“What Do I Have To Be Thankful For?!” 101 Things

what do i have to be thankful for 101 things

A reader wrote in and asked “What do I have to be thankful for?” Figured I would answer this question. There’s 101 things to be thankful for, and more.

There is so much to be thankful for in life, but sometimes we forget and need a little reminding. I hope this list of 101 things to be thankful for will inspire you to feel thankful yourself.


So here goes. What do I have to be Thankful for? 101 things.

1)      Being alive in a world of possibilities

2)      Those who fought and died protecting our freedom

3)      Freedom to choose who we want to be

4)      Freedom to choose what we want to do

5)      Everybody who ever smiled at us

6)      Everybody who ever lifted us when we were down

7)      Being able to choose what to do with your time

8)      The ability to work and earn a living

9)      People who are supportive and caring

10)  People who aren’t, who remind you what not to be

11)  Food. The smell of it, the taste of it, the sight of it. YUMMY!

12)  The imagination. It’s the greatest gift we have.

13)  The feeling of the sun on our skin

14)  The sound of rain

15)  The internet that puts us in contact with the world

16)  Our ability to communicate with others

17)  The morning paper that keeps us informed

18)  Pleasant dreams

19)  Video games!

20)  TV

21)  Movies

22)  Poetry

23)  Dancing

24)  Running out in the open

25)  Cheesy uplifting pop music

26)  Christmas comes every single year!

27)  Beauty; in other people, in nature; everywhere.

28)  The ability to make a difference in the world

29)  Democracy

30)  Family

31) Sunrise

32)  Sunset

33)  Sense of sight

34)  Sense of hearing

35)  Sense of touch

36)  A healthy immune system

37)  Our beautiful and complex bodies

38)  Music

39)  The human mind

40)  Inventions that have made society what it is

41)  Animals

42)  Art

43)  Our expressivity

44)  School / Education system

45)  Health care

46)  The sky at night

47)  The feeling of water over your skin

48)  Our propensity for hope

49)  Being able to travel the world

50)  Being able to take days off

51)  Life itself

52)  Cuddles!

53)  Knowing that pain is temporary

54)  Snow

55)  Plants

56)  Hindsight, which makes us wiser every day

57)  Rainbows

58)  Children

59)  The sound of laughter

60)  Memories

61)  Belief

62)  Knowing that we’re never truly alone

63)  Living in a country that strives for justice and fairness

64)  Heating

65)  Air conditioning

66)  The pub

67)  Silence

68)  Literature

69)  The sound of birds singing

70)  Clothing that keeps us warm and comfy

71)  A rich cultural heritage

72)  Architecture

73)  Having photos from around the world a mere click away

74)  Agriculture

75)  The media

76)  Being able to read and write

77)  Charities

78)  Birthdays

79)  Our emotions, good and bad, that keep us feeling alive

80)  Museums

81)  Being able to sing

82)  Blank pages on which to hurl our thoughts and feelings

83)  The ability to choose to think positive

84)  Scientific discoveries that keep society evolving

85)  People who share their memories with us

86)  Our always playful inner child

87)  Language

88)  Our homes

89)  The ability to let your hair down once in a while

90)  Those in public service

91)  Old people who remind us of our history

92)  Young people who carry with them our tomorrow

93)  Being able to fall over and get back up

94)  Knowing there is always love

95)  Knowing that every day is a sacred day for at least someone out there

96)  Being able to switch off and relax when we need to

97)  That pulse of optimism that propels us to act

98)  The possibilities–Not knowing what tomorrow will bring

99)  Knowing you’re special to at least one person

100)Knowing there are people who believe in you

101) The humility to always look at life with a sense of wonder.


I strongly recommend creating your own list of 101 things to be thankful for. It’s a real eye opener and will leave you feeling good for days after. And don’t worry, it might seem difficult at first, but once you’ve written a couple of things to be thankful for you’ll get in the swing of things and before long you’ll have your list of 101 things to be thankful complete.

Thanks for reading.







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