6 Life Lessons You Learn When You Do Zen Coloring

Do you love Zen colouring (or, for the Americans, “Zen Coloring”)? Have you filled all the pages of your Zen colouring book and then looked back on it with glee?


Then you may have noticed this intriguing fact.


Zen coloring actually teaches you life lessons. Those wonderful little pages of your Zen colouring book are full of lessons about life, happiness, and success.


Read these Zen sayings and Zen proverbs. They’re all about living mindfully, in harmony with the world. And Zen colouring teaches the exact same thing.

You probably already know that mindful coloring helps reduce stress levels and makes you more present-moment minded.


But the benefits of Zen colouring don’t stop there.


Here are 6 life lessons that Zen colouring teaches about success and happiness.



  1. 1. You are free to create your life with imagination, action, and colour.

Your life is yours to create.


Those beautiful little pages of your Zen colouring book. They show you the basic shapes and outlines. But the colours are yours to pick. And you can create whatever your imagination desires.


And that’s the same with life, isn’t it?


There are the shapes and the forms. There are the basic fundamentals, like having a job and a home. But the colours. Oh, the colours are our to choose. And we can fill in the gaps however we like.


And that’s the first lesson.



  1. 2. Beauty is in your mind and yours to express


Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As you flip back through your colouring book, you’re reminded that all those beautiful arts were of your own making.


You can choose what it means to be beautiful. And you can express that beauty however you choose.


  1. 3. Just because you’re not perfect doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.


Be honest. Have you ever been 100% satisfied with any of the colouring pages you’ve filled out?

I haven’t

But you know? That’s okay. Because who says we need to be perfect?

Your colouring pages don’t need to be perfect, and neither do you.


No. Not one of us is perfect. And not one of our colouring pages is perfect. But we’re all beautiful nonetheless.




  1. 4. They say you’re too old to play and create? Just do it.


Zen colouring books prove that no matter how old you are you can still play and create.

My Nan lived to be a hundred and two. And even though she was nearly completely deaf and her eyesight was failing, she still had a childlike playfulness and a sense of creativity. And that was truly beautiful.


Zen colouring books remind us that even if we’re going grey and getting a few wrinkles we can still be creative.


One of the most important life lessons is to create your childlike sense of joy, creativity, and playfulness. And that’s what colouring books teach us.



  1. 5. You only need a little guidance in order to succeed


Zen colouring books are similar to life for the privileged.

With a Zen colouring book you’re shown where to do your thing, and so long as you stick to the lines you’re going to end up with a nice piece of work.


Is that really so different to lots of successful people?


I mean, pop musicians, for instance. They’re shown how to behave and what to perform, and so long as they stick to the guidelines they’re bound to succeed.


Even the Queen of England has guides.


Many of us aren’t so lucky. We’re not given the perfect assortment of guides and aids. But we are when it comes to Zen colouring. And those little pages prove that when we’re given good direction we can create beautiful works.


  1. 6. Colour Brings Us To Life


Those Zen colouring pages don’t look beautiful until they’re filled in. It’s the colours that brings out their beauty. Because contrast creates clarity and vision.


And that’s another great life lesson. Because it’s the contrast in our lives that makes us feel alive.




6 Life Lessons From Zen Colouring

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