How to break out of depression naturally

Beating Depression Naturally  

Anti-depressants. Do you really need them? A better way to break out of depression is the natural way.

more-buttonbreaking-out-of-depression-naturallyIt was reported recently that 1 in 10 US adults take antidepressants. When I read this I was very sad. What made my mood worse was when I read that less than a third of the people taking antidepressants have actually been to a mental health professional in the past twelve months. The truth of the matter is that the majority of people taking antidepressants do not need them.

White women constitute the biggest group of people taking antidepressants. 400% more white women are taking antidepressants now as compared to in the early 90s.  It isn’t that there are that many more people with depression. It’s simply that anti-depressants are now seen as the “Go to” solution for depression.

I’m not a doctor, but I do know what it is like to experience depression. . . don’t we all? We all suffer from feelings of depression from time to time. It seems it doesn’t take much to leave us feeling depressed. Not exercising, eating unhealthy diets, spending too long on the computer. . . these are all causes of depression. And there are simple and healthy solutions.

Let’s put away the anti-depressants and get back to the natural way.




How to break out of depression naturally

more-buttonbreak-out-of-depression-naturally1: Go to a counsellor: There is no shame in going to a counsellor. In fact, there’s plenty to be proud about about going to a counsellor – at least you are facing your problems and trying to overcome them, that’s a lot better than ignoring the issue. A counsellor can advise you on options for handling depression. Just talking about depression can help you a lot. It will make you see that there are solutions and that there are ways to beat depression.





2:  Walk:


break-depression-naturally-curemore-buttonWalking is immensely relaxing. In fact, doctors in Europe actually prescribe walking as a treatment for depression! Doing some gentle exercise somewhere relaxing out in nature gives your body and mind a chance to heal. You can also see that the natural world has its own ups and downs too. There are times when the world is joyful—like in Spring—and times when it is in hibernating, like in winter. It is all a cycle, as is depression. Depression will eventually lead back to happiness, just as winter becomes spring.






3: Sunshine on a rainy day:

beat-depression-naturllymore-buttonIt wasn’t that long ago that Vitamin D supplements were considered a breakthrough supplement that could prevent you from getting depression. Now we know that that isn’t entirely true. Sunshine is the cure. Mother nature knows how to cure us and one of mother nature’s best cures is the sun. Go out there and bask in






4: Mindfulness:

beat-depression-naturall-3more-buttonOne of the biggest breakthroughs in health over recent years has been mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is a very very simple concept. I love how simple it is. All mindfulness is is focussing on the present moment, on reality. Go for a walk in nature, sit down somewhere and meditate on what you see. This will calm your mind and cultivate inner peace.






5:  Eat those greens:


beat-depression-naturally-dietmore-buttonMother nature really does know what she’s doing. That’s why crappy junk food like hamburgers – the unnatural foods— have been linked to depression, where nature’s food, fruit and vegetabled, is linked with curing depression. I’m telling ya, trust nature and you will be cured of depression. Eat those green, drink water. Just ask yourself: is this food natural? If it is eat it. If it isn’t don’t. Simple!






6: Laughter:


laughter-therapy-depressionmore-buttonIt’s hilarious that something as simple as laughter can cure depression, but it DOES. Go grab yourself all the funniest movies ever, sit down and watch them and laugh your ass off.








more-button7: Breathe:

beat-depressin-naturally-breathingProper breathing helps your mind and body to relax and let’s face it, there’s isn’t an easier cure than breathing. Make sure you are breathing deeply and slowly and in a relaxed fashion. You can make it even more relaxing by meditating on your breathing, which essentially means focussing your mind 100% on your breathing and not on anything else.

Nature knows how to cure depression. The real treatments for depression are out in nature: in the sunshine, in green food, in your own breathing. Let’s put down the antidepressants and remember who the real doctor is: mother nature.









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