Why The Best Brain Training Software Isn’t Software At All

Brain Training software is all the rage these days. But the best brain training software isn’t software at all, it’s a powerful natural alternative. 

It seems natural these days for us to need an app or a piece of software to do anything. Heck, what isn’t there an app for?

Aside from being a good way for companies to make money, though, is there really that much benefit to be had from brain training games and brain training apps?

Read our article on whether brain training works then return to this page for a better solution.

Have you read that page? It’s really important to understand the science behind brain training, which I why I want you to read the page above.

Okay, so now we know the truth, right? We know what the best brain training software can and cant do.

Thankfully, you don’t need brain training software, games and apps in order to train your brain. All you need is. . . well, a brain, and a couple of exercises; one exercise in particular, actually.

That exercise is meditation.

Meditation is the best ” brain training software”. Honestly, you cannot beat it.

The benefits of meditation—unlike brain training software—have actually been proven scientifically many many times over.


Some of the benefits of meditation for brain training

Improves focus

Improves concentration

Improves memory

And not to mention the fact that it helps to cure many illnesses.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that meditation is 100% free and can be done anywhere.



How to use Meditation for Brain Training

Okay, so the iphone has been put down. The games are away. It’s just you and your brain now. So, how do we do meditation for brain training?

I’m going to recommend that you read two articles. They aren’t directly about brain training—they actually discuss meditation for weight loss and meditation for depression. However, with these two articles you can very quickly understand how meditation for brain training works. So, here are the articles. . .

Meditation for Depression

Meditation for Weight Loss

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