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Our free mantras guide contains Buddhist mantras, Hindua mantras,

free online meditation course

Free Online Meditation Course

In our free online meditation course you’ll learn how to meditate and how to become calm, relaxed, happy and enlightened.

We’ve put together the most comprehensive free online meditation course the world has to offer. Over the coming pages you’ll learn many different techniques that will empower you to live a happier, more relaxed, more positive and more enjoyable life.


 The Free Online Meditation Course intro

Meditation is a powerful way to bring health and happiness into your life. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to help your body and mind in many different ways. For instance, it has been scientifically proven that it  helps to fight depression, anxiety and stress and to limit pain. It has also been proven to reduce the chances of suffering from many different ailments and illnesses.

Not only does it  help you to avoid many negatives, it also helps to bring out many positives in you. For instance, mindfulness is one of the most powerful ways of developing focus and concentration. Mindfulness also produces feelings of love and kindness. Through this completely free online meditation course you will learn how to take advantage of all the benefits meditation offers. You’ll learn to develop love and kindness, to find inner peace and harmony, to live in the moment and much much more.

We believe in allowing you to learn at your own pace. That’s why we recommend you bookmark our free online course (CTRL + D on your keyboard) so that you can return here at any time and continue to learn at your own pace.

We also invite you to leave comments and feedback on each page and to get in contact with us on Facebook and Twitter.


The Basics

learn-more-buttonMindfulness is a large subject and before you begin to learn how to meditate it is worth learning the basics of practice.

Many people make mistakes when they are learning to mindfulness. A common mistake, for instance, is to try and force relaxation upon themselves instead of allowing relaxation to occur naturally.

If you’re new to meditation click the LEARN MORE button for a complete guide to the basics of meditation. This will help you to understand the fundamental principles of meditation before continuing.


Breathing Meditation Techniques

learn-more-buttonBreathing techniques are the best place to begin to learn. These are simple techniques that will very quickly get you focused and relaxed.

Essentially, breathing techniques involve focusing the mind on the breath as it enters and leaves through your mouth and nose.

We’ve put together a completely free guide to breathing. Click the LEARN MORE button to learn this technique, or click the NEXT button to continue on our free online meditation course.


Zen Meditation Techniques

learn-more-buttonZen incorporates a wide range of different techniques all of which are designed to lead us towards enlightenment. Zen aims to create oneness and to enable the practitioner to live in the moment with mindfulness and pure awareness.

Our free online course incorporates many different zen techniques. For a complete guide to different Zen meditation techniques, click the LEARN MORE button.


Buddhist Meditation Techniques

learn-more-buttonMeditation techniques are used in Buddhism for a variety of purposes. One of the most famous purposes of meditation in Buddhism is to create oneness. Oneness is the sense of being one with the outside world. With this attitude we let go of our sense of self and of self-centredness.

Buddhist meditation techniques involve sitting, standing, lying down and movement meditations. We’ve provided a free and easy to follow guide to all techniques used in Buddhism. Click the LEARN MORE button to start learning these techniques.


Chakra Meditation Techniques

learn-more-buttonChakras are the energy centres of the body. There are seven different chakras in the human body. By meditating it is possible to bring these chakras into balance, which creates health, harmony and happiness.

Chakra meditation is particularly useful for clearing out any mental or physical health complications. For instance, meditating on the third eye chakra opens the person to spirituality and to a heightened state of being. For a complete guide to chakras click the LEARN MORE button.



Mantra Meditation

learn-more-buttonMantras are specific words, phrases or sounds which are recited in order to create different benefits. Mantra meditation was born in Hinduism. In Hinduism, and also in Buddhism, there are many different mantras which can be used to create various outcomes. For instance, there are mantras for attracting love, for solving problems, for creating health and happiness and much more. Whatever your primary goal is at the moment, you will find a corresponding mantra in our free mantra guide. Click the LEARN MORE button for a complete guide to mantra meditation.



learn-more-buttonThis has been a quick overview of some of the most important techniques. However, there are many more types of meditation. Here on you will find comprehensive guides to all major techniques. We recommend taking a look through our archives to find the perfect type of meditation for you. Click the LEARN MORE button to take a tour of our list of meditation guides.

Thanks for reading this free online meditation course. For a complete guide to meditation, read our comprehensive mindfulness and meditation book, Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

free online meditation course

Free Online Meditation Course

Welcome to TheDailyMeditation’s Complete free online  meditation course. Over the pages of this free online meditation course you will learn everything you will ever need to know about meditation. You’ll discover the best meditation techniques, including:  Breathing Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Deep Meditation techniques, Alpha meditation and more. You’ll learn about the science of meditation and the effects of meditation for physical and mental health. Most importantly, you will learn how to use meditation in your own life to achieve your life goals.



The Daily Meditation Guide : Introduction 

Meditation and mindfulness are becoming more and more popular on these shores. Perhaps this is unsurprising. In a day and age where stress seems the norm, we all need an effective way of handling the pressure of modern day life. Meditation is the key. Whether it’stechniques, mantras, mindfulness meditation, breathng meditation or any other kind of meditation, these activities offer us the relaxation and focus we need. Thankfully, The Daily Meditation guide will show you how you can use meditation in the modern age.



The free online meditation course part 1 : What is meditation? 

Meditation is a technique through which a practitioner trains their mind to realise one of the many benefits of meditation.–we’ll cover the benefits of meditation in a moment.

There are a great many different practices which fall under the term “Meditation.” These practices range from Zen walking meditation to  Mindfulness meditatio and many more forms. These different forms of meditation offer different benefits, from relaxation to improved focus to building energy (prana, chi, qi etc.). The Daily Meditation guide will reveal all these practices and their corresponding benefits below.



The Daily Meditation Guide : The meaning of meditation

“Meditation” means different things in different cultures and in different spiritual and religious groups. It has been a core component of many religions for thousands of years. These spiritual groups use meditation for all manner of purposes. Some groups may use meditation as a form of healing (meditation can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, help fight depression and anxiety and much more), where others will focus on core personality traits— one of the ways Buddhists use meditation, for instance, is to develop loving kindness.]


The free online meditation course part 2Meditation Techniques: An Introduction 

In The Daily  Meditation guide we will cover all the major types.  Meditation may be done sitting, standing, lying down or while moving (again, Zen walking meditation is a great example of meditation is movement). Meditation often uses objects (the most important is the meditation mala, a necklace of 108 beads that are used to count breaths or mantras while meditating). Meditation can also be done while performing mundane tasks. A Buddhist monk, for instance, would practice meditation while washing.


The Daily Meditation Guide : Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most important meditation techniques we cover in The Daily Meditation Guide.  Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular forms of meditation in the West.

In mindfulness meditation the practitioner nonjudgmentally observes their own mind (for more on this you may also like to study Vipassana Meditation). In mindfulness meditation, the practitioner comes to recognise truths about themselves by quietly and nonjudgmentally observing their mind.

Mindfulness meditation is also about living in the moment. When we practice mindfulness meditation, we focus absolutely on one element of the present moment. If washing dishes, for instance, we would perform mindfulness meditation by placing our focus 100% on the process of the cleaning. This trains the mind to stay in the present moment.

For more on this form of meditation, read The Daily Meditation Guide To Learning Mindfulness Meditation.




The free online meditation course part 3 : Breathing Meditation

Another very popular form of meditation in the west is breathing meditation. As you would expect from the name, breathing meditation has the individual focussing on their breathing. Generally the person meditating will close their eyes and focus on the feeling of their breath entering and leaving through their body.

Breathing meditation is one of the most relaxing forms of meditation. This is arguably the best form of meditation for people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress, but also for people simply wishing to promote relaxation.

Learn breathing meditation 



The Daily Meditation Guide : Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation (Zazen) is the central practice of Zen Buddhism. There are many different practices in Zen meditation. The most basic and most commonly used is a simple breathing meditation. The individual assumes a specific sitting position and a specific mudra (hand position) and meditates on their breathing. This promotes a deep sense of relaxation. Zen meditation also utilises mantras for a variety of purposes.

Read The Daily Meditation Guide to  Zen Meditation HERE. 



The Daily Meditation Guide : Zen Walking Meditation

Zen walking meditation is the most popular type of movement meditation. Zen Walking Meditation is great for developing the mind body connection and for promoting relaxation.

In Zen Walking Meditation the practitioner walks up and down a straight path of around 40 feet in length. The person walks very slowly, focussing their mind on the process of walking (literally focussing on each element involved in taking a step).

Zen Walking Meditation is good gentle exercise which is great for recovery as it gets the body moving while also relaxing the mind.

Read the Daily Meditation guide to Zen Walking HERE 



The free online meditation course part 4:  Mantra Meditation

. Depending on the individual’s spiritual or religious belief they will select a mantra which has been written to create specific benefits. Those of the Hindu faith may, for instance, recite a mantra for money or marriage or for having a child. It is believed that by reciting these mantras the individual will gain the blessing of their gods, who will grant them the benefit they seek.

Mantra meditation is not specific to religion or even spirituality. It can be used very practically for purposes outside of spirituality. For instance, a person who has been suffering from anxiety and depression may meditate on the mantra “I am feeling calm and happy.” This is a very simple mantra but when recited many times through meditation it serves to make the individual’s mind believe that they are feeling calm and happy. Once the individual believes in the mantra they will psychologically set to making the belief come true. This sounds like some form of magic but is based in science. Our mind sets about turning our beliefs into reality. If we believe we are happy we will make ourselves happy. This explains how a mantra works.

Read The Daily Meditation Guide to Mantra Meditation HERE 

The Daily Medtiation Guide to Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation is a type of meditation that creates a sense of compassion and love for one and all. Loving kindness meditation is a very important part of Budddhism.

To perform a loving kindness meditation an individual begins meditating as normal (breath based meditation). Once the mind is still, the individual extends loving kindness towards themselves, reciting a mantra that shows love and compassion for themselves. The individual next repeats this loving kindness meditation for their family, then for their friend, then for colleagues, then for a neutral person, then for a difficult person (some may call this person an “enemy” but those of the Buddhists faith would not term it so).

Loving Kindness Meditation creates a sense of universal love and compassion in the mind of the practitioner. This benefits both the individual themselves—who learn to see a world of love and compassion—and those the individual meets (because the individual has learned to shows love and compassion to them).

Loving Kindness is one of the most important types of meditation and should be a staple part of meditation practice.

Read more about Loving Kindness Meditation 



The Daily Medtiation Guide to Mantras and Meditation 

We have briefly discussed mantras above. Mantras are a core component of meditation and each different religion /spiritual group has their own mantras. In fact, many non-spiritual groups also have their own mantras. There are business mantras (“We are creating a successful and sustainable business,” for instance), sports mantras (“Just do it!”) and many other types of mantras.

In religion and spirituality different groups have different mantras. These mantras will have been taken from ancient scriptures.

Many mantras involve much more than simply reciting a phrase. Some mantras, for instance, must be recited a certain number of times, at a certain time of day, at a certain time of the year, or while making an offering to a certain god. Some mantras may only need to be recited 108 times where others may need to be recited over 10 000 times.

There are thousands of mantras for all different purposes. Some of the most commonly used types of mantras include:

Mantras for money

Mantras for marriage

Mantras for a baby

Mantras for peace

Mantras for happiness

Mantras for anxiety

Mantras for healing

And many more.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of mantras for all different purposes and people.

Read the Daily Meditation guide to the best mantra meditations HERE



The free online meditation course part  5:  The Benefits of Meditation

There are a great many benefits of meditation which have been scientifically studied and proven. It is because of the many benefits of meditation for health that doctors have now begun to prescribe meditation as a means of healing.

Among the great many benefits of meditation are:


  • Meditation helps in fighting cancer (source : Efferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine)
  • Improved immune system
  • Less oxygen consumption
  • Higher tolerance of pain
  • Helps beat stress (source :  Journal Health Psychology)
  • Meditation improves school grades (source: University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Meditation helps arthritis (especially if it is combined with Tai Chi)
  • Meditation helps prevent mental health issues (source: University of Oregon)
  • Meditation helps control pain (source: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)
  • Meditation makes doctors better at their jobs (source: University of Rochester Medical Centre)
  • Makes us appreciate sound more (source:  Journal Psychology of Music)
  • Helps people to feel less lonely (source: University of California)
  • Improves tolerance for cold conditions( source: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Health)
  • Reduces risk of teen depression (source: University of Leuven)
  • Meditation helps with weight loss (source: American Psychological Association)
  • Improves sleep (source: University of Utah)

Discover more benefits of meditation HERE.




Possible Risks of Meditation

The US government’s National Center for Complementary Alernative Medicine has stated that meditation is safe for healthy people. Some (rare) reports have shown that meditation could potentially worsen the symptoms of people with pre-existing psychiatric conditions though this has yet to be proven with research. Certain meditation practices are not ideal for people with physical limitations (movement based meditations). Those with existing health problems should consult a healthcare professional before practicing meditation.

Perhaps the biggest risk of meditation is that, because is promotes high levels of relaxation, it can sometimes prevent individuals from facing problems in their lives. For instance, a person with financial problems may escape their stressful mind when meditating, but this could potentially prevent them from facing the problem and solving it.


Kundalini yoga has been linked to “Kundalini Syndrome” –which can overwhelm and cause great distress to Kundalini Yoga practitioners.


The free online meditation course part  6:  Effect on the Brain

Substantial research has been conducted to learn the effect of meditation on the brain. This research has used EEG, fMRI and more to learn what happens in the body when meditating.

Richard Davidson and Jon Kabat Zinn have shown that activity in the anterior brain increases after regular mindfulness meditation practice. This increased activity leads to positive emotional states.

