The Unfortunate Scientific Truth About Weed And Anxiety

It’s long been debated whether it’s possible to get anxiety from weed / marijuana and, the opposite debate, whether it’s possible for marijuana to cure anxiety.

Leaving the legalities of marijuana to one side, the drug has been the centre of debates for a very long time. Many believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs, many also believe that marijuana can cause brain damage, while others believe it has no serious side-effects and is one of the best treatments for anxiety, stress and pain.


Can you get anxiety from weed?

This is a very complex question to answer. One side of the debate stated that cananabis is am effective way of relaxing the body and the mind. Marijuana is used for self medication, but then again studies have revealed that yes, weed can cause anxiety.

It is also very important to separate marijuana from street drugs. Marijuana on its own will have very different effects to a street drug which could easily be laced with substances which can cause quite serious harm. It’s also worth noting that the simple act of buying drugs illegally can in itself lead to anxiety as we are worried of the consequences.  The very people you buy weed from can cause anxiety. So, answering whether or not it is possible to get anxiety from weed is far from a simple question.


Then there’s the fact that different individuals react differently to marijuana. While it’s possible that one individual may be relaxed, another individual may suffer a very different reaction. If a person is prone to negative thinking and anxiety then marijuana will only intensify these issues.

Marijuana and Panic Attacks

The question becomes yet more complex when we consider panic attacks. Panic attacks are a form of anxiety but are combine with specific physical symptoms. A person suffering from panic attacks will experience increased heart rate, breathing problems, a lack of coordination and dizziness. Taking marijuana will make these symptoms significantly worse.

Can marijuana / weed cause anxiety?

It is most commonly thought that an individual who does not have anxiety to begin with cannot get anxiety from weed. This may be different for marijuana laced with other harmful substances. It is worth noting, however, that many people who do not have anxiety have reported intense bouts of anxiety after taking only a minimal amout of marijuana.


Marijuana / Weed withdrawal and anxiety

One thing which is for certain is that withdrawal from marijuana will lead to anxiety for a period of time. A habitual marijuana taker may suffer anxiety for a period of time when they stop.


Using weed to treat anxiety

You should never use weed to treat anxiety. The potential side effects of marijuana make the drug a very unhealthy way of treating anxiety. There are a great many healthier and more effective ways of treating anxiety. Speak to a medical professional and read our guide to overcoming anxiety with meditation.

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