Kleem Mantra Gives You Everything You Desire

Try making the sound “Kleem”

You will notice that Kleem has a unique feeling–it creates vibrations / reverberations in your body. When you focus on this mantra and meditate on it you change the frequency of your spirit. When you change your vibrational rate you change your relationship with the universe (which itself has its own vibrancy rate). And that is how a mantra works.

All mantras have very specific pronunciation. If the words of a mantra are mispronounced, the mantra will not work.



Kleem is pronounced with an elongated EEEEE.  “klEEEEEEEM.”

Try making the sound now, with the elongated E. It should sound like “klEEEEEEM”

It is very important to practice this pronunciation. The kleem mantra will work only when it is pronounced correctly. So please try pronouncing it many times now. keep going until you are confident that you have it right.

The next step of the kleem mantra is to follow a specific procedure.


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  • December 20, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Hello on another thread it says kleem is chanted with elongated M?


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