Research at the Mind Body Medical Institute has shown that meditation induces biochemical responses in those who meditate. These changes have been termed the “Relaxation Response.” This relaxation response alters a person’s heart rate, metabolism, blood pressure and respiration.

According to the National Institutes of Health, meditation creates a calming effect by reducing activity in the sympathetic nervous system while increasing activity in the parasympathetic nervous system.



The free online meditation course part  7: 

 Mindfulness Meditation in Therapy

Mindfulness meditation has begun to be used in mainstream western healthcare as a means of reduction pain and stress. It is used in hospital on chronically ill and terminally ill patients to reduce complications. Stress has been linked to poor physical health. By reducing stress, meditation improves our overall health.



Meditation and Flow

Mindfulness meditation promotes awareness without judgment. This improves the individual’s ability to be aware of situations and thus to enter a state of “flow,” which is conducive to calmness, well-being and what positive psychologists term “flourishing.”



Insight Meditation and the Brain: Grey Matter

A research by Massachusetts General Hospital, Yale and Harvard has shown the meditation increased grey matter and helps to slow the rate at which the brain deteriorates. The study used insight meditation training and brain scans to show that individuals who practice insight meditation for 40 minutes a day increased their brain thickness. The study also showed that the longer an individual meditates the more positive an effect meditation will have on their brain

Integrative Body Mind Training

Research on college students has shown the Integrative Body Mind Training (which involves mental imagery and mindfulness) improves the integrity and efficiency of brain connections.



Zen Meditation

Research at the University of Colorado has proven that Zen meditation rewires brain circuitry.



Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation

EEG readings of individuals who had been practicing loving kindness meditation for between 10 and 20 years showed a significant rise in gamma wave activation. The same readings were taken of people who had been practicing loving kindness meditation for only a short time. While the second group’s gamma wave activations were nowhere near as high as lifelong meditators, they still showed a noticeable rise.


The free online meditation course part 8: Learning to meditate 

Meditation can be learnt either through qualified teachers or through self study. The vast majority of meditation techniques are easy to understand and to begin. Provided an individual makes sure to research meditation properly before beginning, there is little reason why meditation cannot be self taught.

It is best to begin with the easiest form of meditation, which is breathing meditation. Breathing meditation will promote relaxation, promote positive changes in the brain and offer the majority of the benefits that we have discussed above.

Learning breathing meditation in easy steps

Simply follow these steps to begin a simple breathing meditation.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  2. You may sit or stand and you may use a pillow if you wish. Make sure you have good posture and a straight spine.
  3. Close your eyes and just begin to quiet your mind. Take a few moments to settle and feel relaxed.
  4. Place your focus and attention on your breathing. Feel your breath entering and leaving your body through your nose.
  5. Thoughts will naturally occur as you continue to meditate on your breath. Be aware of these thoughts but do not judge them. Let them pass. Continue to focus on your breathing.
  6. You may find that it helps your focus to count your breaths. If so, begin counting. One full breath equals one count. Slowly count up to ten then begin from one again.
  7. Continue this process for twenty minutes.

Promise yourself to return again tomorrow and meditate.



Meditation for Specific Reasons

Meditation for Anxiety: Anxiety is caused by negative thoughts that overwhelm our mind and induce panic. Because meditation quiets the mind and removes negative thoughts, it essentially removes the cause of anxiety: our way of thinking. Beginning meditation for anxiety is simple and practically all forms of meditation will offer benefit to those suffering with anxiety. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to anxiety and meditation HERE.



Meditation for Anger: Anger, of course, is another thought process much like anxiety. Anger arises when we are unable to accept the present moment (which is usually because of mental associations). By meditating we train our minds to accept the present moment and therefore train ourselves to let go of anger. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to  anger and meditation HERE.



Meditation for Children: Meditation is a brilliant way of helping children to find relaxation and also of promoting compassion and positive behaviour. Meditation for children should be simple so it’s best to stick to the basic meditation techniques.

Read The Daily Meditation Guide to meditation for children HERE.



Meditation for confidence: A lack of confidence is essentially created because of fear. We have, through the years, trained our minds fearfully. We’ve have learnt to associate certain actions with negative consequences. Perhaps we are afraid of failure. There is an associate here between action and a negative outcome. When we meditate we remove that association, learning to act without fear of consequence. There are many techniques in meditation for confidence. Discover more about the link between confidence and meditation HERE.



Meditation for Concentration and Focus: When we meditate we train our minds to focus on one thing absolutely. We remove thoughts and thus all ourselves to be present and attentive to reality. This is something all forms of meditation help with. The best form of meditation for confidence, however, is candle based visualisation meditations. DRead The Daily Meditation Guide to concentration, focus and meditation HERE.



Meditation for Depression: Meditation for depression works along the same principles as meditation for anxiety. When we are depressed our minds are compounded with negative thoughts. When we meditate we learn to remove these negative thoughts and live in the present moment, outside of fear, worry and depression. Meditation is very powerful for depression. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to meditation and depression HERE.



Meditation for Energy: Another key reason why so many people are reading The Daily Meditation guide is to create energy.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to boost brain activity and thus create mental energy. We also conserve the energy we do have when meditating. The average human thinks tens of thousands of thoughts each day. These thoughts have an energy cost. The more we think the more energy we use. When we meditate we slow our minds and therefore do not expend so much energy on useless thoughts. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to meditation and energy HERE.



Meditation for Grief: Grief works along the same lines as the others benefits of meditation that we have discussed here. Grief is the obsession of negative thoughts. Meditation removes this obsession, trains our minds to see reality in a different and altogether more positive light and therefore removes grief. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to Grief and Meditation HERE. 



Meditation for Health: We have discussed the myriad health benefits of meditation above. They are plentiful, ranging from regulated blood pressure to lower heart rate and lower oxygen consumption. There are literally hundreds of benefits of meditation for health. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to 100 health benefits of meditation HERE.



Meditation for Healing: Meditation is used by hospitals on chronically ill and terminally ill patients to help them cope with their situation. Because of the health benefits of meditation (see link above) meditation is also very powerful for healing. Read The Daily Meditation Guide to meditation and healing HERE. 



Meditation for Insomnia: Meditating before bed greatly helps to promote a good night’s sleep. Discover how to meditate for sleep HERE. 



Meditation for Love: There are two ways in which meditation and love come together. The first is in loving kindness meditation, which creates a universal sense of love and compassion. the second is in mantra meditations for love. There are many different mantras for love in various spiritualities and religions. Recitation of these mantras is believed to attract a loving relationship leading to marriage.

Read The Daily Meditation Guide to meditation for love HERE.



Meditation for Weight Loss: Weight loss is one reason why we see so many people reading The Daily Meditation Guide. Mindfulness meditation is a groundbreaking way of losing weight. Unlike diets that focus on what you specifically eat, mindfulness meditation for weight loss is about training your mind to recognise and respect the food that you are eating.

Learn about meditation and weight loss HERE.



Meditation for Optimism / Negative Thoughts: Mindfulness meditation, and long with other forms of meditation, can help us to become more aware of our thoughts. This awareness then allows us to change negative thoughts and promote positivity and optimism.



Meditation for Pain: Many people come to the daily meditation guide for pain relief.  As stated in our section about the health benefits of meditation, meditation is used by hospitals as a way of helping patients to cope with the pain of illness. Meditation is used in cancer, heart problems and many other illnesses to help with both the mental and physical pain. Discover more about pain and meditation HERE. 



Meditation for Relaxation: Of all the reasons people use The Daily Meditation guide , relaxation comes out top.   Meditation is extremely relaxing and allows individuals to enter states of calm and inner peace which they may never have experienced without meditation.



Spells and Mantras for Luck and Good Fortune with Money and Life

On this page I’ll be sharing some very powerful mantras for luck and good fortune with money, life, relationships and more. First of all, however, I’d like to share a personal story that illuminates how powerful these mantras can be.

The Story of a Friend’s Finances

As a meditation teacher I  have personally taught mantras to many different people, some friends, family, students, all different sorts. But one person comes to mind when I think about mantras for luck. I’m not going to name this individual to respect his privacy, so I’ll just call him Mr Y (from the book  The End of My Y — fantastic story by the way).

Anyway, My Y was precisely the sort of guy who always talked about how unlucky he was. He had reason to. He didn’t have any money, he was in a relationship but he wasn’t particularly happy in it, and he found himself somewhat “drifting” through life, not achieving much, always thinking of the future, never focusing on the present moment.

One day Mr Y came to me and said “I have to do something about this.”

“About what?” I asked.

“This.” He held his hands out wide as though to reveal his destitute state. “I’m so darned unlucky.”

I bit my lip to keep myself from talking. Mr Y wasn’t unlucky. Sure, he wasn’t rich, but not many people are. There was enough going on in his life for him to be happy about, and the fact that he was focusing on the negative told me one thing: his mind was in the wrong place. “Okay,” I said, “I know a couple of things that might help you.”

I started to talk to Mr Y about mantras. He laughed– not a spiritual guy, which is fine, it just makes it more of a challenge. A few days later I taught him the Shabar mantra (I’ll share it with you in a sec). He sat down crossed legged and began to recite the mantra. I was impressed to find that he recited for a whole hour right there and then (most people who are new to mantras start reciting them, laugh then say its “Stupid” only to come back later.”

Anyway, so Mr Y recited the mantra. I told him to do it every day for 21 days. He did. Then on the 22nd day he came to me and said “Nothing has changed.” At first I was disapointed, but then he added, “but that’s okay. I never used to realise how much I had to be thankful for.”

And THAT marked a miraculous transformation, because he now SAW his luck. And once you begin to see your luck you begin to get more luck. For My Y, those 21 days weren’t a miracle, but they were a very important period of personal transformation.

So, what mantras did Mr Y use? What are the mantras for luck and good fortune?


Using the mantras for luck

On the next page we will look at the specific mantras for luck. But first, it’s important to know how to use the mantras. I have provided information about how to use each of the mantras on the next page. Be sure to recite the mantras the number of times specified. Also, bookmark this page (CTRL + D) so that you can return here to use the mantra each day. Mantras only work by regular use, so by returning to this page you can read the mantras any time you like, helping to improve your luck.

Click through to the next page to discover the mantras for luck and good fortune.


Meditation for Positive Thinking | How To Think Positive

Using meditation for positive thinking is one of the best ways to train yourself to be a positive person. Not only does this allow you to remove negative thoughts but it also heightens happiness and positivity levels.

In meditation, you go deep inside yourself and you allow things to come out. When practicing you will find thoughts and beliefs coming to mind. You will actually come to see what is going on in your mind. Once you see what is going on, you are able to make changes.

It is ironic in a sense, because while meditation is about quieting the mind, you actually hear your thoughts more clearly. You will come to recognise your fear, doubts, desires, memories and more.

Meditation for Positive Thinking: Removing Worries

It seems that human nature involves a certain degree of worrying. Even people who seem to have practically everything they ever wanted still worry (mostly about losing what they have). Fear and worries permeate the mind, and the path to genuine positive thinking is to clear those negativities out.

If you find that you are worries or stressed then meditation will be of immense benefit. Meditation allows you to see your thoughts for what they are: just thoughts. It  reduces the affect that negative thoughts and feelings have on you.

We’ve all experienced thoughts like:

Will I get that job?

Am I going to run out of money?

Does he / she like me?

Is my career going well

. . . These thoughts ruin our sense of inner peace, and they ruin our happiness.

Thoughts, the Buddha would say, are the root of all suffering. How much of your life has been made painful because of negative thoughts and fear. Probably a lot; that’s the case for most people. We all suffer from fears and doubts.

But when we meditate three things happen.

1)      We recognise our thoughts and feelings

2)      We set ourselve free from negative thoughts

3)      We are able to retrain our minds to think in more positive ways.


Click through to the next page for a comprehensive guide to using meditation for positive thinking.



The meditation for positive thinking which we’ll share on this page is a powerful way how to think positive and how to train your mind to stay positive.


Meditation for Positive Thinking | How To Think Positive


To do this meditation for positive thinking you’ll first need to come up with a mantra that evokes the kind of thought you wish to achieve. For instance, if you want to stay positive about life in general you might choose the mantra “Life is good.” If you want to stay positive about a goal, weight loss for instance, you could choose the mantra “I’m feeling good about losing weight.”

  1. Take a few minutes now to think of a great mantra for yourself. When you’re ready, follow the steps below.
  2. Find somewhere quiet where you can sit in peace for ten minutes without being disturbed.
  3. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Continue to do so for five minutes, or until you feel relaxed and focused.
  4. Begin to recite your mantra to yourself. You may say it out loud or whisper it. while doing so, think about your mantra and what it means.
  5. Continue to recite your mantra for ten minutes, while meditating on the meaning of the mantra.
  6. To finish, stop reciting the mantra and simply sit silently for two or three minutes.
  7. Repeat every day.



Meditation for Lucid Dreams | How To Have a Lucid Dream

Meditation for lucid dreams is perhaps the number one way how to have a lucid dream. It is both a part of Wake Induced Lucid Dreams and Mnemonic Induction. In this article I’ll be revealing how to use meditation for lucid dreams and providing a free guided meditation for lucid dreams.

How meditation for lucid dreams works

Numerous scientific studies have shown a direct correlation between lucid dreaming and meditation. Because it develops your self awareness and makes you more reflective, it improves your ability to recognise that you are in a dream. Through regular practice you will greatly enhance your ability to have a lucid dream.


If you are new to meditation you will most likely be wondering just what exactly it is and how you can do it.

