5 Ways To Become A Creative Person [TUTORIAL]

Want to know how to develop creativity so you can be more creative in life? This guide will show you how to find your inner artist and live creatively.


In his book Curious: Discover the missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life, Thomas Kashdan (professor of psychology at George Mason University) calls Curiosity “The engine of growth,” noting that it is not possible to find purpose in life without having a high level of curiosity. 




 How to exercise your creativity and your creative brain

Do you have a highly creative mind? If not, the good news is that you can become more creative. It’s all about curiosity.

Curiosity is a constant motivator, inspiring individuals to engage with the world around them in novel ways that build positivity, fight depression and even slow the aging process.


It is when our curiosity falters that we get those feelings of being fed up and bored. Extremely low curiosity can cause depression, leaving an individual lying in bed for hours as they see no wonder and no freshness in the world around them. On the other hand, strong curiosity can lead us to discover new things about ourselves and the world around us, new enlightenments continually keep our mind’s fresh and keep us engaged with life.

Over the next couple of articles we shall look at how movies and games inspire curiosity, but for now let’s take a look at some great psychological exercises we can all do too help strengthen our curiosity.


Five Self Improvement Exercises for “How to develop creativity”

How to develop creativity #1: Play with kids:

If you’ve got a son or daughter or another young member of your family who can readily be in contact with, get into a conversation with them on their level. Kids are naturally extremely curious, always playing with things and experimenting as they grow to know the worlds around them. Listening or even better playing with kids will naturally develop your curiosity.

How to develop creativity #2: Try to look at everything as new: The vast majority of our time is spent engaging with objects that we’ve seen and used before. This leads us to disengage, to act on autopilot, to become bored and disinterested in the world around us. Try to look at even the most mundane objects as new and exciting. Look at things with open eyes. Don’t just let your first impression of an object or person be all, question your judgments, force yourself to create other ways of looking at things. Play with the way you see the world around you.


How to develop creativity #3: Change a Habit:

Take one every day activity and completely change the way in which you do it. For instance, if you normally make microwave dinners, get a cookbook out, flick to a random page and make whatever meal is on that page. If you always drive to work via the same route, mark out a different route, leave a little early and drive slower, being aware of the difference between this route and the usual one.


How to develop creativity #4: Get a friend to ask you random questions about things you don’t know about: 

We often stick to thinking about the same things and in the same ways. By getting a friend who knows you well to ask questions about things you’ve no clue about, you force yourself to open your mind, to take in new information, to consider an element of life you’ve previously not thought about.

How to develop creativity # 5; Imagine an object in different ways:

Choose any object in your immediate environment and mentally play with it. Imagine what it looks like from different angles, how it might interact with other objects, what might happen if you did X etc. For instance, take a toothbrush. Imagine inspecting the toothbrush from different angles. Imagine combining the toothbrush with something else, a razor for instance. What happens when you combine those two objects? You could cut your gums whilst brushing your facial hair. You could shave a hairy tongue whilst brushing your teeth etc. The idea here (clearly) is not to come up with ideas that are actually useful, but simply to mentally play with objects, to look at things a new, to explore and have fun.


Curiosity is about play. If you want to know how to be creative, engage with the world in new ways and you will reinvigorate your life, feel young, feel the mystery of the world. You’ll realise just how many possibilities, opportunities and unexplored avenues of the world there really are.

 You can also try this meditation for creativity.




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