20 Habits Of Highly Creative People Like Me

Habits Of Highly Creative Minds

Here are 20 signs of a highly creative person. See how many of these habits of highly creative minds apply to you.


1: They live to challenge the system

Highly creative people don’t believe in conformity. They live to challenge the status quo. They’re constantly pushing boundaries and trying to find new ways to do things. And if there’s a box, they’ll always think outside of it.

Highly creative people are the ones who were brought up breaking the rule. In fact, it was by breaking the rules that they became strong people, creating new trends and new innovations on their way to greatness.


2: Their creativity moves in cycles

Sometimes, highly creative individuals will be creative all day. They’ll paint, write, or create music from the early hours of the morning to late at night. But at other times they won’t produce any creative work at all.

Are you like that? Do you fin that sometimes you’re incredibly creative, other times you lose your creativity? If so, you should definitely take a look at these way to develop your creativity. It’ll help you to stay creative the whole year round.


3: Give me space, please!

Creative people love to confine themselves to their studio, basement, or whether they produce their art. They’ll stay there for days. No one will be sure what they’re up to. They’ll just stay there, creating works of art for hours and hours on end.



4:  When they get on a roll they gather speed

When creative people hit their stride they start to move at pace. They’ll pump out work after work in a steady stream. They are truly Zen-sational, and when their zen gets flowing you’d better just step out the way and get on with it because there’s a hurricane coming through.


5: Their moods yo-yo

Up and down, up and down, a creative person’s emotions swing round and round. They’ll be ebullient one moment then down in the dumps the next. And no one will know quite why.

If that sounds like you, let me give you a little friendly advice. Get your emotions under control. Click that link and take a read. It’ll be a real game changer for you.


6: Oh, it’s personal

Creative people can get a little grumpy when things don’t turn out as they intended. And if you critique them, they may very well get angry or upset.  But amazingly, highly creative people are very self critical. And if that sounds like you, take a look at this article on how to stop self criticism.



7: Self belief is not their forte

Creative people tend to be the melancholic ones. After all, who ever heard of the happy artist?  Artists are typically portrayed as being melancholic and self loathing. So give them some kind words and help them get over that melancholy.


And if you think you think negatively about yourself, use these techniques to stop negative self beliefs.


8:  “Completion” is subjective

Creative people often don’t finish what they start. They’ll be writing one book / painting / composition when they get an idea for another, and so they start that one. Soon, they’re drowning in a sea of incomplete ideas. That’s precisely why it took me six years to finish my first novel. Ha ha. True story.

If you struggle to get one job doe at a time, take a look at this article on focusing on one goals at a time.


9:  You can’t bullshit them

Highly creative people are excellent at putting things together. If some part of your story doesn’t add up, they’re going to call you on it.


10: Act your age…? Why…?!

Creative people are big kids. They don’t act their age. They act like a highly imaginative kid. And that’s a good thing. Because science has proven that your imagination is a very important tool.

> > Take a look at these powerful techniques to boost your imagination.


11: They bring inanimate objects to life

Hand a creative person a stuffed teddy and they’ll turn it into a character with a story and a personality. It’s just what they do.


12: They speak poetically

Their creativity reveals itself through their words.


13: They don’t know what the hell is going on

Creative people are so into their own ideas that often they don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on around them.


14: Once more with feeling

Creative people get bored of cold facts and lukewarm chitter-chatter. They want passion, imagination, and feeling.


15: They go off on one

Creative people are often captivated by an idea, and they may very well launch into a eulogy about that idea.


16: Rules are made to be played with, stretched, and, yeah, broken

Creative people don’t see rules as absolute. They’ll stretch the rules. They’ll find ways to work around the rules. And yeah, at times they’ll just straight up break those rules too.


17: They begin to follow instructions… and then get better ideas

Hand a creative person an instruction manual and they’ll start of by following it. Maybe they’ll go from A to B to C, but then D seems boring so they randomly decide to jump to Y, or they’ll just throw the manual out and do something completely different.


18: They’re far more expressive

Highly creative people tend to be more animated. You’ll find that their facial expressions are more pronounced and more theatrical.



19: They’re good cooks, but they can’t follow a recipe

Highly creative people often love to cook. But they love to cook in their own way. They’ll invent new cuisines with ease, but they’ll struggle to follow a simple recipe.

Are yo a good cook? And do you like trying new things? If so, take a look at this fascinating article on learning to cook for yourself the Zen way.


20: They’re comfortable in chaos

Highly creative people don’t need strict organisation. They actually like a bit of disarray. They’re just as happy in a sandbox as they are in a luxury office.



How many of these habits of highly creative minds apply to you? Leave a comment.


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