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Try These Sleep Mantras For Good Sleep At Night

A beautiful woman using ayurveda to get good skin

There are many excellent sleeping mantras for a good night sleep. Many of the best sleep mantra come from the Ayurveda, a 5000 year old natural healing system that is part of the Vedic culture. The Ayurveda states that sleep is the “nursemaid to humanity”. Sleep enables the body to restore itself to its natural, energised, pure… Read more »

10 Life Goals To Achieve Before 40


At 33 I can feel the big 40 slowly creeping up on me like a stranger in the night. I see a shadow of myself as a 40 year old. I’m not there yet, but soon I’ll look in the mirror and say “Well, here I am, 40.” Eh. It’s not that big a number…. Read more »

3 Simple Tricks To Add 2 Years To Your Life Span

Go into your 80s being able to breakdance. Now that's just awesome. Thankfully there are some tricks that can add years to your life span and make you healthier in old age.

Your mind is inherently related to your body. Think of the last time you were truly happy and you’ll probably remember that you had a bounce to your step and a smile on your face. Your psychical and mental health are interlinked, the one dependent on the other. We’re at a fascinating time in history,… Read more »

Science Just Proved You Can Lose Weight By Loving Yourself

Self love can help you to lose weight.

Healthy eating is about so much more than the food you put in your mouth. It’s about the reasons you choose to eat what you eat. It’s about psychology. Let me lower my head just a sec and level with you: I used to be a stress eater. But then I researched the reasons why… Read more »

 Hot Yoga Potentially Fatal—Your Guide To Staying Safe


A new study by the American Council on Exercise has found that practicing Bikram Yoga (yoga practiced in a room heated to 104-105 degrees) is potentially fatal. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin had 20 regular Bikram practitioners swallow core body thermometers and then practice a series of 26 poses for an hour and a… Read more »

New Study Shows Meditation Can Cure Depression. But The Pharmaceutical Industry Continues To Force Pills On People

a zen monk in hospital performing a study on meditation for depression

New scientific research has proven that meditation can cure depression, but the pharmaceutical industry is holding meditation back and forcing pills on people. A new study has shown that mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy, a form of meditation, can cure depression as effectively as pills. Termed MBCT, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy was developed by our good friend… Read more »

New Scientific Evidence Shows Meditation Treats Depression More Affectively Than Drugs

meditation is more affective than drugs at treating depression

 Mindfulness can be defined as “Consciously choosing to be non-judgmentally focused on the present moment.” It is focusing the mind completely on the present moment, without judgment and without thoughts. Mindfulness has long been one of primary spiritual practices in the East, and has recently taken off in the West. In a recent groundbreaking study,… Read more »