It  is a practice many thousands of years old. In meditation, an individual focuses their mind on one element of the present moment. Many techniques have the practitioner focusing on their breaths, where others may focus on movement or on some other object–a candle for instance.

Though it is very simple it is a powerfully effective technique. Meditation has been shown to offer numerous health benefits, ranging from boosting the immune system to reducing stress to fighting depression and even lowering blood pressure. And of course, there are many benefits of meditation for lucid dreams.

Essentially, all techniques improve your ability to have lucid dreams because of the improved self awareness that results from meditation. There are, however, some additional techniques in meditation that can be used for lucid dreaming. One technique, for instance, is to close your eyes, focus on your breath (so you relax and focus your mind) and then to recite a mantra such as “I am aware.” This simple mantra will train your mind to check on your current mental state, meaning that when you are dreaming you are more likely to realise that you are dreaming.

video-buttonAnother technique for lucid dreams is to meditate while in bed and then purposefully lead yourself into a sleeping state through guided meditation. For instance, you may imagine that you are sitting on the beach in the sunshine, and by meditating on this scenery you will enter your dream on a beach in the sunshine.

These are just two types of techniques for lucid dreams. There are many. Click the link below and we’ll reveal the very best meditation techniques to use.

learn-more-buttonHere is an excellent free guided meditation for lucid dreams. Click on the video and there shut your eyes and begin to fall asleep. This video will lead you into a state of lucid dreaming.

how to learn reiki

Spells and Mantras for Good Sleep and Curing Insomnia

As a meditation teacher one of the questions I am asked more than any other is “How can I cure insomnia with meditation.”

Perhaps it’s not surprising that I am asked this question so frequently. Forty-Eight percent of people are reported to suffer from occassional insomnia and 22% suffer from insomnia every night. That’s a staggering statistic.

Thankfully, there are powerful mantras for good sleep and mantras for curing insomnia. I’ll share those mantras in a moment, because first I want to share some basic tips and some stories that will show you how powerful these mantras are. However, if you want to skip ahead to the mantras themselves, you can do so by clicking here.

mantras for good sleep and curing insomnia


The right atmosphere for using mantras for good sleep and insomnia


If you want to use mantras correctly in order to get to sleep then you first need to do a few things to get in the right frame of mind. Make sure you’ve got the following basics covered before using the mantras.

Quiet: Trust me, I know it can be hard to find a quiet spot sometimes, but there are something you can do to make sure your bedroom is as quiet as possible. Just make sure the windows and doors are closed and that there aren’t any unnecessary distractions in the environment.

Get stuff done: It’s a lot easier to go to sleep at night if you haven’t got extra stresses on your mind. Personally, when I wake up in the morning I tell myself that I’m going to earn a good night sleep. I write a list of the things that might prevent me from sleeping (like work related issues for instance) and get  them done so that, by the time I go to sleep I don’t have those same things on my mind.

Meditate: Using mantras for good sleep and for curing insomnia is more powerful if you have a somewhat calm state of mind to begin with. Meditate at least once in the day time for at least ten minutes.

Clean environment: It’s harder to get to sleep when your room and house aren’t tidy, plus, who likes going to sleep when they know they have to do the dishes in the morning? No one. Clean the house even though it’s boring and you’ll get to sleep easier at night.

Get it off your chest: Sometimes when I go to bed at night there’s something I wish I had said to someone. Maybe you’ve had an argument or you’ve forgotten to tell somebody something. If it’s not too late, say whatever is on your mind to whoever you need to say it to. If it’s too late, write it on a piece of paper and promise yourself you’ll say it tomorrow.

Exercise: Goes without saying right? Just do a little exercise so you’re actually tired when you go to bed.



Mantras for good sleep and insomnia

Over the coming pages we’ll be looking at many different mantras for sleep and insomnia, which come from all different cultures (traditional English mantras, Buddhist, Hindu and more). Click through to the next page to discover the mantras for sleep and insomnia.



In a moment I’ll be sharing many of the best mantras for good sleep and curing insomnia, mantras from various religions and cultures. But first, let’s take a look at a few English mantras for good sleep and insomnia.

“I am calm and still.”

“The world is sleeping and all is well.”

“I welcome sleep into myself.”

“I am breathing deeply and calmly, becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.”

Insomnia can be a truly stressful thing. When we don’t sleep we feel awful the next day. Prolonged periods without sleep can even cause depression and anxiety. But thankfully, mantras can help us to cure insomnia and to get to sleep. Here’s an inspiring story of how one of my friends overcame severe insomnia by using mantras.

How Emma Cured Her Insomnia with Mantra Meditation

Emma suffered from insomnia for years. Every single night of the week she struggles with insomnia, and to a devastating effect. It  left her fatigued, demotivated and depressed.

She spoke to the doctor about ways to cure insomnia and the doctor prescribed medication for it. Emma took the medication and it worked. She was able to get to sleep consistently.

I was somewhat surprised when Emma came to me and said, “I’m not happy with my pills.”

Even though she was sleeping, was happy to be taking medication. “It’s not healthy. I should be able to get to sleep naturally. I need an alternative solution.”

When I suggested using mantra meditation Emma was enthusiastic. She spoke to her doctor about going off the pills, which she did.

The first time I taught Emma the mantra meditations for sleep and insomnia, they didn’t work. This didn’t surprise me. She had a very deep-seeded belief that she could not get to sleep. She truly believed that without medication she couldn’t sleep. If she was to sleep we first needed to change this belief. We did this using a mindfulness meditation for depression. This allowed Emma to overcome her negative belief that she could not sleep.

Having practised the mindfulness meditation it was time to focus on specific mantra meditations for sleep.

The mantras which we used were Sa Ta Na Ma, Har Har Mukunday  and Ang Sang Warhegaru. She practiced these meditation for twenty minutes before bed.

The first night she didn’t actually sleep, but she said she “felt even better than if I had slept.” Meditation is actually more effective than sleep, as was recently proved in a scientific experiment on insomnia.  Emma was alert and awake the next day, but she still wanted to sleep.

For four days Emma practised the mantra meditation. It was on the fifth day that they worked. She was ecstatic. “I’ve finally done it!” she said, gleaming with joy. She still uses the same mantras today. On the next page I’ll teach you how to use those same mantras.


Meditation in general is extremely effective in helping us to get to sleep, even when it is done without any specific mantras. When we meditate we relax our mind and silence our thoughts for long enough to relax and enter sleep.

By using these mantras for good sleep you can make meditation even more effective. Before beginning, make sure you have the necessary equipment.


Bagalamukhi Mantra Technique, Effects and Benefits

Baglamukhi is a Hindu goddess who is generally depicted in yellow. She is also known as “Pitambara Vidya.” The goddess is famous for protection against enemies and for destroying enemies to grant victory and acquire wealth.  Traditional worship of Bagalumurkhi uses yellow flowers, yellow clothes, a turmeric garland and a yellow seat. It is believed that by worshipping Bagalamurki one will eliminate all enemies.


Bagalamukhi Devi (Pitambara Maa in North India) is one of Hinduisms 10 great wisdom goddesses. Bagalmukhi is said to destroy the illusions, misunderstandings and enemies of a devotee.

The name Bagalamukhi stems from “Bagala” and “Mukha” which mean “Bridle” and “Face.” So the full name literally means “Bridle Face.” The name means “One with the face to control.” Bagalumukhi Devi represents the goddesses’ hypnotic powers.

Bagalamukhi Image

Bagalumukhi has golden skin and wears a yellow dress and is adorned with a crescent moon. The golden thrown on which she sits is in the middle of an ocean of nectar and lotuses.

Most commonly, Bagalamukhi is depicted with a club in her right hand which she uses to attack demons. She uses her left hand to pull out the hair of demons. Bagalumukhi is the banisher of demons, which is why devotees worship her, so that she may destroy  their misfortunes and enemies.

Worship of Bagalmukhi is usually performed by using a specific mantra. It is said that recitation of this mantra will cause Balamukhi to destroy the misfortune and enemies of the worshipper. Worshippers recite the Beej mantra 1500 times a day for 45 days. This mantra is best performed using a yellow rosary and yellow clothing. Worshippers traditionally offer yellow flowers, Diya ( an oil used for wicks), Pure Ghee and Agarbatti ( an incense).

The Bagalamurkhi Mantra

On page 2 of this article you will find the bagalamurki mantra in its original form, along with the meaning of the mantra.


Kleem Mantra For Attraction — The Love Spell That Works 100%

The Kleem mantra for attraction really is amazing. On the next page we’ll look at how to do the Kleem mantra for attraction, but first up I would like to share a personal story about a friend who used the Kleem mantra for attraction with amazing results. If you just want to learn the mantra, you can find out how to do it HERE. But honestly, you probably want to read the story on this page first . . .

My friend (who I’ll call Tom as he might not want me to use his real name) would describe himself as a “Plain guy.” He used to tell me all the time about how he couldn’t attract anyone. “I’m just not attractive, I guess,” he would say. “I look average, I have a minimum wage job. There’s no real reason for women to be that into me.”

I’m sure a lot of guys can sympathise with Tom. After all, the average person is. . . well, average: average looking, average personality, average, average, average. And perhaps it’s only normal to think that women wont find an average guy attractive. There must be billions of men who fall into the “average” category,  who think they’re too plain to be attractive.

I would go on to talk about how no one is average, everyone is individual and all different women find different guys attractive. This is all true, but it’s not the point of this article. Let’s get back to the Kleem mantra.

I advised Tom to give this mantra a shot. I hadn’t used it myself for years on account of having a girlfriend who I’ve been with for five years now. But I advised Tom to try it.

At first, Tom was reluctant. He thought it strange: “How the heck is sitting with my eyes closed, by myself, saying ‘Kleem’ going to make women attracted to me?”

To be fair, it’s not a bad question. If you’re not a particularly spiritual person you probably do wonder how a mantra works.

How the Kleem mantra for attraction works

Mantras work by changing the vibrancy of your energy. Try reciting the mantra “Kleem” ten times right now. While you do it, focus on the sound of the mantra.

When you do this you’ll notice that Kleem has a unique feeling–it creates vibrations / reverberations in your body. When you focus on this mantra and meditate on it you change the frequency of your spirit / mind + body. Now, a spiritualist would say that when you change your vibrational rate you change your relationship with the universe (which itself has its own vibrancy rate). This is the spiritual explanation. A more down to earth explanation would simply say that by focussing your mind on a specific vibration frequency you change your internal speed (kind of like how some people can seem to have a fast internal rate and others slow. If you focus on a slow rate you slow yourself down. Simple).

Tom used this mantra once a day for ten minutes at a time for one week.

“Paul, I don’t believe it,” he said a week later. “I tried the Kleem mantra for attraction and I feel completely different. It’s like my energy has changed.’

“Well then, let’s go out to a bar tonight and see what happens,” I posited. Off we went.

I don;t know whether it was because of Tom’s altered mental state or whether a more spiritual explanation was involved, but suddenly Tom was receiving far more attention from the ladies. More than this, he was now confident around women too. Flash forward one month and Tom is now in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman and is happier than ever. Magic? No, just a little spiritual science. On the next page I’ll show you how you too can use the Kleem mantra.



Free Guided Meditation Course

In this completely free meditation course you’ll learn all the best techniques, including: Zen, breathing, Zen walking, Mantra, vipassana, insight, visualisation, body scan meditation and more. . . CONTINUE READING. . .

Free Guided Meditation Course

Millions of people everyday are beginning to learn meditation. But there is one huge problem with the way in which they are learning.

The way most people learn these days goes a little something like this: they find an article on a random meditation technique either on Google or Facebook and they dive right in. There is no structure nor disciple to the way in which they learn meditation.

The best way to learn is the same as the best way to learn anything else: start at the beginning, move towards the end.

So, what is the beginning of meditation? The beginning isn’t actually with any specific meditation technique. Instead, it’s with a recognition: that everything that goes into your mind affects you.

Watching TV, playing games, using Twitter and Facebook, the people you hang around with .. . it all affects you.

All information you take into your mind affects your mind.

So why is meditation so beneficial? Because it gives your mind a time to stop, to focus on absolutely nothing, to take a break from the constant string of information.

All techniques do this. Whether it’s Zen, breathing, Zen walking, Mantra, vipassana, insight or any other meditation technique, they all give your mind a break.

Over the coming pages you’ll learn to give your mind a break through numerous techniques. But these techniques will achieve more than just relaxation, they’ll improve your halth, help you to beat addictions and much much more.

Click through to the next page to get started on your complete free online meditation course.

Breathing Meditation: Breathing is the best place to start any meditation course. It’s really easy too. Here’s what you do.

Take ten or twenty minutes to find a quiet spot and sit down with good posture. Close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing. Specifically, focus your mind on the sensation of your breath moving through the space between your lips and mouth. Try this for ten minutes now for complete relaxation.

This video shows how to do breathing meditation in detail.


Zen Meditation :Zen is not too different to breathing techniques. The one major difference is that it uses specific sitting positions and hand positions.

To practice Zen, again find ten to twenty minutes in which you can relax. Sit comfortably in one of the Zen sitting positions (the video below shows you how) and focus your mind on your breathing, breathing through your nose while keeping your mouth closed.

While in this position, press your tongue lightly up against your hard palate (you may need to swallow once to remove saliva).

Keep your eyes lowered and your eyelids either completely closed or with just a tiny sli of an opening.

Tuck your chin in lightly.

To help you to focus you may like to count your breaths.

This video explains Zen meditation further.

