Killer Method To Be As Confident As A F*King Tiger

What’s the best way how to have amazing confidence in yourself. It’s the psychological mind hack I’m about to share in this article.


Reality straight up: In this world there are predators and there’s prey. Predators win. Prey loses. Simple.

You want your desires to come true. You want money, you want relationships, you want the good life, you need to be a tiger. You need an animalistic mentality. You need the ability to hunt prey and make it yours. You need to set your sights on your aim, on your ambition, and you need to pull the trigger.

The first part of the equation is the aim. What are you setting your aim on? What are you aiming for in life? What’s your ambition?  Here’s how a good friend of mine choose his ambition and changed his life.


How My friend learnt how to have amazing confidence in himself

If you really want to know how to have amazing confidence in yourself, just listen to this story…

Ross Whitley, a good friend of mine, was once prey. He had a minimum wage job, no girlfriend, not much of a social life. He was a mommy’s boy. He way prey. Then one day I said to him “You need to let out your inner tiger.”

He raised an eyebrow dubiously and scoffed. “I’m just not that type of guy.”

Type of guy…? I thought. This guy’s limiting himself to his beliefs. He believes he’s weak, so he’s living weakly.  “What type of guy are you?” I asked.

“Just a regular old nine to five working guy. Nothing special about me.”

“Bullshit,” I said to him. Whenever someone says there’s nothing special about them it’s always bullshit. There is something special about everyone, whether they see it or not. Trick is getting them to realise that they’re special, to see the gifts inside of them. “Entertain me for a sec’,” I said. “If you could create your life precisely as you want to, what would you be doing.”

“Sitting on a sandy beach drinking Sam Miguel with a beautiful woman.”

“Bullshit,” I said.

The second ‘bullshit’ riled him—it often does. Truth is though, his answer was bullshit. Sitting on a beach… yawn. It’s a cliché answer. He could do better. I knew it. He knew it. “Well then you tell me what I should do?” he said. I refused, saying he knew deep down what it was he truly wanted. He was just stopping himself from opening up to it. After a few minutes silence he said, “You know what? I wish I could be a personal trainer.” I dipped my chin in approval and asked why he wanted to be a personal trainer. “Helping people; that’s what it’s all about I reckon,” he said. “People are special, they deserve help.” I pointed out the fact that only a few moments ago he’d said that he himself was not special. He laughed. “Okay yeah you got me,” he said.

“Do it then,” I said. “Help people. Teach people. Be a personal trainer.”

“But how? I don’t have the money to start my own business. I don’t really have the knowledge either.”

“Knowledge is easy,” I said. “Read. Volunteer. Get to know other personal trainers. Money…?” He tossed his head at my delayed response and smiled as though to say see, it’s just not possible. “ How could he raise the money to make it happen? That’s the second part of the equation.



Having chosen your target, how do you pull the trigger?

Ross had already succeeded in choosing a target. He’d found his prey. But now he needed teeth. He needed some way to make it happen. He needed money. Money’s often secondary though. We wish it could come first, but it usually doesn’t. Usually you start with doing the thing you love, and then you work out how to make money from it.

“Just do it,” I said. “Start training people. Start inspiring people to get fit, or to do whatever it is you want them to do.”

“No one wants to listen to me,” he said. I felt like slapping him when he said this. I mean really, no one wants to listen… sounds like an emo teenager.

“I’ll listen,” I said. It wasn’t just charity. The way I see it, if people are passionate about something they must already know a lot about it, or they must feel deep down that they’re capable of doing it. I knew from Ross’s passion alone that he would be good at being a personal trainer. Why not make myself his first client? Why not get a free personal trainer, and in so doing help a friend achieve his dreams? “I want to be your first client,” I said. I held my hand out.  He shook it. The deal was done. “Now you’re a personal trainer,” I said.

The truth about a tiger’s teeth are that they grow gradually. You don’t start out powerful. You have to start from menial ends. But you have to start. Once you’ve started, you grow. Once you’ve set down the right path, you journey in the right direction. Every tiger was once a cub.

In one conversation my friend had gone from not knowing what his ambition was, to having an ambition and even starting to actually make it happen. The moment he said out loud “I want to be a personal trainer” he scored his first client. Success. It’s usually a few seconds away.

So what do you make of that? Is this one of the best exercises for self esteem or what? Do you know another way how to have amazing confidence in yourself? Let’s hear it in a comment below.


 All tigers were once cubs. Part of know how to have amazing confidence in yourself is to grow out of that little cub. 


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Paul Martin Harrison

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