Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression Recovery

deep brain stimulation for depression recovery

Have you heard about deep brain stimulation for depression recovery? It’s a new technique that is offering hope to millions of people with depression



A new breakthrough in brain training for depression recovery is offering hope to millions of people suffering from depression. Brain training for depression offers an alternative way of treating depression without medication.

Bruce Ross has been suffering from depression for close to 40 years. In speaking with The Telegrath he said, “I have suffered from depression since high school, back in the seventies, when people didn’t talk about depression. In his attempts at curing depression, Ross even moved home 1200 miles from Nova Scotia to Ontario, but this did little. “My depression followed me.”

It wasn’t until the late nineties that Ross was finally diagnosed with clinical depression. He tried anti-depressants but they didn’t work. He tried psychotherapy, ECT and more, but nothing worked.

Ross can be excused for wondering whether he would ever make it through. Then came a day that changed his life, two years ago, when he learnt about a new breakthrough treatment for depression called Deep Brain Stimulation. The procedure involved inserting electrodes that act like a battery into the collarbone and stimulating parts of the brain. They work like a pacemaker, training the brain to  inhibit or stimulate certain neural activity.

Between ten and twenty percent of depression sufferers are resistant to conventional treatment.  These patients are a suicide risk.

Deep Brain Stimulation is conducted with the patient conscious so as to avoid brain damage. In the procedure a hole is drilled into the skull and the electrodes are inserted.

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click play to watch this great video about Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression. 

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