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Kleem Mantra For Attraction — The Love Spell That Works 100%

The Kleem mantra is the mantra for attraction and does not have a literal translation. Kleem is an attraction mantra used for attracting women.  If you use the Kleem attraction mantra you will be dating every woman you want, so says tradition. So, forget about all those online dating websites as our online meditation course now reveals the spiritual secret to dating.

Thanks for your contribution to the site. This complete guide to using the kleem mantra will help you to attract women in no time. You will soon see the powerful effects of the mantra. Women will start talking to you and you will begin to have many more relartionships.

The Kleem mantra is sacred to Krishna, the attractive one whose aura was so strong he was able to hypnotise people with his presence. This mantra produces a similar quality.

Pronouncing KLEEM

In order to use the kleem mantra you must know how to pronounce it. Kleem is pronounced with an elongated EEEEE.  “klEEEEEEEM.”

Using The Mantra 

Follow this guide to use the mantra

1)       Breathe in and recite “Kleem” six times while exhaling. The sound should resonate, and you should focus, first on the spine chakra (six recitations), then navel chakra (six times) then solar plexus chakra (six times), then heart chakra (six times), then throat chakra (six times), then third eye chakra (six times), then crown chakra (six times) then right eye (once), left eye (once) then ight brain (once), left brain (once) then right ear (once), left ear (once), right nostril (once), left nostril (once), then mouth and tongue. Finally recie while allowing the mantra to resonate throughout the whole body.

2)      In the evening, write KLEEM 108 times (or more). The more times you write it, the better. As you write the mantra, chant it too.


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