Meditation Music Truly Is The Universal Language Of Mankind At It’s Best

Love meditation music? Then we are about to send you on a wonderful auditory journey. You are going to absolutely love this deep spiritual music.


Have you ever wondered why we all love listening to music so much?

Music is “The universal language of mankind,” said 19th Century American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. And it turns out he was right.

New scientific study has proven that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow music has a similar effect on people, regardless of their cultures.

Researchers from Canadian universities McGill University and the University of Montreal, along with fellow researchers from Technische Universität Berlin, traveled to the heart of the African rainforest to find Mbenzele Pygmies, a tribe in the Congo. They played classical music to members of the tribe and recorded their physiological responses. The researchers then played the same music to 40 residents of Montreal. The results showed that both the pygmies and the Montreal residents responded to the music in near precisely the same way.

This is major news. It means that, as Lonfellow said, language is indeed the universal language of mankind, because psychologically music means the same thing to different people regardless of culture or background.


music is the universal language of mankind quote

It turns out music really is the universal language of mankind

The researcher are excited by their discovery.

“Our major discovery shows that listeners from very different groups both respond to how exciting or calming they felt the music to be in similar ways,” said Hauke Egermann, one of the study authors.

The music used in the study comprised a combination of western classical music and Mbenzélé melodies, totaling nineteen tracks, each lasting up to 90 seconds.

The western music included pieces from the soundtracks to Psycho and Star Wars, music which creates a disparate array of emotions, from sadness to joy. The tribal music was ceremonial Mbenzélé Pygmies vocal pieces used for the relief of grief, for good luck in hunting for food, and for other ceremonial purposes.

Researchers asked the Canadian and Pygmy listeners to rate the music on an emotional level, stating whether the music left them feeling joyous or calm, and so on. Biosensors recorded physiological reactions in the group, including heart rate, perspiration and more.

Despite the fact that both groups had widely differing musical preferences, the physiological and emotional responses to the specific music played to them were largely the same. Both the physical and subjective responses were the same between the Pygmies and the Montreal residents.

The researchers conclude that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow hit the nail on the head. Music truly is the universal language of mankind. “This is probably due to certain low-level aspects of music such as tempo (or beat), pitch (how high or low the music is on the scale) and timbre (tone colour or quality), but this will need further research,” explained Egermann.

You can learn more about this amazing research here.


But Why Is Meditation Music The Best?

If music is the universal language of mankind, then meditation music is the language of mankind at its very best. Why? Because it’s been scientifically proven that meditation music promotes inner peace, calmness, love, and positive emotions.

We all know nothing beats going to your meditation room, closing your eyes, and drowning in beautiful music. Well, except maybe a sound bath meditation.

The reason meditation music is so powerful is because it is specifically designed to produce positive psychological responses in the listener.

A Tibetan Singing Bowl, for instance, produces auditory overtones, which, when heard binaurally, create beat frequency which alter our brain waves from a Beta brainwave state to an Alpha state.” In other words, Tibetan Singing Bowls actually put your brain into a healthier, more positive state.

Yes, meditation music truly is the universal language of mankind at its best.

If you want to be your best, listen to meditation music. But what meditation music should you listen to, specifically?



The Best Meditation Music By Genre

Chinese Meditation Music

Chinese meditation music is truly beautiful. It’s the type of music you can put on, close your eyes and simply drift away to a state of complete inner peace. Take a listen to these masterful musicians, all of whom create serene auditory expreriences.

The Orchid

In The Orchid, Shao Rong (a Chinese musician living in Japan) uses the pipa (a four stringed lute) to create beautifully resonant music which will prmote inner calm and tranquillity. Incense sticks are included in the CD version to be used while listening to produce an even deeper relaxation.
[wpb-yt video=”OOA7-piCRKE”]

Erhu: Jia Peng Fang Best

The erhu is a Chinese violin. Here it is played by the masterful musician Jia Peng Fang. Fang produces sentimental music which will stir your spirit. Anyone interested in Chinese music simply must listen to this master of the erhu at work.

[wpb-yt video=”uPNnZ3DSDdk”]

Acupuncture for Mind, by WANG Xu-dong

Acupuncture is one of the most important components of Chinese medicine. In this album, doctor and music healer Xu Dong Wang offers music that that stimulates the energy centres used in acupuncture. This is a truly unique and beautiful album.
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Elixir – Music for Moving and Still Meditation

Elixir is an album all about healing. The compositions use the pentatonic scale to create beautiful melodies that are perfect accompaniment for meditation. The music is specifically designed to lead meditation practitioners to a state of inner peace.


Deep Meditation Music

Don’t you just love deep meditation music? There’s nothing like the feeling of lying down, closing your eyes and focussing on truly beautiful music. It is so relaxing and peaceful it simply carries you away. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do!


Here is yet another beautiful piece of meditation music. This one uses piano. Hope you like it.
[wpb-yt video=”hp8M57oL2L4″]

The Best Zen Meditation Music: Reverbnation

Reverbnation is the absolute best destination for Zen music.  I listened to them a lot during my meditation training. Their website offers free music and a forum to discuss with fellow Zen meditation practitioners. The music is truly beautiful so be sure to visit today. Find the site HERE.