Zen walking meditation

Personally, I find Zen walking to be one of the most relaxing of all techniques. Walking by itself is very relaxing, so naturally when you combine it with meditation you’re going to find a deep levels of relaxation.

Zen walking is also very simple. Here’s how to do it.

Find a path somewhere relaxing and peaceful. Ideally the path should be straight and no less than 30 metres.

Begin by standing with good posture at the beginning of the path. Take a few deep breaths to relax. Now begin to walk slowly and as you walk focus your mind 100% on the sensation of movement in your legs. Notice each step of the walking motion, the lifting of the foot, the swinging of the leg, the placement of the foot and finally the point at which your legs cross over.

Walk slowly to the end of your path then turn round and repeat.

This video explains Zen Walking Meditation further.



MANTRA MEDITATION: Mantras inolve recitation of certain words. These words may mean nothing or may hold a specific meaning. For instance, we might meditate on the word Love, which brings thoughts of love to us, or we may meditate on a mantra which means nothing, such as Sheem.

The purpose of the second type of mantra – mantras that mean nothing – is to focus the mind and to create certain vibration frequencies in the body.

Try humming OM now and you will notice that it has a certain frequency. When we use a mantra like this we establish that frequency in the body, which helps us to relax both mentally and physically.

You can find a list of mantras in our Mantra’s index. Essentially, for most mantras the process is the same: close your eyes, begin to recite the mantra and meditate on the sound. Try this for five minutes now using the mantra OM, you will find it very relaxing.

This video explains more about mantra meditation.


Vipassana / Insight: Vipassana is a type of insight meditation that makes you more aware both of external reality and of the process of the mind.

As with most meditation techniques it begins like breathing meditation. Close your eyes, focus your mind on your breathing. Do this for five minutes. Now notice the sensations in your body. Be mindful of the entire process of breathing, the rising and falling of the abdomen and so on.

At certain points you will notice that your mind is wandering and you are experiencing thoughts. At this time, simply say to yourself “Thinking” and return to focussing on your breathing.

It is the process of labelling your thoughts by saying “Thinking” that is most important in Vipassana Insight meditation. It makes you aware of how your mind scatters your attention and puts you in control of your mind.

This video explains Vipassana Insight further.



VISUALISATION MEDITATION: Visualisation is one of the more advanced techniques because it integrates the imagination into the process.

Essentially, visualisation can be defined like this: imagining specific things to produce specific results.

Let’s say, for instance, that you wish to relax. You may choose to imagine a relaxing scene of a beach. Try this now and you will become relaxed and happy. Imagine the scene in detail, using all five senses. See, smell, touch, hear and taste the scene. This will bring the scene to life in your mind and make it a much more powerful experience.

Similarly, you may like to use a visualisation for love. In this instance you would imagine a scene in which you are both giving and receiving love, perhaps seeing friends and family all smiling.

Or you may use visualisation for weight loss or more, seeing yourself eating and enjoy healthy food.

All visualisation meditations come back to the same thing: imagining specific things to produce specific results.

This video explains visualisation meditation further.


Body Scan: Body Scan is, as you might expect, about putting the mind back in touch with the body. I personally recommend body scan to anyone who is trying to start exercising. When you get back in touch with your body you naturally start using your body more without even thinking about it.

So, how do you do body scan meditation? Simple. Lie down and meditate on your breath for five minutes. Now you are going to move your attention from the top of your body to the bottom and back.

So begin by meditating on the sensations in your head, then your face, your neck, arms and so on down to your feet. Then return your focus back up to your head. If you notice any tension in your body, imagine breathing air into that area of your body and ask the area to relax.


Body scan meditation is very important for becoming more aware of your body and for living in the moment.

how-to-do-breathing-meditation-online-course how-zen-meditation-online-course zen-walking-meditation-online-course how-mantra-meditation-course-online how-to-do-vipassana-meditation visualtisation-meditation-online-course body-scan-meditation-guide

Rig-veda Mantra for Business Growth and Success | Spells for Success

The Rig Veda mantra for business growth is a powerful way of attracting more money and more success into your professional life.  . Below you will find the mantra for business.

How to use the mantra for business success

It is said that the mantra for business is best used on an auspicious day and it must be repeated 108 times (one mala). The standard mantra meditation as we have covered in our online meditation course is fine for this mantra.

Here is the mantra for business. . .

” om bhurida bhuri dehino maa dabhram bhuryaa bhar, bhoori ghedindra ditsasi, ombhuri daahyasi shrutah puruja shutra vrutrhan aa no bhajaswa raadhasi ”

For this mantra you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 


Here is the mantra for business growth:

Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino Ma Dabham Bhurya Bhar
Bhuri Ghedindra Ditsassi
Om Bhurida Hyasi Srutah Puruja Shur Vrughan
Aano Bhajasva Radhasi

surya mantra for beautiful skin

Surya Mantra For Beautiful Skin – A Spell for Beauty

The Surya mantra is for beautiful skin. It is said that by offering devotion to the sun god Surya you will find revitalised and life sustaining energy that clears your skin complexion and leaves you looking beautiful.

The Surya mantra even helps to eliminate skin diseases.

On the next page I’ll provide full details and instructions for the Surya mantra for beautiful skin. But first let me share an amazing story about a friend who used the Surya mantra for beautiful skin.

How The Surya Mantra for Beautiful Skin Worked for Kelly 

As a meditation teacher I’ve taught this mantra to a few people, and the honest answer is yes and no. I’ve seen some people use this mantra to amazing results, and others use it unsuccessfully.

One of my students, who I’ll call Kelly, used to suffer from chronic acne. Her condition really got her down. She’d been to the doctors and taken what they’d given. But it hadn’t work.

I suggested a spiritual overhaul might make a difference, that making some alterations to her lifestyle might help too. But my main focus was on this mantra. Kelly was willing to give it a shot.

The Surya mantra for beautiful skin is practised in the morning after a bath. It is a simple mantra. We just recited 108 times. For a mantra, that’s very easy and quick!

Kelly told me she was practising the meditation every day (I couldn’t do the mantra with her on account of the mantra needing to be done immediately after a bath).

At first Kelly’s skin didn’t change much. It appeared a little brighter and, as Kelly says, “There was more colour in my complexion.” It was enough to keep her using the mantra. She continued for two weeks.

Over that two week period Kelly’s skin began to clear up until, in the third week, she looked healthy and beautiful. “I couldn’t believe it,” says Kelly, “what the doctors had said hadn’t worked at all. This was like a miracle.”

A miracle? Perhaps. Indeed it could be that the Surya mantra for beautiful skin had worked. But scientifically there are other explanations too. It could be because Kelly was spending more time in the sun, for instance. It could be because the mantra made her more relaxed and less stressful.

Surya Mantra for Beautiful Skin: Instructions

So let’s take a look at how we actually do the Surya mantra for beautiful skin. Click through to the next page and let’s get started.

Spells for Marriage — Durga, Ganesh and Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Marriage

Mantras for marriage have been in use for many thousands of years. Marriage is one of the most important parts of a person’s life and also one of the most beautiful. However, there can of course be many complications with marriage.

Many people struggle to find the right person for them, while other feel that their marriage is going through a rocky patch and that they need a bit of help to get through. Others often hope to increase the level of communication in a marriage, or to improve the level of intimacy and love in a marriage.

There are many many mantras for all different aspects of relationships and marriage. These mantras come from all different sources and cultures. Of course, the most commonly used mantras for marriage are Hindu mantras, but there are also yoga mantras, christian mantras, budddhist mantras, traditional non-religious mantras and many many more.

On the next page I would like to share the most important Hindu mantra for marriage: a durga mantra and a Ganesh mantra. These two mantras are very powerful and will help to a) attract the right person into your life, and b) create a successful marriage.

Using The Durga and Ganesh Mantras for Marriage

On the next page I have provided both the specific mantras and instructions for use. Be sure to read the instructions and to follow them before reciting the mantra. This an important part of using the mantras.

Click through to the next page to find the mantras.


Lord Shiva Mantra For Fame

The Lord Shiva mantra for fame, which you will find below, is a powerful mantra that is said to gift individual’s Lord Shiva’s blessings for fame.

Fame is something that is desired by a great many people. Whether we wish to be famous actors, musicians, politicians or any other famous person, there is a success associated with fame that is the desire of a great many.

In a moment I’ll share the Lord Shiva mantra for fame. But first of all, for newcomers, let’s take a quick look at whom Lord Shiva is and from where this mantra is derived.

About Shiva

Shiva is “The Auspicious One” and also goes by the name of “Great God” ( Mahadeva). Shiva is one of the primary gods in Hinduism and supreme god within Shaivism. Shiva has many different forms, from the all powerful transcendent form in which he is shown as an omniscient Yogi, to a householder married to Parvati. Shiva is also the slayer of demons and a patron god of arts and yoga.

There are many different Shiva mantras, which are used for fame, wealth, success, prosperity and more.

Shiva Mantra for Fame

On the next page we’ll look at one of the powerful Lord Shiva mantras for fame. Click through to the next page for full instructions on the Shiva mantra for fame.


Spells and Mantra For Fear | How To Overcome Fear

Fear is the root cause of suffering. It is our fears in life that prevent us from living in the moment. As the Buddha would say, the root cause of all suffering is the need to distance ourselves from the present moment. The main reason we seperate from the present moment is fear.

By learning mantras for fear you will learn to remove fear from your mind. This will create a deep sense of inner calm and will empower you to live mindfully and in the moment.

There are many different mantras for fear, from proverbs, from Buddhism, from Hinduism and more. I’ll share some powerful mantras for fear on the next page. But first I’d like to share some non-religious and non-spiritual mantras that can be used by everybody regardless of their culture and spiritual beliefs.

Mantras for Fear

As mentioned above, these are non-specific mantras. If you prefer mantras in Hindu or Buddhism or other spiritualities, click through to the next page.

“I liberate my mind from fear and negativity.”

“I do not listen to fear in my mind.”

“I am fearless and immovable.”

“I embrace hope, love and optimism.”

“I am an optimistic and hopeful person.”

Okay, so those are some non-spiritual mantras for fear. To get some truly powerful, ancient and famous mantras for fear, click through to the next page.

mantras for love and marriage

Mantras for Love and Marriage; Hindu, Buddhist and More

According to spiritual gurus, the use of specific mantras for love and marriage can help you to attain the perfect relationship. Simply by reciting the right mantras, you can attract love and marriage. Sounds like magic, right? But here’s the science.

How mantras for love and marriage work

Your thoughts and intentions affect your subconscious mind on a daily basis. Every thought you have goes into your subconscious mind and contributes towards your moods and your beliefs. This is really how most religions work, scientifically speaking anyway. Religions work by leading you to create certain beliefs which then affect your subconscious mind.

mantras for love and marriageSo, for example, let’s say that you believe that you are never going to find love. That belief is inside your subconscious mind. Because you belief you will not find love, you close your eyes to love. Should a man or woman show you affection, you will likely put it down to ulterior motives, rather than genuine affection, because you do not believe in love.

The key, then, is to change your beliefs and thereby change your subconscious mind. Once you have done this you will come to perceive the world differently. For instance, if you come to believe that the world is full of love, you will then see a world full of love. And once you see a world full of love, you will find love.

If this seems a little fantastical, simply consider the amount of times that people, companies, religions and other groups use “mantras”:

  • All religions use mantras or prayers (virtually the same thing) to create belief.
  • Companies use slogans which become mantras. For instance, “I’m loving it” for McDonalds. how many times have you seen that ad? Thousands. McDonalds know that the slogan will become a subconscious belief if they show you it enough times. All companies use the same technique.
  • Countries use songs during times of war. The same songs are heard over and over because they affect the subconscious mind. This creates loyalty and passion.
  • And on and on and on.


So, how can you use mantras for love and marriage? Simple. We’ll show you how on the next page.


Spells for Enemies — Gayatri Mantra For Enemies

The Gayatri mantra for enemies, which you will find in full on the next page, is one of the most highly revered Vedic mantras. Like all Vedic mantras, this mantra is not considered to have an actual author. The mantra was revealed to Brahmarshi Vishvamitra.

The gayatri mantra for enemies is one of the Vedic Sanskrit humns of Rigveda. The Gayatri mantra is considered both an object and a mantra of worship.

The benefits of the Gayatri Mantra for Enemies

The gayatri mantra for enemies is used to stop enemies in their tracks. However, the mantra will only work on enemies who would otherwise hurt you. It is not possible to use this mantra on people who will not harm you.

The shortened Gayatri mantra for enemies which you will find on the next page  is extremely powerful in eliminating and destroying enemies in your life.

The Gayatri mantra for enemies (below) is a Satvik Gayatri Mantra Sadhana that is not dependent on any extreme worshiping methods. This means it is safe to use. It is best that this Gayatri mantra be used by those of a pure heart.

In order to use the Gayatri mantra for protection it is necesary to recite it 108 times each day. doing so will eliminate your enemies.  The mantra will only eliminate enemies who have the intention of harming you. 

Spells for Disease and Vedic Mantra for Disease | Healing Mantras

ON THIS PAGE: Vedic mantras for disease and mantras that help with curing diseases.  

There are many different approaches to curing diseases of various kind. From doctors and medicine to spiritual practices, the number of approaches to curing diseases is long and diverse.

It isn’t for us to say which type of cure is right. Some will believe in medicine where others think medicine is evil. Some will believe in various spiritual practices which others may think are absurd. The best approach to curing a disease is surely an open-minded one, an approach in which we are willing to try various types of cures in order to find the right one.

One of the approaches to curing disease which is popular in India is the use of mantras, which are words or phrases that must be recited a certain number of times in order to work.

