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Basic Yoga for Beginners | How to Start Doing Yoga

Don’t worry. Our beginners guide to yoga is ideal for everyBODY. You dont need to be crazy fit or have prior yoga experience.

1: Go Slowly

Yoga uses very specific poses that must be done correctly. I personally recommend watching the video first before you get started. Watch Ali Kamenova perform the moves first so that you can see how they should be done. Only begin to use a move once you fully understand it.

2: Comfort

You should never feel overly stressed when doing yoga. Yoga is about releasing tension in the body so it is important to be gentle with your body. If you feel that you are straining stop, or use a simplified version of the pose.

3: On learning yoga from videos

It can be tempting to crane your neck in order to look at the video to work out what is going on. This is a mistake as it creates tension in the neck. If you need to watch a part of the video, stop doing the exercise and just watchm work out what’s going on then try again. Don’t crane your neck.

Dont like getting hot? This yoga girl hasn’t even broken a sweat.

4: Find some yoga friends

Whenever you’re learning something new it’s worth finding a few people who know what they’re doing. Use online forums and facebook to find people in your area who do yoga. Ask them for advice. In my experience most people are only too glad to offer some advice and to show off their skills.

So, that’s all the basics of yoga covered. Watch the video below, try out some of the moves and get started! That’s how I started doing yoga and it’s working great for me!
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