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We Reveal the Best Ways To Lose Weight

DO Have a Clear Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss programs usually tell a contestant exactly what they must do in order to lose weight. They’ll be told exactly the kinds of foods they should eat and what kind of exercise is most suitable for them. This is hugely important (though often comes as a bit of a shock at first) because it sets the contestant / overweight individual’s mind on the right track. Rather than

“oooh-ing and ahhh-ing” over what they’ll need to do they are immediately told so they can mentally prepare.


Do Have a Goal in Mind

Much in the same way that weight loss programs offer a clear exercise program for getting fit, they also state a very clear goal for the individual. The contestant / overweight individual then keep this goal in mind almost religiously throughout their weight loss program. Every step of the way they are told how much closer they got to their target (the word closer here is of the utmost importance. It is vital to think how close you are to your goal rather than how far away).  Note: See Weight Loss mistake 1.  For more information on how to set goals see: Your Subconscious Mind

DO Have Available Resources


One of the strong points of The Fat Fighters is that it does provide a lot of resources—links to weight loss websites, for instance. What’s great about these resources is that they are always there. The contestant / individual losing weight always feels connected to a strong support group. Anytime they feel weak they can fall back upon their support group for support. Your support group doesn’t have to be professionals, either; it could just be family and friends. What is important is that you have someone to lean on when you feel weak.
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