On this page we’ve shared some of the best healing mantras for diseases. These mantras must be recited a certain number of times (often 10,000 times) in order to work.

If you are from the East, you most likely know many mantras already, in which case you may add these to your vast knowledge of mantras. If you are from the West, try these mantras with an open mind. Medicine may have a time and a place, but there is equally a time and a place of others types of cures.

Click through to the next page for the best vedic mantras for diseases.

Mantra and Spells For Conveiving | Kundalini Yoga and Dattatreya Mantra

On this page I’ll be sharing many of the best mantras for conception from Buddhism, Hinduism, Kunadlini yoga and more.

OM Mantra for Conception

Om (“Aum”) is the creation sound, the creation of past, present future, of all that was, all that is and all that will be is held in this simple one syllable sound. Of course, Om isn’t the only sound in the world. It would be hard to speak if it was. But Om is the universal sound, and when you meditate on OM you take yourself back to your most basic energy, you reconnect with the centre of your existence and the centre of your own creation.

Meditating on Om also allows us to transcend to a higher state of being, becoming one with past, present and future.

Om is pronounced AUM, not UMMM and not MMMMM. AUM. The A begins at the abdomen and works it way up the body. The U resonates in the chest, in the centre of the body. The M is at the lips and head. When we meditate on Om we channel Prana through our body. Prana is the central lifeforce energy that sustains us.

Using the Om Mantra for Conception

When you meditate on the Om mantra for conception, begin by taking five minutes to just sit still with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Then, begin to make the sound, starting in the chest and feeling the energy rise up your body. Bring to mind all the women who have become pregnant before you. Feel yourself connecting with your inner creative energy, and visualise yourself becoming pregnant. Visualise a healthy baby, healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth. Imagine yourself welcoming your baby into your life. Also, be sure to relax your body. You may be stressed about conception but it is important to allow your body to relax.

You can also chant on Om when you are pregnant to help relax the body and to create a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth.



Pregnancy Prayers: Mantras for a baby boy

 Infertility is the bodies inability to conceive. A person is generally considered to be infertile after one year of unsuccessful attempts at fertility. In a woman, infertility may be used to describe the inability to maintain a pregnancy. The medical world, of course, has several ways of helping with conception, but these are not always successful. When they are unsuccessful, it may be time to begin using mantas for conception.

There are many spiritual techniques that can be used to aid your body in conception, of which mantras are just one technique. These techniques can help to create the right energy and the right balance for conception. The use of music, mantras, bells, prayers and more can all help with conception.

Musical Cures

In India, music is often used to help women with conception. The music stills the mind and create balance, helping the body to prepare itself for conception. You may like to choose some meditation music that you can listen to in order to create stillness and calmness.


There are many chants that you can use (many of which are available on compilation CDs). Add these to a daily practice.

More mantras

Click through to the next page for more mantras for conception and for healthy pregnancy.

5 Powerful Secret Spells and Mantras for Confidence

Mantras are spiritual nutrients for the soul.

When we choose a phrase or series of words to recite in the form of a mantra we affirm certain beliefs to ourselves. Mantras for confidence, for example, make us recite affirmations that make us believe we are confident.

Once we believe we achieve.

When you recite a mantra you stir your subconscious, that deep, oceanic part of yourself. You clean out the negativity and replace it with positivity.

In my meditation teaching I have taught many people to use mantras for all different purposes, from curing depression to improving health to attracting love.

On this page we’re going to be looking at four powerful mantras for confidence.


Mantra for Confidence 1: OM

Om is the primordial sound of the universe. It’s represent birth, death and rebirth.

When we recite the mantra OM we bring our vibration rate in sync with the universe. OM vibrates at 432 Hertz, which is the natural pitch of the universe. When you decrease your frequency by chanting OM you get yourself in tune with the universe.

So, to correct your frequency and get in touch with the universe, simply chant OM.


Mantra for Confidence 2: Om Namah Shivaya

Om Nimah Shavaya can be translated to mean “I bow to Shiva, supreme deity, the truest and highest self. It is saying “I honour that which is divine within my being.”

This mantra, then, reminds us that we are divine beings. It puts us in touch with our truest self and, in doing so, boost our confidence dramatically.


Mantra for Confidence 3: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

 A translation of this mantra would be, “May everyone be free and happiness and may my own actions, thoughts and words be instrumental towards the freedom and happiness of others.”

This is a very effective mantra for developing loving kindness towards ourselves and others. It is centred on compassion, both for self and others. When we achieve self love with this mantra we encourage the development of self confidence.


Mantra for Confidence 4: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah

This mantra is Hindu and is in devotion to Ganesh, the god of success and wisdom and the destroyer of obstacles. A literal translation would be, “I devote myself to Ganesh, who removes obstacles. I pray for blessing and protection.”

This mantra is more about removing negatives in our lives rather than promoting positives. A lack of confidence is one such obstacle. When we show devotion to Ganesh it is said that we will remove this obstacle from our lives.



how to do hari om meditation

How Sarah Overcame Depression By Learning How To Do Hari Om Meditation

Learning how to do Hari Om meditation puts you in complete control of the chakras in your body.

Our spiritual being operates through prana, the life fore. Prana runs throughout our nadis (the energy channels in our body). The body contains thousands of nadis and many chakras. It is through these nadis and chakras that are energy is channelled. By learning Hari Hum meditation you learn to channel those energies positively.

On the next page I’ll teach how to do Hari Om meditation, but first allow me to illustrate the power of Hari Om meditation.


How Sarah Overcame Depression By Learning How To Do Hari Om Meditation

As a meditation teacher I have taught Hari Om meditation to many different people, all of whom it has helped to live positive lives. The power of Hari Om meditation was particularly important for one meditation student, who I’ll call Sarah as she may not want me to use her real name (incidentally, hi Sarah, as I’m sure you’ll be reading this via our Facebook page).

A couple of years ago Sarah was suffering from depression and needed some spiritual healing. Sarah was suffering from fatigue caused by insomnia. She found it very difficult to find motivation. This was a real shame as Sarah is a very bright and loving woman.

Sarah and I went through many different meditation techniques together, but it was Hari Om meditation that really changed things for her.

The reason why Hari Om meditation worked so well for Sarah can be explained through the very words “Hari Om.” Hari means to remove, as in to remove suffering, which for Sarah was the suffering of depression. “Om” is the universal vibration which connects us to the infinity of divine creation.

So, for Sarah, Hari Om meant “Removing the suffering of depression and reconnect with the universl energy.”

Sarah practiced Hari Om meditation for twenty minutes a day for one month. Over the course of that month I saw many changes in Sarah. It began with minor things: getting out of bed earlier, sleeping better, eating healthily. Then Sarah found more energy, she began to work, getting a regular job (she has since been promoted to a high position in an international company—go Sarah!). She then combined her Hari Om meditation with Loving kindness meditation, reconnect her with positive feelings towards others.

For Sarah, Hari Om meditation did exactly what it said on the tin “End suffering and reconnect with life.”

Many other meditation students have seen significant benefits of Hari Om meditation. So, how do we do the Hari Om meditation? We’ll look at that on the next page.

As mentioned on the previous page, Hai Om meditation means “Ending suffering and reconnecting with the universal energy.”

Hari Om is practiced in the traditional mantra meditation style, which is simple to get into. Here’s how to do it.

1)      Find somewhere comfortable in a meditation room, perhaps with a meditation pillow if you find these useful.

2)      You may wish to use a mantra to count your chants.

3)      As with most meditation techniques, sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing. Do so for five minutes in order to relax and find focus.

4)      As you breathe out begin to use the chant “Hari Om.”

5)      Focus on the sound of the words and feel the energy of the mantra in your body.

6)      You can adapt this meditation to incorporate the chakras if you wish.

7)      Continue for twenty minutes.

Regular practice of Hari Om meditation once a day will help you overcome any suffering and to reconnect. It will also develop energy in your body.


Sadhana Mantra for Beauty | Meditation Course Online

 Next in our online meditation course we’ll be sharing the mantra for beauty. It is Mantra Sadhana and is said to make women beautiful and pure. My meditation teacher–who currently teaches a masters degree in spiritual psychology for online universities religious studies–told me that this genuinely works on practitioner and will truly make women beautiful.

While we all like to pretend that looks don’t matter and that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” the truth is that beauty matters a lot. People who are beautiful get more attention, make friends easier, even get jobs easier simply because they are beautiful.

Thankfully, there are many spiritual practices that can help you to be more beautiful. For starters, there this list of ten ways meditation makes you attractive. When you are relaxed, your body is in harmony, your blood flow is improved, your skin attains a beautiful glow and you look better.

Meditation is just one of the spiritual paths to beauty. Another path is through mantras for beauty, particularly the Sadhana mantra. This is a powerful mantra which will help to harmonise your body,  to create a nice glow to your skin and to make you look your absolute best.

Sadhana Mantra for Beauty

If you’ve been wanting to be beautiful, then I strongly recommend the mantra Sadhana. Click through to the next page for full details on the mantra sadhana.


mantra for wealth and prosperity

Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity

In this section of our online meditation course we will be looking at the mudra and mantra for prosperity and wealth. The mantra which we will be using is Bahota Karam.

During the Bahota Karam mantra meditation you should sit in a relaxed position with good posture. Place your hands on your knees in the Gyan mudra.

The Bahota Karam manta should be repeated 11 times with the eyes closed.

More information on the mantra for wealth and prosperity

Many people have meditated with the Bahota Karam mantra and have gone on to become wealthy and prosperous, specifically stating that this mantra was the key to their success.

Prosperity is essentially a state of mind. Wealth may be related to your finances, but it always begins with your mind, as do all things. When your mind comes out from behind the clouds, you will find prosperity.

In order to use this mantra effectively it is important to meditate first to clear the mind. Find somewhere peaceful and relaxing, free from distractions. Sit with good posture. Place your hands on your knees in Gyan mudra. Now meditate on your breathing for ten minutes. Make sure that you remove any tension and stress from body and mind.

Once you have found a peaceful meditative state begin to recite the mantra.


Click through to the next page to discover the mantra.


Mantras For Kids | How To Teach Kids Mantras

ON this page: Mantras for kids and how to teach mantras to kids

! *** Looking for a different mantra? Find it in our mantra dictionary  


Teaching mantras to kids is one of the best ways to get them involved with culture, with spirituality and with religion. It can also be a great little game to play with them, having them remember various mantras, chants and other words. Of course, this is particularly important for religious families. It is however also beneficial to non-religious families. Teaching kids mantras and affirmations can be a fun way to get them thinking positively.

Every parent loves their kids. Most take them to sports events, to parties, buy them toys and games, and indulge them in many different ways. Yet surprisingly a lot of families don’t actually teacher their children mantras. This is a real shame.

Why teach mantras to kids / children

There are a great many different reasons why you might want to teach mantras to your kids. First of all , as I alluded to in the intro, mantras are a great way of getting kids into culture. These days, kids are too much at the influence of entertainment, media and celebrities. I don’t want to say too much about media and celebrity, but it goes without saying that it’s not necessarily a positive influence.

When you teach your kids mantras you give them a fun way of accessing culture, spirituality and (if it’s fitting for you) religion. Mantras can be fun. Of course, mantras are important and serious things, but you can make them fun for kids. You can have them learn the words and the songs and read them back to you or sing them. You can even make it a game if you wish to. Your child learns the mantras and has fun too.

The second reason you might want to teach mantras to kids is to teach them positivity. Whether you are using religious or non-religious mantras, there are positive message to learn. Hinduism, christianity and other religions include important lessons about humility, love, kindness and more. When you give a child a simple mantra, you provide them with a positive message that gets them thinking positively.

These are just a couple of the many benefits of teaching mantras to children.

So, if you want to proceed and teach mantras to your kids, how do you do it? We’ll cover that on the next page. 

Saraswati Mantra For Intelligence — Powerful Spells for Intelligence

The Saraswati mantra for intelligence, which we share on this page, is the best mantra for ensuring success in studies and in learning.

! *** Looking for a different mantra? Find it in our mantra dictionary 

The mantra for intelligence is said in devotion to Sri Saraswati. Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, Speech and Intelligence. Therefore, by reciting the Saraswati mantra for intelligence, the individual develops their knowledge, speech and intelligence at the same time.

The Saraswati Mantra for Intelligence has been shown by research to greatly increase test results in schools. It is a powerful mantra that should be used by all seeking improved intelligence.

Saraswati Mantra For Intelligence



Hanuman Mantra For Job | Secret Spells for jobs

As a meditation teacher I have personally witnessed the power of the Hanuman mantra (mantra for jobs) first hand many times.

I began teaching this mantra many years ago after  a spiritual teacher taught the mantra to me. My first experience of the power of the Hanuman mantra was from myself.

Before using this mantra I was working a mundane job in a shop. It was a job that paid minimum wage and gave very little sense of reward. To me, at the time, the idea of the Hanuman mantra–the idea that I could promote myself through recitation of this mantra–seemed like some kind of magic. But with nothing to use I began to use it, adding it to my already existing meditation training schedule.

My Experience with the Hanuman Mantra for Jobs

It took a few weeks for the mantra to work. At first I didn’t notice any difference. The mantra relaxed my mind and focussed me, but then, so do all meditations.

Then something very strange happened. It was three weeks into using the Hanuman mantra for a job when I actually LOST my job.

I panicked at first. I might have only been making minimum wage but I still needed that money to get by.

“Don’t worry. It might be a blessing in disguise,” a friend said. “You never enjoyed the job anyway and it pays next to nothing. Perhaps something good will come from this.”

