Book Review: Mindfulness For Mums And Dads

Dr Diana Korevaar has created a book that is truly thought-provoking. Mindfulness For Mums And Dads offers a deep exploration of its, and provides insight that is as invaluable as it is timeless.

Given that Dr Diana Korevaar is a consultant psychiatrist (specialising in women’s health) it is no surprise that her book is loaded full of science. But don’t sweat it you’re not into science-talk. The book is written in an easy-to-understand way that does genuinely make it approachable even while it is technical and deep.

Mindfulness For Mums And Dads introduces the science of mindfulness and explains how the human mind functions. Dr Diana Korevaar explains precisely what makes you depressed or happy, anxious or relaxed.  And after this science-explanation she provides practical techniques parents can use to make life more peaceful.

The exercises in the book are familiar. For instance, there are breathing meditations, and exercises designed to make you stop and think.

Mindfulness For Mums And Dads will give you a new perspective on yourself as a parent. And you will gain invaluable insight into how the way you are parenting, as well as helpful advice on how to improve your parenting.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the presentation. The information is organised and presented in such a way that it makes it easy to dip-in-and-out-of. You can read it at your leisure, and you will find yourself often flicking back to sections for a quick re-read. Thankfully, doing so is easy, because the book is so well organised and presented that it’s easy to find the section you’re looking for.

I particularly like the way that Korevaar advices parents to go gently. The book is a challenge, but Korevaar guides us through it and reminds us that we can go peacefully, and that we can make big changes in a gentle way.

As someone who works in book marketing and copywriting, I can see this book performing very well, if pushed in the proper way. And I hope it does get pushed properly, because it is a truly enlightening read.

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Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.

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