Days After Charlottesville, Government Funded Research Telling People Hate Leads To Happiness

Three days after White Supremacists attacked protestors in Charlottesville, government-funded research was published telling Americans that anger and hatred lead to happiness.

We are living in a time of hate.

There are more hate-groups now then ever before. These include anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, and White Supremacist groups.

And those hate groups are going to spread and become more violent.

Experts state that people become extreme and join hate groups because of deep-seated unhappiness, lack of positive social influences, and social media messaging.

And the top experts agree that Donald Trump is going to cause a serious spike in hate groups, even more than he already has.

How is Donald Trump going to do this?

We’ve just seen part of the answer.

Government-funded research has just been published and it is appalling.

The research was conducted by the American Psychological Association, the wealthiest scientific and professional organization of psychologists in the United States.

The researchers state:

“Would people who desire more anger be happier if they experienced more anger? Or would experiencing more anger make them less happy? To address these questions, we assessed discrepancies between experienced and desired self-transcending emotions (e.g., love, empathy), negative self-enhancing emotions (e.g., anger, hatred), opening emotions (e.g., excitement, interest) and conserving emotions (e.g., calmness, relief).”


The “results”, sickeningly, show that feeling anger or hatred will lead to happiness.

“Happier people are those who more frequently experience the emotions they want to experience, whether those emotions are pleasant (e.g., love or excitement) or unpleasant (e.g., anger and hatred).”

The conclusion:

“Anger, fear, as well as pleasure are right, for some people.”


Not only does this fly against conventional wisdom (and common sense) but it directly tells people to allow themselves to feel anger and hatred—and this a few short days after the attacks at Charlottesville that killed one woman and left 19 injured.

This is marketed hate.

Hate groups are on the rise and the government is paying for “scientific research” to “prove” that hate and anger lead to happiness.

In this flabbergasting research, a team of highly-paid scientists “discovered” that “happiness is more than simply feeling pleasure and avoiding pain”. They state that it is unhealthy to have too much desire to be happy and that allowing oneself to experience anger and hatred is psychologically beneficial.

The research looked at 2300 university students in the U.S, Brazil, China, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Poland and Singapore and asked them which emotions they felt and which emotions they wish they felt more of.

They then compared these results to a measurement of each person’s happiness.

The research purportedly states that people who experience unpleasant emotions like anger and hate had the highest life satisfaction (though if this is the case, why were they so angry and hateful?)

Lead researcher Dr Maya Tamir, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, assures us, “All emotions can be positive in some contexts and negative in others, regardless of whether they are pleasant or unpleasant.”

Ask me, love leads to love, hate leads to hate.

As the Buddha quote goes, “Hatred does not cease by hatred but only by love. This is the eternal rule”.

Every expert in the field says the same thing: Angry people are the cause of these hate crimes. Why then is the government funding research to show that feeling anger and hatred are healthy things?

Revealingly, the researchers chose to focus purely on anger and hate.

They did not look at other negative emotions like guilt, shame, fear, and sadness. Those other negative emotions are all reasons someone would not join a hate group. But the researchers conveniently did not look at these. Instead they focused wholly on the two negative emotions that have been proven to motivate people to join hate groups: anger and hatred.

Anger and hatred lead to nationalism and intolerance.

Nationalism and intolerance are the two main evils through which the government creates support for war. And nationalism and hatred are also two key motivators why young people join the army.

This research is telling people that they will feel happy when they have more anger and hatred. This can only lead to more nationalism and more intolerance. And through this, the government will be able to find support for more wars, fought by a bigger army.


Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.

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