3 Powerful Mantras for Good Sleep and Curing Insomnia

As a meditation teacher one of the questions I am asked more than any other is “How can I cure insomnia with meditation.”

Perhaps it’s not surprising that I am asked this question so frequently. Forty-Eight percent of people are reported to suffer from occassional insomnia and 22% suffer from insomnia every night. That’s a staggering statistic.

Thankfully, there are powerful mantras for good sleep and mantras for curing insomnia.

I will share these mantras for sleep and insomnia in just a moment, but first I’d like to share a story of my friend Emma.

How Emma Cured Her Insomnia with Mantra Meditation

Emma suffered from insomnia for years. Every single night of the week she struggles with insomnia, and to a devastating effect. It  left her fatigued, demotivated and depressed.

She spoke to the doctor about ways to cure insomnia and the doctor prescribed medication for it. Emma took the medication and it worked. She was able to get to sleep consistently.

I was somewhat surprised when Emma came to me and said, “I’m not happy with my pills.”

Even though she was sleeping, was happy to be taking medication. “It’s not healthy. I should be able to get to sleep naturally. I need an alternative solution.”

When I suggested using mantra meditation Emma was enthusiastic. She spoke to her doctor about going off the pills, which she did.

The first time I taught Emma the mantra meditations for sleep and insomnia, they didn’t work. This didn’t surprise me. She had a very deep-seeded belief that she could not get to sleep. She truly believed that without medication she couldn’t sleep. If she was to sleep we first needed to change this belief. We did this using a mindfulness meditation for depression. This allowed Emma to overcome her negative belief that she could not sleep.

Having practised the mindfulness meditation it was time to focus on specific mantra meditations for sleep.

The mantras which we used were Sa Ta Na Ma, Har Har Mukunday  and Ang Sang Warhegaru. She practiced these meditation for twenty minutes before bed.

The first night she didn’t actually sleep, but she said she “felt even better than if I had slept.” Meditation is actually more effective than sleep, as was recently proved in a scientific experiment on insomnia.  Emma was alert and awake the next day, but she still wanted to sleep.

For four days Emma practised the mantra meditation. It was on the fifth day that they worked. She was ecstatic. “I’ve finally done it!” she said, gleaming with joy. She still uses the same mantras today. On the next page I’ll teach you how to use those same mantras.


Meditation in general is extremely effective in helping us to get to sleep, even when it is done without any specific mantras. When we meditate we relax our mind and silence our thoughts for long enough to relax and enter sleep.

By using these mantras for good sleep you can make meditation even more effective. Before beginning, make sure you have the necessary equipment.


Things you will need:

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 


Mantra for Good Sleep 1


This mantra has five sounds (it is a panj shabad mantra) and will balance the brain’s hemispheres. Poor sleep and insomnia are frequently caused by a lack of balance in the chemicals of the brain. By using the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for sleep we can promote balance and thus enable ourselves to return to our regular, healthy mental state, thus allowing us to get to sleep.


Mantra for Good Sleep 2


Often, insomnia is caused by a mental block. In order to overcome these blocks we need to enter a state of flow. This is where this mantra comes in. It removes fears and other kinds of mental blocks so we find release from our minds and thus get to sleep.


Mantra for Good Sleep 3


This final mantra for good sleep promotes inner peace and well-being. If we cannot sleep because of physical tension or pain, this mantra will promote physical relaxation, allowing us to remove ourselves from the pain and therefore get to sleep.

Put this video on and fall alseep!

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