How Transcendental Meditation Changed Arnold Schwarzeneggers Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career was just beginning to take off in 1975.

At the time he was considered the world’s greatest bodybuilder and he was beginning to make a name for himself in his film career. He was starring in the movie “Stay Hungry,”. He was enjoying a lucrative California real estate investment business. And he  was creating the documentary “Pumping Iron” which documented his training to become Mr Olympia.

Everything was going unbelievably well for Schwarzenegger, from his famous self confidence to his international celebrity to the millions he was making. But he has recently admitted that at this time he was feeling extremely overwhelmed and was suffering from being overworked—this is what he told author Tim Ferris in the latest episode of Ferriss’ podcast.


“Eventually it felt like I’ve got to do something about it because I have such great opportunities here and everything is happening and everything is going my way, but I’m just clustering [it all] into one big problem rather than separating it out and having calm and peace and being happy,” Schwarzenegger said.



It was during this time that Arnold Schwarzenegger began training in the Transcendental Meditation technique

Schwarzenegger has stated that Transcendental Meditation helped him deal with his overwhelming work and training regime, and also helped him to overcome anxiety, which he had just recently began to suffer from.

Schwarzenegger’s meditation teacher taught him the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, which you can read about in our comprehensive guide to Transcendental Meditation.

“I did 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night, and I would say within 14 days or three weeks, I got to the point where I could really disconnect my mind … and learn how to focus more and calm down,” Schwarzenegger says.

Within a year Schwarzenegger stated that his anxiety had almost completely stopped and that he no longer felt overwhelmed. But much more important than this, he also stated that his practice of transcendental meditation techniques led him to a completely different perspective on life.

Today, Schwarzenegger works for around an hour at a time before stopping and taking a break by playing a game. His regime and general attitude is far more laid back than it used to be, but he is nevertheless continue to achieve great things.


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Paul Martin Harrison

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