
  3. Improves peace of mind
  4. Helps us find our purpose / focus on what matters
  5. Allows us to discover consciousness beyond ego
  6. Changes our attitude
  7. Helps us connect to our own personal belief system
  8. Makes us more enlightened
  9. Increases self actualisation
  10. Makes us more compassionate
  11. Makes us more assured
  12. Promote oneness
  13. Improves synchronicity with life. 
  14. Spiritual relaxation
  15. Helps us to accept ourselves
  16. Helps us to forgive
  17. Makes us wiser
  18. Enables us to understand ourselves better
  19. Connects body mind and spirit
  20. Improves mindfulness and ability to live in the moment
  21. Increases our capacity to love
  22. Better inner-directedness

So, there we are, 100 + benefits of meditation.  These are the main reasons to learn to meditate.

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