He wasn’t wrong. Losing my job forced me to find alternative ways of making money.

I meditated with the Hanuman mantra once more. Then a spark lit at the back of my mind. It was a spark of passion. It was a resolve to make my own money doing work about which I am passionate–two things specifically: teaching meditation and writing.

For the next month I worked like a madman. I send off pitches (for journalism). I made contacts. I networked. I wrote. I meditated. I spoke to people about teaching meditation. I began to build a successful business for myself. Within one month I was making more money doing what I love than I ever did working a full time job.

I am not alone in my experience of the Hanuman mantra. I have now taught this mantra to many people. It is amazing that the exact same pattern occurs everytime I teach it. Firstly, the person disbelieves. They d not think a mantra can help their business. But then they try it anyway (I suppose out of curiosity–after all, what harm can it do?). Then they lose focus with their current job and perhaps even lose that job (if it is a job they are not interested in). Then the spark, that ignition, that desire to make their passion a source of income. Then extreme motivation and hard work. Finally, success.

Is this some sort of miracle? I dont know. There are many reasons why the Hanuman mantra could work. It could be the mantra itself. It could be a placebo (people begin to believe it will work and once they believe, it does work). It could even be the way I teach it–it worked for me, why wouldn’t it work for them?

I honestly don’t know why the Hanuman mantra works, but it does. If you’re looking for a promotion or for a new job, I have to recommend using the Hanuman manra. I’ll show you how on the next page.


Click through to the next page to learn the Hanuman mantra for a job.


Kundalini Yoga Mantra for Protection | Secret Spells for Protection

Looking for a great mantra for protection? There are many, but the one I would like to share on this page is one of my personal favourites. This is a Kundalini Yoga mantra for protection and is over 3,000 years old.

It is said that this Kundalini Yoga mantra for protection will create protective light around the magnetic field, thus protection the practitioner.

The mantra for protection is: AAD GURAY NAMEH

Repeat the mantra three times for yourself, then three times for your kids, house and pets. This will protect each of these things.

Watch the video below for  the Kundalini Yoga Mantra for Protection.

The Best Mantras Book   

The Best Mantras Book

mantra for anxiety and prayer for anxiety

Prayers for Anxiety and Mantras For Anxiety

You don’t need a masters degree in religious studies and theology to recognize the importance of god when dealing with anxiety.  Prayers are a great treatment for depression and anxiety, as these quotes show.

“I will lie down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.”

“Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next


Mantra for Happiness and Powerful Spells for Happiness

This mantra for happiness will help promote well-being, positivity and all around good feeligns.

! *** Looking for a different mantra? Find it in our mantra dictionary 

If you’re finding that you haven’t been as happy recently as you perhaps could be, then this mantra for happiness will be the perfect lift you need, raising your spirit to a state of peace and happiness.

It is recommended that you sit in a relaxed cross-legged pose, making sure your spine is straight. Begin to chant “Ong” slowly (perhaps one ONG for every eight to ten seconds). You should feel the sound resonating more around your nose than mouth, and your throat should be completely relaxed. Do not worry if you cough occasionally as this is just a sign of your throat adjusting.

Continuing chanting Ong, the mantra for happiness, for as long as you like (I peronally recommend between 10 and 20 minutes).

You’ll want to continue using this mantra for happiness, so we recommend you bookmark this page (press CTRL + D on your keyboard).


For this mantra you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 

The Mantra for Happiness


NEW: This video contains 108 powerful mantras for happiness

sai baba mantra for depression

Sai Baba Mantra For Depression– A Powerful Spell for Depression

This Sai Baba mantra for depression will help you to cure depression naturally.  

A staggering number of people these days suffer from the symptoms of depression, with cases in major depression seemingly rising year on year. Depression can be caused by many different issues, but the vast majority of those issues can be cured with the Sai Baba mantra for depression.

Spiritually speaking, depression is caused by lack of Prana (life energy) in certain areas of our body. This lack of Prana leads to fatigued and depressed modes of thinking.

Spiritual individuals who are looking for a spiritual cure for depression can use the Sai Baba mantra for depression.

NEW! Watch this excellent video on Sai Baba’s meditation teachings

Sai Baba Mantra for Depression

For this mantra you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 

Meditate while reciting this mantra for a spiritual cure to depression. Try it now and remember to bookmark this page (press CTRL + D on your keyboard) so you have this mantra always at hand.

sai baba mantra for depression


Mantra for Money — Powerful Secret Spells for Money

This powerful mantra for money will attract money and wealth into your life.

mantra-for-money har har har gobinday
This is a kundalini yoga mantra for money.

We all struggle with financial issues from time to time, and especially with a weak economy. That said, we are the creators and it falls to us to create our reality–a reality of wealth. Thankfully, we have a powerful mantra for money which can enable us to do precisely that.

The mantra for money is “Har Har Har Gobinday.” This mantra will bring money and opportunities into your life. This mantra has been shown to have a significant affect on an individuals life.

This mantra for money works by making the tongue repeatedly meet the upper palate, which is affects the pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland, leading to the release of good hormones.  This hormones will lead you to think more positively and will lead you to creating wealth and prosperity.

It is important when using this mantra for money to also hold in your mind the intention of bringing money into your life.

The words Har and Gobinday mean “Infinite destiny” and “Sustainter.”

Mantra for Meditation

Here on TheDailyMeditation you will find every kind of mantra for meditation. We’ve got mantras for love and marriage, mantras for financial problems, for depression and anxiety, for health problems like cancer and for all other needs. You can find our vast collection of mantras following the link below.

 Discover the best mantras here

How to use the mantras for meditation.

When using the mantras for meditation there are a few things that you need to bear in mind. Firstly, mantras generally only work when the intention of the individual is pure. Most mantras will not work for ill intent.

Mantras must also be recited the number of times that is listed in the instructions. Many mantras have very specific instructions about how to use them. These instructions must be followed precisely for the mantra to work.

It is also best to make sure that you are meditating effectively before begining to recite your mantra. You should be completely relaxed and focused. To achieve this we recommend at least five minutes seated meditating before beginning to recite the mantra.

Always remember to use mantras that match your own personal beliefs. Here on TheDailyMeditation we use mantras from all different kinds of spiritualities because we believe everyone should know about different religions and spiritualities. It is best to only use mantras that are in line with your own beliefs, however.

Click the link below to discover our best mantras for meditation.

 Discover the best mantras here

Mantra For Money : Some Spiritual Financial Advice

These mantras for money are powerful ways of bringing money into your life. The mantras for money come from various sources and spiritualities so be sure to pick the mantra which sits best with your own personal belliefs. While you probably wont hear these mantras from your financial advisor, they are nevertheless powerful mantras for money.

Mantra for Money 1: Buddhist Mantra

A 13th century Buddhist monk devised this mantra. It is a powerful mantra for money which will offer financial aid.   Ironically I found this mantra from a Christian dating site.


Mantra for Money 2 : Laxmi Mantra

this Laxmi mantra for money is simple but powerful. It is said that this mantra for money should be recited many times over a long period.


Mantra and Spells For Love and Marriage

These powerful mantras for love marriage come from various sources. Pick the mantra for love marriage which sits best with your own beliefs.

For these mantras you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 

Mantra for love marriage 1: Mantra Sadhana

The first mantra for love marriage is dedicated to Laxmi and is a Mantra Sadhana. Traditional use of this mantra has the individual visiting a Narayana temple before noon on a full moon.  The individual would then offer a coconut to laxmi.

This mantra for love marriage must be recited 108 times for 7 days.


Mantra for Love Marriage 2: So Purkh

The So Purkh mantra is said to bring a man into the woman’s life who will be the right man to marry. It is also used by women to help their husband.


Mantra for Love Marriage 3:

The following mantra is said to bring the blessing of Lord Rama and Sita Devi. This mantra can bring two people together for marriage and also make a married couple’s relationship stronger.

This mantra should be used after bathing in the morning and while facing East. The mantra should be recited 108 times.



Mantra For Life and Spells for Life

ON this page: the best mantras for life and inspiring mantras to live by, with many beautiful life quotes.

 Mantra for Life 1 : Om Mani Padme Hum


Om Mani Padme Hum is the most important of all Buddhist mantras. It is often (and incorrectly) translated as meaning “The jewel is in the lotus.”

Before we get to the true meaning of om mani padme hum, it’s worth noting that this incorrect translation is actually a powerful mantra in itself. The Lotus flower grows out of mud yet always faces the sun. By pointing itself towards the light and positivty of the sun, the lotus find beauty and growth even as it is stuck in mud. You can see how this mantra might sum up life itself in many ways.

And now the correct meaning of om mani padme hum. The mantra means that through right practice we may transforms our impure selves into purity. It is through correct practice that we become great. This is the true meaning of the mantra.


Mantra for Life 2: And in the end, it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years.

This mantra for life comes from Abraham Lincoln (it is one of Lincoln’s most famous life quotes). Unlike Om Mani Padme Hum, this mantra needs no explanation. We must live the years of our lives in fullness. It is through valuing the moment and the time we have now that we come to live great lives. Age is a number, life is a moment.


Mantra for Life 3 :  Life is Now

This life quote isn’t famous. It’s not profound. It’s very basic but very important. Life is not the future. Life is not the past. Though many men and women spend the majority of their time caught up in thoughts of past and future, life is now. The entirety of life is encapsulated in the magic of each infinitesimal moment. That moment is now. Life is now.


Mantra for Life 4: The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

Love is everything. Money may be important. Possessions may bring happiness. But love truly is what makes the world go around. It is an ideal and a very romantic notion, but the simple fact of the matter is that if love were universal a heaven would be made of earth. Such romantic notions might not be reality, but they provide a guiding light to aim for as we take our steps through life.


Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Prosperity | Har Meditation

The powerful Kundalini Yoga meditation for prosperity which you will learn on this page will attract prosperity into your life.  This technique for prosperity (which uses the “Har” meditation / mantra) is effective and simple to use even for beginners.

I usually recommend to my students that they use this as a secondary technique as there is a more powerful meditation technique for prosperity.  However, this technique is also very effective.


Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Prosperity


*** Try this meditation for prosperity now and remember to bookmark the page (CTRL + D) so you can return to this page***

  1. Take yourself somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed for up to 15 minutes.
  2. You may sit on the floor, on a chair or stand up, but make sure you have good posture and that you are comfortable
  3. Close your eyes for five minutes and focus on your breath. This will relax you and lead you into a meditate state. When you feel relaxed and have found focus, continue with the next step. 
  4. You are going to use a specific hand gesture. To use the hand gesture, hold your hands open with the palms facing down. This is step 1. Bring your hands together so you are clapping the side of your hand, with your right thumb going underneath the left. 
  5. The next step of the hand gesture is to turn your hands upside down (so the palms are now facing downward)  and clap again so that you are bringing the outside of your hands together (the little fingers touch). 
  6. While performing this hand movement, close your eyes about 90%, so they are barely open, and stare down the tip of your nose. 
  7. Finally, each time you bring your hands together, say “Har.” 
  8. Repeat for ten minutes. 

This meditation for prosperity is powerful and effective but you must commit to it. Try to do it once a day. Remember to bookmark this page (CTRL + D) so you can try this technique again tomorrow.

For more great techniques , just click the link below.

Discover more techniques here.


Meditation for Kids | Teaching Children Meditation

Meditation for kids is a highly effective way to lead children to develop strong, healthy minds and bodies and to promote good behaviour. There is an art to teaching children meditation, however. Click the link below and we will reveal everything you need to know about meditation for kids and teaching meditation children meditation.

Mantras-For-Kids--How-To-Teach-Kids-MantrasMeditation for Kids | Teaching Children Meditation




Meditation for Inner Peace | How To Find Inner Peace

Meditation is the number one way how to find inner peace.  By learning the power of meditation for inner peace you will free your mind to a state of tranquility.

If you have been practicing for a while, you most likely know first hand the profound impact meditation has on inner peace (in which case feel free to jump straight to my favourite inner peace technique). If not, allow me to share my own personal experience in order to illuminate the power of mindfulness  for peace.


How The Power of Meditation for Inner Peace Changed My Life

Though I’ve always been a pacifist, I had for a very long time also struggled with anger management issues (not quite to the point of needing an anger management therapist or anything, but to a degree that anger certainly ruined my happiness). I’d been brought up in a turbulent home where arguing was a constant. I felt arguing was almost a way of life. I would argue everyday, hardly even aware of the fact that I was doing it.

Then I happened upon a book called Wakening The Buddha Within, a book which spoke of inner peace, which to me, at the time, seemed about as realistic as Narnia.

Though I doubted it would work for me, I tried mindfulness nonetheless, just for the heck of it. One day, the first time I ever meditated, I sat down for six hours and focused on my breathing. It was that day that I, for the first time in my life, truly felt silence and felt at peace. It was that day that led me to learn mindfulness. It was a day that changed my life, and I am far from alone.

Millions of people know the power of meditation for inner peace. There is really nothing quite like it. Over the past few decades, scientific research has proven that mindfulness offers over 100+ mental and physical health benefits, of which inner peace is perhaps the most important.

When you practice , you silence all the thoughts and fears and doubts and angers and let go, embracing the moment, living in a state of pure peace and tranquility.

It is quite impossible to describe the feeling of mindulness in words. So, instead, it’s time for you o take a shot at it. By taking 10 minutes now to try this technique you will awaken yourself to a state of tranquility you may never have experienced previously, and you will recognise the beautiful power of meditation for inner peace.



