Confidence Mantra for Confidence | How to have more confidence

Mantras for confidence are like a nectar you can pour into your subconscious, where it will ferment and bubble into intoxicating levels of self esteem and general awesomeness.

Eh, it’s something like that anyway.

When you use a mantra for confidence you essentially train your mind to learn to think in positive ways. Mantras stay in you, circulating your mind, breeding positivity. In other words, if you spend ten minutes reciting a confidence mantra you’ll feel the effect for a long time.


Mantras work in two ways. Firstly, the message of a mantra resonates within your mind and creates associate thoughts. Essentially, if you say “I am an awesome person” 108 times, your mind will start to find ways in which you really are awesome. This is the first way mantras work.

The second way mantras work is through frequencies. Buddhist mantras, for instance (like OM) have a specific frequency. Reciting these mantras changes your internal frequency, changing your thoughts, moods and emotions.


In this article we’ll be looking at both kinds of mantras for confidence.

But what are some good mantras for confidence?

There are tons. There are confidence mantras in English, in Hindu, Buddhist, Vedic, Yogic and on and on and on. Choosing the right mantra for confidence is a subjective thing. Use our contents page below to pick which type of mantra is best for you and then read on.


Mantra for confidence CONTENTS

ENGLISH MANTRAS: Simple. These mantras for confidence are not religious or spiritual. They are down to earth but nonetheless powerful. If you’re not a spiritual person, this is the right kind of mantra for you.

Hindu mantras and Vedic: If you’re a Hindu check out our choice of confidence mantras for Hindus.

Buddhist confidence mantras: Take some inspiration from Lord Buddha.


Okay, so there you are. Pick whichever one of the mantra types is best for you. Simple.


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