3 Simple Strategies To Add Years To Your Life

Obviously you want to live a long happy life. So use these 3 simple tips. They’re the best way how to add years to your life…



Your mind is inherently related to your body. Think of the last time you were truly happy and you’ll probably remember that you had a bounce to your step and a smile on your face.

Your psychical and mental health are interlinked, the one dependent on the other.

We’re at a fascinating time in history, scientifically, when researchers are making amazing discoveries about the relationship between the mind and the body, between physical and mental health.

Already research has proven that meditation, gratitude, and forgiveness are essential to good health. But a breaking study just published by medical journal The Lancet shows that having meaning and purpose to your life will add years to your lifespan.

Researchers at Stony Brook University, Princeton University, and University College London discovered an amazing link between a person’s value of their life and the amount of time they wil actually live.

The research shows that people who believe their lives are worth living are 30% less likely to die (during the 8 year study period). Those people who value their lives the highest are likely to live two years longer than the average person.

In other words, value your life and you’ll live longer.

Simple, hey? The best way how to add years to your life is just to value yourself.



The researchers suggest several possible reasons for their discovery. People who are high in positivity have lower cortisol output (cortisol affects the immune system, brain functioning, and metabolism). So we positivity warriors actually have better health and live longer.

Of course it’s only natural that our life satisfaction we’ll fluctuate at times. We’re not perfect, after all. And in fact, your sense of life satisfaction will vary depending on who you are and where you are.

Studies show that wealthy English people, for instance, experience a decrease in satisfaction in middle age, and then a rise in satisfaction later in life.  Meanwhile in Latin America the average person’s life satisfaction gradually lowers as they get older.

The trick is to find some ways to increase and to maintain your sense of life satisfaction. That way you’ll stay on top of your mental health and you’ll live a happier and longer life.


Here are some excellent ways in which you can create and maintain a high degree of life satisfaction. These techniques are psychologcally proven to add 2 years to the average person’s life.

  1. 1. Find your reason for living

What are you passionate about? What do you really, really care about? Maybe it’s your career, maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s animal rights. Whatever your passionate about, work for that thing. Get out of bed with the intention to work on your passion. Do work that matters. Make your days count for something you really believe in.

  1. 2. Keep a limit on your work, and have fun

We love to work hard towards our goals. But we have to take time to enjoy life too. What’s the point in a journey if you don’t take in the view?

Give yourself time to stop. Let yourself enjoy life. Treat yourself. Take yourself on vacation, go nice places, eat beautiful meals, spend time with friends and families… heh, live and be merry, that’s what I’m trying to say.

  1. 3. Appreciate the bigger picture

Life can grind you down. Take time to connect with your higher purpose. Ask yourself, when you’re eighty what do you want to look back on? Make that vision a reality.


What it all comes down to is this: Love your life and your life will last longer. It’s a win / win situation.

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