Om Mani Padme Hum Buddhist Mantra for Inner Peace | Online Meditation Course

The Om Mani Padme Hum mantra for inner peace is perhaps the world’s best mantra for invoking self compassion, love and, yes, inner peace. It is one of the most important mantras that we cover here in our online meditation course, and is frequently studies in masters degrees in theology and religion.

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There are many hundreds of different mantras for peace used in Buddhist practice. These mantras for inner peace vary significantly in length, with some being single syllables and others much much longer.  Many of the mantras are only used by specific sect of Buddhism (for instance “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” is used by one single sect of Japanese Buddhism). Om Mani Padme Hum, however, is a mantra which is used the world over.

By reciting the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, an individual  is granted the blessing of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.  It is recommended that the individual recites the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum 3000 times a day and inner peace will be granted.

Om Mani Padme Hum Buddhist Mantra for Inner Peace


Mantra for Healthy Baby

The mantra for healthy baby, which will share on this page, can help to ensure that your child is born healthily and goes on to live a normal and healthy life.

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The best mantra for a healthy baby is simply “Om,” the most basic of all mantras. You do not need to adopt any specific sitting positions or any specific breathing technique, though it is recommended that you ensure you have good posture and breathe deeply. There is no designated number of times that you must chant “Om,” but the more you do the more effect the mantra will have.

Om is the primordial sound, the sound of which the world is created and the sounds which is behind every birth.


Mantra for Healthy Baby


Mantra for Happy Married Life

This mantra for happy married life will give you peace and love in your relationship and lead to a flourishing marriage.

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Marriage is among the most beautiful and most important elements of life. To have a successful marriage it is necessary to compromise, to be a good listener, to be understanding and to be loyal. The following mantra for happy married life will help you to achieve these things.

It is recommended that couples chant this mantra together regularly to help fend off any misfortune and to promote happiness in marriage.

When changing the mantra for happy marries life, sit in front of a lamp after bathing. If you wish you may place a picture lord Vishnu behind the lamp. Make sure you and your partner are chanting together to begin with, then begin to chant alternately, one after the other. Repeat the mantra for happy married life 36 times each.

For this mantra you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 

 Mantra for Happy Married Life

Here is the matra for happy married life. Bookmark this page (CTRL +D) so you have access to the mantra.


mantra for healing

Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra for Healing — A powerful spell for healing

The Ra Ma Da Sa mantra for healing is one of the most effective ways of overcoming illness, pain and suffering. 

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We all get ill from time to time. Some of us are fortunate enough to only experience minor illnesses like flu, where others are comparatively much less fortunate. Those who have suffered from major illness will recognise that the physical healing is only one half of the healing process. The mental and emotional side of healing can be an altogether different challenge.

Illness can cause significant problems not juse for your health but for other areas of life too, for relationships, work and overall happiness. What we need, then, is not some simple cure to remove our condition, but a lasting sense of healing that repairs us physically and mentally.

Thankfully, Kundalini Yoga offers us a powerful means of repairing ourselves. It is the Ra Ma Da Sa mantra for healing.  The Ra Ma Da Sa mantra puts us in tune with the healing vibrations of the universe. It brings us back into balance and into flow, promoting new energy while removing negative energy.


Ra Ma Sa Da English Translation

The words of the mantra are Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.

  • Ra: Sun and energy
  • Ma: Moon and receptivity
  •  Da: Earth and grounding
  • Sa: Infinity, rising energy
  • Sa: Receiving energy
  •  Say: Personal name for God
  • So: The merging of vibration
  •  hung: The infinite essence of creation

Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra for Healing




Panchagni Mantra for Good Job | Powerful spell for a good job

Panchagni Mantra for Good Job | Meditation Training Online


The Panchagni mantra for a good job is one of the most commonly requested mantras that we have here on Perhaps that’s no surprise. We all wish to have a better job, a more comfortable job, a more important job, a higher paying job or, perhaps, just A job!

Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting a better job myself right now, to be brutally honest! And thankfully there is a mantra which is said to be of great help.

The mantra in question is the Panchagni mantra for a job. This is a powerful mantra that can help in many different ways. To start with, it is a vital mantra for anyone who is currently unemployed. The Panchagni mantra can help you to find employment. But that’s perhaps a more obvious benefit of the mantra.

Another benefit of the Panchagni mantra is that it can help with promotion within a company and can also help with relationships with your colleagues. If, for instance, you have been having troubles with your boss and you feel that you are not getting the recognition your deserve, then the Panchagni mantra can help you to achieve the promotion that you have earned.

Some say that the Panchagni mantra is also beneficial outside of work in areas relating to jobs. For instance, if you have been working hard to get your home sorted out then the panchagni mantra can help here too. Or perhaps you have been working on some aspect of yourself but have not seen the payoff, in which case this mantra could also help.

Panchagni Mantra for Jobs

Click through to the next page to discover the mantra for jobs. Be sure to bookmark the page (CTRL +D) so you can return here and use the mantra again. 


Gayatri Mantra for Good Health — Powerful Spell for Health

The Gayatri mantra for good health will not only lead to further enlightenment but will remove disease from the individual and will promote good health and well-being, removing both physical and mental illnesses.

The Gayatri mantra for good health is particularly effective at curing mind, heart, blood and asthma issues. The mantra should be recited 108 times after bathing in the morning.

  Gayatri Mantra for Good Health



Vashikaran Mantra for Friendship — Powerful Friendship Spell

There are many mantras used for attracting friends, which can be used by both men and women to attract other people into their lives. These mantras are powerful ways of increasing your social life.

While I haven’t used these mantras personally, I have met many people who have. There is one specific mantra which they generally recommend for friends: the Vashikaran mantra for friendship.

One of the people who I have spoken to about this mantra tells me that he was extremely lonely about five years ago. He had come to a new city and didn’t know anybody there. It was extremely difficult for him to make new friends on account of the fact that he knew practically no one. Not knowing what to do, he turned to sacred mantras and used the Vashikaran mantra for friendship.

Apparently he was using the mantra in cycles of 5 mantras, making for 520 total chants each day. Of course this is quite the dedication as reciting the mantra 520 times each day takes up a lot of time. But apparently it was well worth the effort.

Within a few weeks of using the Vashikaran mantra my friend has started to meet many new people. Not only did this afford him a good social life but he also went on to meet the love of his life whom he is now married to.

Powerful stuff.

The Vashikaran Mantra

On the next page I will reveal the specific vashikaran mantra along with guidance on how the mantra is to be performed. Click through to the next page for complete instructions. You might also like to bookmark this page (CTRL + D on your keyboard) so that you can return here and repeat the mantra tomorrow.

Click through to the next page for the mantra.


Hoʻoponopono Mantra for Forgiveness

The Hoʻoponopono Mantra for Forgiveness is an ancient Hawaiian practice that promotes forgiveness. It is traditionally used by priests for ill individuals. Many of the cultures of Polynesia believe illness is cased by errors that anger gods.  By practicing the Ho’oponopono mantra it is believed the individual will be forgiven and therefore find health and well-being once again.

The Ho’oponopono mantra for forgiveness is a cleansing mantra that asks for forgiveness. It is simple to use the Ho’oponopono mantra. Simply meditate on the breath and recite: I’m sorry. I love you. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

  Hoʻoponopono Mantra for Forgiveness

*** Be sure to bookmark this page (CTRL + D on your keyboard) so you have quick reference to the Hoʻoponopono Mantra for Forgiveness. ***



Mantra For Energy | Mantra To Remove Negative Energy

There are two very different ways to use mantras for energy. The first is to create your own mantra for energy, the second is to use mantras from scriptures. On this page we’ll look at both techniques.

How Energy Mantras WorkMantra-For-Energy---Mantra-To-Remove-Negative-Energy

There are many reasons why we suffer from negative energy from time to time. We may get stuck in a negative way of thinking, or trapped in a negative relationship which saps us of life. Whatever the reason for negative energy’s presence in your life, energy mantras can help.

In using mantras for energy and mantras for removing negative energy, it’s best to first put what you’re feeling into words. For instance, “I’m trapped in worried thoughts” or “My creative energy is blocked.” Putting the issue into words like this helps clarify precisely what is going on in your mind.

Once you’ve stated the issue in words, put it into third person. For instance, “I’m trapped in worried thoughts” could be called “The worried one” or “My energy is blocked” could become “The creatively tapped one.”

So, you’ve described how you’re feeling and put a name to that state.

Next, express thanks for the state of mind you have been experiencing. For instance, “I am thankful to have been The Creatively Trapped One.” Think of all the ways that this state of mind has helped you. For instance, being creatively trapped may have helped you to realise that you want to be creatively free. Being worried might have helped you to recognise the potential pitfalls you hope to avoid. So, come up with a list of the ways your previous state of mind has helped you.

Finally, it is time to move past your current state of mind. To do this, say out loud “I am releasing The Creatively Trapped One / The Worried One and entering a new state of being.’

To summarise for your energy mantra . . .

  1. Recognise the mind state you have been in
  2. Give the mind state a name
  3. Express thanks for how the mind state has helped you
  4. Say that you are leaving the mind state and entering a new one.


On the next page we’ll look at some examples of specific mantras for energy from various religions and cultures.

Saraswati Mantra for Educational Success

This Saraswati Mantra for educational success  is the perfect mantra for learning, whether in school, business or elsewhere.

Saraswati Devi is the Hindu Goddess of science, music, arts and knowledge. Appeasing Saraswati Devi is a powerful way of overcoming those situations that often arise in life when we feel we are suffering from mental block and are unable to feel confident about our learning, or to focus, both are which are necessary to success.

The Saraswati mantra for educational success, which you will find below, should be chanted 64 times morning and night and should be used for 21 consecutive days. This will grant the individual the blessings of Devi Saraswati and promote successful learning.

Saraswati Mantra for Educational Success

*** click image for large version to read ***

Music for Saraswati Mantra for Educational Success


Protection Mantras to Remove Evil Eye |Online Meditation Course

These protection mantras to remove evil eye are Shaabri mantras that will destroy Drusth.  These mantras are very powerful and have been translated from old Marathi script. Click through to the next page for the mantras, or read about the evil eye below.

About Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is believed to caused injury and misfortune to the person it is aimed at. It is generally brought about for reasons of dislike or envy. There are many different kinds of talismans and mantras that can be used to remove the evil eye.

In arabic evil eye is also called “Ayn al hasud” and in Kurdish “Caw e zar.” There are many other names given to evil eye as it is a common belief shared between many different religions and cultures, each of which have their own names for evil eye, their own talismans and their own cures.

Because evil eye is said to cause much harm to people there are many different procedural measures used in different cultures to remove the evil eye. On the next page I’ll share some of the most powerful ways to remove evil eye.


Ganesha Mantra for Debt Removal

   This Ganesha mantra for debt removal is a powerful mantra for removing your debt.

The Ganesha mantra for debt removal asks for the help of both Ganesha and Lakshmi to bring abundance into our lives.    The mantra which you will find below must be recited for 40 consecutive days and the more times the better. This will help not only with the removal of debt but also with the coming of wealth and abundance.

We recommend that you bookmark this page (press CTRL + D on your keyboard) so you have this mantra ready for reference. You may also like to save the image below (click on the image to load a bigger version, then right click > save). This way you have the Ganesha mantra for debt removal with you at all time.


Continuing a spiritual life with debt

  1. Debt can be a serious blow to your spiritual life as well as to your financial life and your bank account. It is imperative that yo udo not allow debt to get the best of you spiritually. Here are some ways to continue to live an enlightened spiritual life while in debt.
  2. Gratitude: Debt can make you feel extremely resentful and can prevent from feeling gratitude for the positive things you do have in your life. Take a moment right now to list 10 things in your life that you are thankful for.
  3. Hope: It can be difficult to maintain hope when suffering from debt. But hope is important for both your spiritual life and your health. List 10 things right now that make you feel a sense of hope.
  4. Confidence: Your confidence can be at an all time low when you suffer from debt. A lot of people associate their bank account with their overall success in life. Make a list of 10 things you are proud of about yourself. Then, meditate for 10 minutes on your deity. Discover the best spiritual paths  to have HERE. 
  5. Do not allow your debt to ruin your spiritual life! Please. You will get out of debt. It’s just a temporary problem. Keep faith, be positive, meditate and use the mantra above. Your debt will vanish!
  6. Below is an image of Ganesh. Set this as your wallpaper on your computer and remember to use the mantra!
  7. If you have money, any money, give a little bit to a person you care about or a charity. I know, this seems backwards, but when you use the money you do have for positivity you will achieve a more positive relationship with money.








Mantra for Divorce | How To Overcome Divorce

The mantras for divorce on this page will reveal how to overcome divorce, both for those hoping to not get divorced and for those hoping for a divorce without suffering.


Mantra for Divorce: How to overcome divorce and stay together

The first mantra for divorce that we would like to share is the best way how to overcome divorce and stay together in a loving relationship.

To remedy divorce and solve relationship problems, it is said that the individual should offer prayers to Shirdi SaiBaba, asking that he restore the relationship to its natural loving state.

Mantra for Divorce: How to overcome divorce without suffering

This next mantra is for passing through divorce without suffering. Mantras are used in divorce counseling around the world to help a person overcome divorce without emotional pain. The best kind of mantra in this instance is one that the individual determines themselves. Mantra for divorce include reassuring mantras like “All will be well” or “I will overcome this.” The individual should choose a mantra that feels reassuring and comforting to them.


Use these two mantras for divorce and you will find understanding and resolution, whether you are hoping to avoid divorce all together or to pass through divorce without suffering.


Healing Mantra for Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Heart Disease


In a moment we’ll be looking at Healing Mantras for Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. It’s important however, to understand that the best approach to curing diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease is to take a holistic approach to your health.




