She Died From Stage 4 Lymphoma And Came Back With A MIND BENDING MESSAGE!

When Anita Moorjani arrived at the hospital in a coma the doctors said she had just hours to live.
Her organs were failing, and Anita felt herself expand outside her body and enter an alternative state she said was like “being in an alternative dimension”. In that state, she said she experienced a level of clarity she had never felt before, and that she realised her purpose on earth.
What Anita discovered in the alternate dimension was a new perspective that literally led her back from the brink of death. She recovered soon after.

This is the most amazing near-death experience I have ever heard. The message that Anita received in the alternate dimension literally blew my mind. A real eye-opener. I hope this helps you connect as much as it helped me!

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Paul Martin Harrison

Im on a mission to spread spirituality and enlightenment. How? By writing and teaching. You guys asked me to write a book that will teach you how to meditate properly and how to find enlightenment. Guess what? The book is out now. It's called Welcome To Silence : A Practical Guide To Mindfulness And Meditation.