Kleem Mantra For Attraction — Does It Work And How To Do IT

The Kleem mantra for attraction really is amazing. On the next page we’ll look at how to do the Kleem mantra for attraction, but first up I would like to share a personal story about a friend who used the Kleem mantra for attraction with amazing results.

My friend (who I’ll call Tom as he might not want me to use his real name) would describe himself as a “Plain guy.” He used to tell me all the time about how he couldn’t attract anyone. “I’m just not attractive, I guess,” he would say. “I look average, I have a minimum wage job. There’s no real reason for women to be that into me.”

I’m sure a lot of guys can sympathise with Tom. After all, the average person is. . . well, average: average looking, average personality, average, average, average. And perhaps it’s only normal to think that women wont find an average guy attractive. There must be billions of men who fall into the “average” category,  who think they’re too plain to be attractive.

I would go on to talk about how no one is average, everyone is individual and all different women find different guys attractive. This is all true, but it’s not the point of this article. Let’s get back to the Kleem mantra.

I advised Tom to give this mantra a shot. I hadn’t used it myself for years on account of having a girlfriend who I’ve been with for five years now. But I advised Tom to try it.

At first, Tom was reluctant. He thought it strange: “How the heck is sitting with my eyes closed, by myself, saying ‘Kleem’ going to make women attracted to me?”

To be fair, it’s not a bad question. If you’re not a particularly spiritual person you probably do wonder how a mantra works.

How the Kleem mantra for attraction works

Mantras work by changing the vibrancy of your energy. Try reciting the mantra “Kleem” ten times right now. While you do it, focus on the sound of the mantra.

When you do this you’ll notice that Kleem has a unique feeling–it creates vibrations / reverberations in your body. When you focus on this mantra and meditate on it you change the frequency of your spirit / mind + body. Now, a spiritualist would say that when you change your vibrational rate you change your relationship with the universe (which itself has its own vibrancy rate). This is the spiritual explanation. A more down to earth explanation would simply say that by focussing your mind on a specific vibration frequency you change your internal speed (kind of like how some people can seem to have a fast internal rate and others slow. If you focus on a slow rate you slow yourself down. Simple).

Tom used this mantra once a day for ten minutes at a time for one week.

“Paul, I don’t believe it,” he said a week later. “I tried the Kleem mantra for attraction and I feel completely different. It’s like my energy has changed.’

“Well then, let’s go out to a bar tonight and see what happens,” I posited. Off we went.

I don;t know whether it was because of Tom’s altered mental state or whether a more spiritual explanation was involved, but suddenly Tom was receiving far more attention from the ladies. More than this, he was now confident around women too. Flash forward one month and Tom is now in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman and is happier than ever. Magic? No, just a little spiritual science.

 Next in our online meditation training is the Kleem mantra, which I learnt from a friend currently studying for a masters degree in theology.

The Kleem mantra is the mantra for attraction and does not have a literal translation. Kleem is an attraction mantra used for attracting women.  If you use the Kleem attraction mantra you will be dating every woman you want, so says tradition. So, forget about all those online dating websites as our online meditation course now reveals the spiritual secret to dating.


The Kleem Mantra for Attraction

*** I recommend clicking on this image to load the large HD version then saving it so you always have access to the kleem mantra ***


This is a Bija mantra. Kleem is a primal sound that corresponds to the God of Love (all Bija mantras correspond to a particular god).

How the mantra for attraction works

The Kleem mantra is said to put your spirit energy in alignment with the women that you like. when you achieve mantra siddhi you will be able to attract any woman you want.  Those who have used the kleem mantra say that it removes obstacles between you and your love interest so your paths merge.

In order to use this mantra you just need to repeat the word. . . oh, but you need to repeat it 10,008 times in one sitting (which could potentially take a while). Thankfully, it is a short mantra so you should be able to complete the mantra for attraction in 3 hours. If you wish to use it I recommend beginning right now.   Then you can head over to one of those online dating sites if you like because the women are going to be all over you!

Keep this page open while reciting the mantra so you can decide whether it works. Then click NEXT, below, for the next mantra in our meditation training online.

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