These Sacred Mantras Will Create Deep Sleep Naturally

Last year I was approached by a girl, Sammie, who hadn’t been able to sleep at all for a month. She’d read my blog posts and thought I’d be able to help her.

I’d learnt some very powerful sleep mantras from various spiritual teachers throughout the years. I’ve shared them on my Facebook Page previously (as you guys know, I’m often sharing mantras there).

Many of the most powerful mantras in the world come from the Vedic tradition. 

rig veda mantra

 I’ve never neded to use these sleep mantra myself, but I shared them with Sammie. The result? You’ll be pleased to hear that she started sleeping nornmally within three days.

I’ll share the same mantras with you in just a moment. But I do advise that you try some more traditional techniques first.

There are many wonderful meditation techniques that will have dreaming away in no time. Such as this technique, this beautiful technique, and all of these. I’d like you to try those techniques first before continuing with these mantra.

If you read those articles and they don’t cure the problem, then the mantras that follow will help.

But first a few tips on how to use the matnras correctly.

To use mantras  to get to sleep,you first need to create the right atmosphere. Here are a few tips on doing precisely that. 

Quiet: A peaceful atmosphere will help your mind to drift off.

Complete other priorities first: It’s a lot easier to go to sleep at night if you haven’t got extra stresses on your mind. Personally, when I wake up in the morning I tell myself that I’m going to earn a good night’s sleep. I write a list of the things that might prevent me from sleeping (like work related issues for instance) and make sure they are done before nighttime. That way, by the time I go to sleep I don’t have those same things on my mind.

Meditate: Whenever you use a mantra it’s best to meditate for ten minutes first. That way, your mind is already relaxed before you begin using the mantra.  Meditate once in the day time for at least ten minutes.

Clean environment: A beautiful, clean home helps the mind to relax.

Once you’ve got those basics down, continue with the mantras below. 



In Hindu mythology, the god Vishnu, during his cosmic sleep, brings forth the universe from his navel. Before the world as we know it, Lord Vishnu slept on the cosmic ocean. 

vishnu cosmic sleep

The mantras for sleep

I am sharing a variety of powerful mantras. they come from different cultures and encompass different spiritualities. First of all, let’s take a look at a few English mantras for good sleep and insomnia.

  • “I am calm and still.”
  • “The world is sleeping and all is well.”
  • “I welcome sleep into myself.”
  • “I am breathing deeply and calmly, becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.”


Now I would like to share with you some sacred mantras.


Mantra for Good Sleep and curing insomnia # 1


This mantra has five sounds (it is a panj shabad mantra. It balances the brain’s hemispheres. Poor sleep and insomnia are frequently caused by a lack of balance in the chemicals of the brain. The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra promotes balance and returns us to our regular, healthy mental state.

Mantra for Good Sleep 2


Often, insomnia is caused by a mental block. In order to overcome these blocks we need to enter a state of flow. This is where this mantra comes in. It removes fears and other kinds of mental blocks so we can relax and get to sleep.


Mantra for Good Sleep 3


This final mantra for good sleep promotes inner peace and well-being.


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