WE Want To Show You The Dhayana Mudra. Let’s Do This

The Dhayana Mudra can be a single hand or double hand gesture. When used in the single hand style the left hand is placed on the lap in the Dhyana Mudra, while the right hand may be placed elsewhere. In this fashion the Mudra represents wisdom. Objects such as a singing bowl or text may be placed in the left hand.

Dhayana Mudra Position

The double handed Dhyana Mudra has both hands place on the thighs or held at stomach height. The left hand is placed below the right, palms up, fingers extended. The thumbs may optionally be moved to touch each other lightly at the tips in order to form a mystic triangle. The mystic triangle represents the Three Jewels of Buddhism.

There are three key reasons for using the Dhayana Mudra: focus on the Good Law, aid in meditation and heightening spirituality.

The Dhayana Mudra is said to be the mudra used by the Buddha before reaching enlightenment and is one of the most important mudras / hand gestures.

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