Shocking Weight Loss Transformations From Movies

Continuing the top ten weight loss transformations from movies with Colin Farrell, Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Hanks and Rescue Dawn


Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Colin Farrell in ‘Triage’

HOW HE DID IT: The actor told reporters, “I have an addictive personality and you can get addicted to anything, even discomfort. And I’m also very competitive with myself. Throw a little discipline into the mix. … I did have two Big Macs during three-months in shooting … and didn’t eat for two or three days on either side of that.” (THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)

In Triage, Colin Farrell played a war reporter in Bosnia who was taken by Kurd guerrillas in 1988. On returning home, his character must deal with post traumatic stress disorder. Colin Farrell states, “I thought it important that I lose 20 kilos [40 pounds] for the role.” Colin Farrell said his weight loss success was down to his addictive and competitive personality.




Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Rescue Dawn


For Werner Herzog’s 2007 drama “Rescue Dawn”—which was based on real life events—Christian Bale, Steve Cahn and Jeremy Davis played U.S servicemen in a prison in Laos. All three actors lost weight. Steve Zahn lost 40 pounds. Jeremy Davies lost 33 pounds. It is unknown how much weight Christian Bale lost.

Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Tom Hanks in Cast Away


In the frankly brilliant movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays a moddile aged business man who gets stranded on an island. During a six month period, Hanks lost 50 pounds, going from 225 pounds to 170. He has stated that his weight loss was thanks to a 1200 calorie a day diet.

Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Daniel Day Lewis in “In The Name of the Father”


Daniel Day Lewis has always been a fairly hardcore actor. For “In the name of the Father,” he lost 30 pounds to play Gerry Conlon, an IRA prisoner who went on hunger strike. Daniel Day Lewis slept in his on-set jail and demanded that the crew verbally abuse him. He ate little in order to stay in character.


Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Matt Damon in Courage Under Fire 


One of Matt Damon’s first major movie roles was as a solider in the Gulf War in Courage Under Fire. He lost 40 pounds in 100 days for a two day scene. His crash diet included chicken, egg whites, steamed broccoli and potatoes, and his exercise routine includes running 12 miles a day. A warning about copying it though: he had dizzy spells and had to take medication due to stress.

Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Beyonce in Dreamgirls

Beyonce played super-thin Diana Toss in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls. She had to lose 20 pounds for the role. She herself was inspired by Tom Hanks in Cast Away. She lost the weight in two weeks using a Master Cleanse diet that consisted of lemon juice / water / maple syrup / cayenne pepper.


Amazing Weight Loss Transformation : Things Fall Apart

In order to play a football player with cancer in Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent lost 60 pounds. He was on liquid diets for nine weeks and claimed that he was inspired by Christian Bale in The Machinist.




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