Simple guide to help boost your health

English mantras

Hindu / Buddhist / Indian mantras 




Here are some simple aids for diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease, which are followed by the mantras.

  1. Walk for 15 minutes every morning. You don’t really need too much exercise to make a big difference to your blood pressure and your heart. Researchers in Japan found that exercising for 15 minutes every day for 8 weeks had almost the same effect on blood pressure as exercising for 90 minutes at a time.
  2. Take your medication. Blood pressure medication has been scientifically proven to work (unlike some other medications—depression medication, for instance).
  3. Take your blood pressure at home using a blood-pressure kit. Knowing where you’re at is great for motivation and for keeping in control.
  4. Meditation: meditation has been proven to help with heart complications, blood pressure and diabetes. Meditate for 20 minutes a day.
  5. Add linseed onto your diet. 2 tablespoon fulls of linseed helps correct blood pressure.
  6. Don’t drink coffee, drink tea instead, because tea significantly decreases systolic blood pressure.
  7. Eat avocados, which contain potassium which is helpful for lowering blood pressure. Eat plenty of other vegetables and fruit too as this is generally beneficial to heart disease.


Some English mantras for blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Mantras have been scientifically proven to help to calm you and thus to relieve high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. On the next page we’ll look at some religious mantras for heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure, but first some English ones.

“Every day. One step at a time.”

“I am calm and in control of my body.”

“I am healing minute by minute hour by hour.”

“I am breathing deep, calming and relaxing.”

Recite one of these mantras 108 times now, with your eyes closed. Then repeat once a day.

Click through to the next page for more mantras for heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes.

Hindu, Buddhist and other mantras are on page 2

Mrityunjaya Mantra for Death / Rudra mantra

The MahaMahamrityunjaya  Mantra for death (also called the Tryambakam Mantra) is addressed to the “three eyed one”–Tryambaka– and can be translated as. . .

Mahamrityunjaya  Mantra translation

“We worship the three eyed on, Shiva, who is sweet gladness and fragrance of life, nourishing and restoring health, and leading us to thrive. As the cucumber weakens and gourd is freed from vine, likewise free us from attachment and death and do not withhold mortality.”

The Mrityyunjaya Mantra is a secret mantra, found by Rishi Markandeya, and is said to have been used by Sati when King Daksha cursed the moon.  It is also called the Rudra mantra and sometimes Mrita Sankivini mantra.

Mahamrityunjaya  mantra is the mantra for conquering death and will protect a person from threats and lead to an easy death at the end of life.

The Mahamrityunjaya  Mantra for Death




Mahamritunjaya Mantra for Difficult Times

The Mahamritunjaya mantra for difficult times (which you will find below) is a powerful healing mantra popular in Yoga centres around the world. The Mahamritunjaya-Mantra-for-difficult times is used by many facing illness and obstacles. It is said that the mantra has helped many people.


Understanding the Mahamritunjaya Mantra for Difficult Times


The meaning of the Mahamritunjaya Mantra for Difficult Times is “we worship Lord Shiva who is in supreme bliss and who sustains all beings. May Shiva liberate us from the cycle of birth and death and lead us to immortality.

The  Mahamritunjaya Mantra for Difficult Times may be chanted while alone or in groups that should be sitting in a circle. The mantra is at its most powerful, however, when big groups chant it together. It should be recited on an empty stomach 108 times while holding a mala close to the heart.



Durga Gayatri Mantra For Overcoming Obstacles and Enemies

The Durga Gayatri mantra for overcoming obstacles and enemies, which you can find in the image below, will remove sufferings from your life.



Goddess Durga is the Hindu mother of the universe and is infinitely loving to all her children. It is said that without the blessing of the Goddess Durga, nothing can be achieved in life.

In order to use the Durga Gayatri mantra for overcoming obstacles your must recite the mantra 108 times during sunrise every morning.  This mantra will create a protective aura around you and eliminate obstacles and enemies.

For this mantra you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 

 Durga Gayatri Mantra For Overcoming Obstacles and Enemies




Stambhan Mantra For Destroying Enemies from Rudrayamala Tantra

The stambhan mantra we will be looking at on this page comes from the Rudrayamala tantra. It is a powerful means of stopping enemies. This is a mantra that can be used for many different reasons.

Firstly, the stambhan mantra (which you will discover on page 2 of this article) is a powerful way of stopping enemies. This is a rare mantra that is used to destroy the mind of anyone who would oppose you, anyone who is intentionally causing you harm, and anyone who is causing an innocent person to suffer. This mantra should ideally only be used by people who have been practicing the Aghori tantra for a long time.

Stambhan Mantra For Destroying Enemies from Rudrayamala Tantra

On page 2 of this article you will find the specific mantra for eliminating enemies. In order to be used successfully, this mantra must be chanted 1000 times. A yantra must also be prepared. In order to do this the practitioners must write the mantra using yellow orpiment and tumeric on a Bhokpatra. The mantra must be written using a stick from a pomegranate tree.

Once the yantra has been prepared is must be wrapped in green cloth. This must then be buried in the premises of the enemy.

Click through to the next page to discover the mantra.

Kundalini Yoga Mantra For Creativity | How to develop creativity

The Kundalini Yoga mantra for creativity which we share on this page is a great way how to improve your creative mind.   

Using this mantra for creativity you will open your mind to the state of flow which is most conducive to creativity. You most likely have experience this state of flow before, when you have felt completely free, creating easily. It is as though our spirits take flight, we let go and become truly creative people. Likewise, you most likely have experienced times of block, when you felt unable to create, unable to let go, to open up and to flow. The Kundalini Yoga mantra for creativity, which we share below, is the key to finding freedom from the blocked state and entering the flow state of mind.

The Mantra For Creativity

*** Recite this mantra 108 times now so you remember it, and bookmark this page so you have it ready for reference (press CTRL + D on your keyboard) ***


As you can see, this mantra for creativity has four parts. “Har” is the root potential of creativity, ” Haray” is flow, “Hari” is creative force and “Waheguru” is joy. All in all this mantra means that we recognise the base energy of creativity, this turns to the state of creative flow, we then create, which gives us joy.


Hindu Mantras For Child

We share three Hindu mantras for child, which will help in getting pregnant. As always, try these mantras now and bookmark this page for future reference. 

Hindu Mantras For Child

The first Hindu mantra for child is an ancient mantra which requires the woman to have Hanuman, Maruti or darshan for 5 days, then on the fifth day after pooja recite the mantra below 108 times.


The second mantra for a child must be recited as many times as is possible. The mantra is as follows.



The final mantra is in dedication to Shri Krishna, to whom the woman must pray while reciting the following mantra:


Mantras for Focus and Concentration

Sometimes you really need a good mantra for focus and concentration. If you’re anything like me then there are times when you’re trying to work, you’re tying your darndest to get your mind to focus and concentrate. But at the back of your mind are all sorts of thoughts distracting you from doing what you’re actually trying to do.

Mantras can help you to focus and concentrate. When you spend ten minutes reciting a mantra you give your mind time to become still and silent. Once you have stilled and focussed your mind you will find that focus and concentration become easy.

There are many powerful mantras for focus and concentration. The mantras come from all different areas. Some, like the Garuda Purana mantra and Saraswait mantra come from spirituality or religion. Other mantras for focus are in plain English and don’t take a specific spirituality or religion.

Choosing the right mantra for yourself depends on your own spiritualities and religions. Here on we like to take an open-minded approach to mantras. Therefore, I’ve included different mantras both from spiritualities and religions and some which are just in plain English.

Let’s begin with a couple of mantras which are in plain English.

Mantras for Focus and Concentration in English

These non religious mantras can be used by anyone anytime.

“I am here and now”: Focusses your mind on the present moment creating concentration.

“I am mindful and in the moment” : Creates mindfulness and the state of being present and in the moment, excellent for work and study.

“I put my thoughts aside for the present moment” : This one is great if you are being distracted by certain thoughts and feelings. This one gets you to put your negative thoughts aside so that you can quieten your mind and focus on the living moment.

Click through to the next page for more excellent mantras for focus and concentration.


Om Mani Padme Hum Meaning in English | Mantra for Compassion

On this page: Om Mani Padme Hum meaning in English, the mantra or compassion (sometimes confused with Om Mani Padme Hung) plus Om Mani Padme Hum song.


Om Mani Padme Gum Meaning in English | Mantra for Compassion

Om Mani Padme Hum’s meaning in English is “The jewel is in the lotus.” The Om Mani Padme Hum mantra originates from the 11th century in the  Karandavyuha Sutra and is a mantra for compassion but also is about purifying the spirit. The mantra is sometimes confused as “Om Mani Padme Hung.”

Om Mani Padme Hum is one of the most popular of Buddhist chants and songs. You can listen to an Om Mani Pame Hum song below.

Om Mani Padme Hum Chant / Song 

sa ta na ma mantra for change

Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Change | Sa Ta Na Ma

On this page: we share Kunalini Yoga Mantras for change, the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change, and many great inspirational quotes for change. 

  sa ta na ma mantra for change



Read: “Mantras for change and quotes for change” HERE.


Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Change | Sa Ta Na Ma

The technical stuff:  Sa Ta Na Ma is the most important kundalini yoga meditation for change. Sa Ta Na Ma vaguely translates to Existence, Life, Dead, Rebirh.   The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change is to be used alongside specific mudras (hand positions) as well as sounds and specific mind focus.

For dummies: To newcomers, the above probably sounded very confusing. So, to put it in simpler terms: The mantra for change is “Sa Ta Na Ma,” a chant which is repeated in coordination with specific hand positions.


The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change grants certain benefits: 

  • increases intuitive abilities
  • removes negative thoughts and emotions
  • promotes positive emotions
  • builds focus
  • grants peace

How to use the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change

  1.    Sit with your legs crossed (or, if you’re not able to do so, just sit comfortably with good posture)
  2. Make sure you spine is straight and hold your wrists on your knees with your palms upwards
  3.  Close your eyes but turn them upwards so you’re looking at your forehead (but with your eyes closed). Release your eyes whenever they feel uncomfortable
  4. Now, you’re going to chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” but with specific hand positions as follows.
  5. On “Sa” put your index finger and thumb togethre
  6. On “Ta” your third finger + thumb
  7. “Na” = 4th finger + thumb
  8. “Ma” =littler finger + thumb
  9. While doing this, imagine the sounds of S T N and M entering your forehead (crown chakra) while the “A” part of the chant has the energy leaving the forehead. Keep this going while chanting.
  10. Continue for five minutes.

Try it right now so you can refer to the instructions.

And there you are, the Kundalini Yoga mantra for change. Difficult? Yes, for us newcomers, it’s pretty complex, but you’ll get used to it.

If you want something easier, you can always just read these inspiring quotes about change.



Confidence Mantra for Confidence | How to have more confidence

Mantra for Confidence

Mantras for confidence are like a nectar you can pour into your subconscious, where it will ferment and bubble into intoxicating levels of self esteem and general awesomeness.

Eh, it’s something like that anyway.

When you use a mantra for confidence you essentially train your mind to learn to think in positive ways. Mantras stay in you, circulating your mind, breeding positivity. In other words, if you spend ten minutes reciting a confidence mantra you’ll feel the effect for a long time.

Mantras work in two ways. Firstly, the message of a mantra resonates within your mind and creates associate thoughts. Essentially, if you say “I am an awesome person” 108 times, your mind will start to find ways in which you really are awesome. This is the first way mantras work.

The second way mantras work is through frequencies. Buddhist mantras, for instance (like OM) have a specific frequency. Reciting these mantras changes your internal frequency, changing your thoughts, moods and emotions.

In this article we’ll be looking at both kinds of mantras for confidence.

But what are some good mantras for confidence?

There are tons. There are confidence mantras in English, in Hindu, Buddhist, Vedic, Yogic and on and on and on. Choosing the right mantra for confidence is a subjective thing. Use our contents page below to pick which type of mantra is best for you and then read on.


Mantra for confidence CONTENTS

ENGLISH MANTRAS: Simple. These mantras for confidence are not religious or spiritual. They are down to earth but nonetheless powerful. If you’re not a spiritual person, this is the right kind of mantra for you.

Hindu mantras and Vedic: If you’re a Hindu check out our choice of confidence mantras for Hindus.

Buddhist confidence mantras: Take some inspiration from Lord Buddha.


Okay, so there you are. Pick whichever one of the mantra types is best for you. Simple.


Ganesh Mantra for Baby Boy | How To Have A Baby Boy

If you have been trying without luck to have a baby boy, the Ganesh mantra for a baby boy can help immensely.

While I have not personally used this mantra, I have heard many great stories about people who have been trying for many years to have a baby. Most of these people have listened to their doctors and have done everything that they can to try and get pregnant. But somehow it just hasn’t worked out for them.

It can be immensely stressful when you are not able to conceive. Both husband and wife can suffer immensely. When the doctors advice does not work, it’s time to move on to an alternative: to spirituality and religion.

There are many different mantras that help people to get pregnant. On the nest page I will be sharing the most powerful mantra for having a baby boy. If you intend to use this mantra then you must read the instructions and follow them carefully.

It is also important to recite the mantra often, once a day is best. If you wish to use the mantra once a day then be sure to bookmark this page (CTRL + D) so that you can come back here again to use the mantra tomorrow. This, it is said, will help you to conceive a baby boy.


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Ganesh Mantra for Baby Boy | How To Have A Baby Boy

once you’ve bookmarked this page, click through to the next page below to find the mantra for a baby boy. Read the instructions carefully and then recite the mantra each day.