How To Do Dynamic Meditation Technique Like Osho

osho Dynamic Meditation Technique

This dynamic meditation is an Osho meditation technique which is fast and intense. The dynamic meditation is perhaps the best way to remove old habits and patterns from the bodymind.

It is important to break old bodymind patterns because they keep a person locked in the past. The dynamic meditation will produce feelings of freedom while breaking through their self-imposed walls.


The dynamic meditation technique is best done in the early morning when the sun is rising and the earth is bursting into life.  To do the dynamic meditation you must be continuously alert and aware. The meditation has three steps. The first step is breathing, the second step is the purification of feeling and emotion and the third step uses the mantra “Hoo.”

During the first step, which is the breathing meditation, it is important not to get lost in the breathing but to make sure that you are aware of yourself breathing. You should breathe deeply and fast, using all of your energy to breathe. Just as in other breathing meditations you should make sure that you are aware of the breath, as though you were a spectator looking on. You should maintain this quality of observation during the entire dynamic meditation technique.



How to do the Dynamic Meditation

The dynamic meditation lasts for an hour and includes fives stages. Throughout the entire meditation your eyes should be close. You might find it useful to use a blindfold during the dynamic meditation.

Dynamic Meditation Stage 1

The first stage of the dynamic meditation should last ten minutes. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your body relaxed. Unlike in other meditations you will be moving in the dynamic meditation. Move freely as though dancing, but without rigid movements. Total freedom of movement is the aim.

Your breathing should be fast and intense but without rhythm. Allow you body to dictate the rhythm of your breathing without doing so consciously. Your breathing should be deep, the breath filling the lungs. During this process you will become one with the breathing.

Dynamic Meditation Stage 2

The second stage should also last ten minutes. The aim of stage two is to allow your feelings to explode out of your body through movement. Your movement here will be chaotic as you allow your feelings to explode out of your body.  Allow your body to move freely. Let your mind follow your body. You can scream, cry, shout and do whatever you like to let your feelings out.  Do not allow thoughts to interfere with this process.

Dynamic Meditation State 3

Lasting another ten minutes, stage 3 uses the mantra “Hoo.” Raise your arms over your head and while jumping shout “Hoo! Hoo!” The shouting should come from a deep part of your body. Each time you land from a jump allow the energy to move lower into your sexual organs as you continue to shout “Hoo!”


Dynamic Meditation Stage 4:

Stage four lasts 15 minutes. At the end of stage 3 you should freeze in place, wherever you are and whatever position you are in. Do not move at all. Now witness everything occurring inside yourself, meditating inwardly.


Dynamic Meditation Stage 5

The fifth stage lasts 15 minutes and is a celebratory stage. Dance to whatever music you have and celebrate.

The dynamic meditation technique will leave you feeling very free, relaxed and joyous. Carry these positive feelings with you throughout the day.


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