The Best Chakra Meditation Music : Airwithairrising

My meditation teachers advised me of AirWithAirRising’s Youtub channel, which has music for all chakras, along with additional music and general relaxation music too. All of Airwithairrising’s music is also available for purchase via iTunes. Simply enter the search term “AirWithAirRising” in the box below and you’ll be presented with a full list of the channel’s music. Or find it on Youtube HERE


Tibetan Deep Meditation Music; Nawang Khechog

I know many people currently doing their online meditation training who listen to  Nawang Khechog’s “Tibetan Meditation Music.” It is widely regarded as being one of (if not the) best Tibetant music in the world. Khechog is a Grammie nominee and one of Tibets greatest composers. He is the absolute leader in Tibetan Meditation Music. His CD is available from Amazon for $13.81. Pick up your copy below.
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Japanese Meditation Music

On this page we’ll be looking at some of the best Japanese meditation music. You’ll find some exquisite tracks that are excellent accompaniments for practice. These will help to create relaxation, focus and inner peace. We hope you like them.

Top 5 Japanese Meditation Music Albums


Kaori brings together sounds from across the world, ranging from the digeridoo to the gamelan (a traditional instrument from Indonesia). Kaori has one of the highest review scores of all Japanese music on Amazon, and with good reason: it’s beautiful.

Eastwind: Japanese Shakuhachi Music

Masayuki Koga is a master of the Shakuhachi (a Jpanese flute). He’s also a composer, producer, engineer and trained in law. . . so it’s fair to say he’s a wise m an. He has produced some of the best Zen music in the world, and Eastwind: Japanese Shakuhachi Music features much of it.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden blends East with West in beautiful instrumental music that dives from one emotion to the next with grace. The arrangements are effortless and wonderful. This album will produce a deep state of relaxation.


This album takes the listener on a journey and unites East with West, past with present and future. The sounds are earthly, deep and rich. This is a truly indulgent album that is perfect for meditation.


Indian Meditation Music

Indian meditation music is profoundly relaxing.

The albums that we have included in this list will get you into that Zen state. You know, that state where you feel like your melting into the world, like you’re as light as the air and being carried on the wind. Chilled. That’s…. that’s basically the point I’m making.

You’re going to love all this Indian meditation music. It’s made by truly talented musicians (so be sure to show them your support). And all these pieces are perfect for just chilling out and also perfect for actually meditating to.

So, lend me your ears and have a listen to these.

To start with, here are some Indian meditation music CDs that you might like to listen to.

Chants of India by Ravi Shankar: Ravi Shankar is the star of Indian classical music. He combines sacred chants with western-style classical music. This is a beautiful CD full of mantras and prayers. It was produced by the famous and sublimely talented George Harrison.

[wpb-yt video=”bg8uoepX4OI”]

Get this album on Amazon


Chanting the Chakras:

This is the music of Layne Raymond (a highly regarded composer), this album combines drumming and chanting to create a sound that will lift your spirits. It is perfect for deep meditation.

[wpb-yt video=”AnOMFl0H2Xw”]

Get this album on Amazon


Love is Space by Deva Premal: This music is perfect for Yoga and relaxation, combining chanting with classical music. It can even be used for slow dancing.

[wpb-yt video=”u9jlEvPi06k”]

Get this album on Amazon


Devotion by Rasa: This album was inspired by the ancient Indian culture of Vedic. It is sung by Kim Waters and with music by Hans Christian. The album presents Sanskrit chants and devotional songs backed by sitar.

[wpb-yt video=”QtzLKmMHrkg”]

Get this album on Amazon


Indian bansuri – Flute – Ahir Bhairav by Vijay Kannan

[wpb-yt video=”AiBwrwNeEZo”]

Zen instrumental music by Yellow Brick Cinema

[wpb-yt video=”wMGZX-DA-y0&t=6803s”]


Raga Keeravani by Vijay Kannan

[wpb-yt video=”xvWXCKygxJQ”]


Even More Beautiful Meditation Music

There is so much beautiful meditation music online that trying to choose the best of it is a mountainous challenge. Thankfully we’ve been listening to meditation music for years and have compiled a list of our favourites. The music you’ll find in this list makes perfect accompaniment to meditation. It’s soothing, relaxing, and helps to induce that rich sense of inner peace.

We’ll start with Deva Premal, one of our favorite spiritual musicians. Sit back and allow the wonderful talent of Deva Premal to take you away.

[wpb-yt video=”BSmToj9VZ4s”]

Personally I absolutely love that piece of music. It’s beautiful. There’s a lot more like it too. Let’s take a look.

 #1: MeditationRelaxClub: The MeditationRelaxClub has a ton of different music, all related to self improvement / / spirituality and more. You’ll find study music, relaxing music, Zen music and a ton more besides. Best of all, some of the tracks are nice and long, allowing for deep meditation.
[wpb-yt video=”/zP02RvMOSXU”]

#2: The Dazbar: The music of Dazbar was recommended to me by  a friend who is currently studying for an online degree in spiritual psychology. The Dazbar has a generous amount of free music covering a variety of different meditations. There are Chakra, Buddha and Universal Mind meditations and some basic music too.


 #3: Fearless 2435 : Fearless 2435 has one of the most listened to pieces of music on Youtube. This channel holds Tai Chi music, Yoga music, a piece on the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra and more.

[wpb-yt video=”/d9SCrpXN3EE”]



Divine Spiritual Radio Stations

Looking for great music radio stations? These are the top three that I have found online.

 #1: Radio Magico: Radio Magico streams 24/7 and has a daily program that includes dance music, zen music, music for relaxation, mantras, easy listening music and more.


 #2: Radio Ananda: Radio Ananda is definitely one of the best meditation radio stations online. Radio Ananda offers spiritual and uplifting music along with talk shows. It aims to be your resource for calmness.



 Isn’t this music just beautiful? 🙂  If you agree, remember to share.

And id you loved this music, you will probably love these other helpful meditation tools too. 


Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discovery their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.

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