How Mindfulness Makes It Extremely Easy To Lose Weight

In this guest posts, Samantha Robinson reveals how to lose weight by meditation. She lost 90lbs in half a year through a weight loss plan she describes as “Ridiculously easy.”



Only six months ago I was the heaviest of all my friends; of everyone I know, actually. I weighed 210lbs. For a 5 foot 8 woman, that’s about 80lbs more than I should have weighted. And O’ boy was that extra weight ruining my life.Back then I didn’t know how to lose weight by meditation.


Anyone who is heavily overweight will know what I mean when I say that is ruins your life. It’s not just your health and fitness, nor even your image, but also your mind and the way you feel about yourself too. When you’re overweight you often feel inferior, perhaps even worthless. Constantly comparing yourself to other, thinner, healthier people, you get down. And there were many times when I felt I would never lose the weight.

Of course, when you feel down your more likely to give in to cravings too and comfort eat, making you put on even more weight. It often seems that if only you could feel better about yourself you would find the motivation to lose weight. It’s a vicious cycle: you feel because you’re overweight, but feeling bad makes you comfort eat, making you put on more weight and feel worse.


Personally, I knew that for me to lose weight I didn’t to break that cycle, to stop comfort eating and to stop feeling bad about myself. I needed to shift to a positive perspective.

That’s why I started using meditation for weight loss.  (Editor: Read our free complete guide to losing weight with meditation ).

Sitting down with my eyes closed for an hour a day (three times a day for twenty minutes a time) and focussing on my breathing. That’s all I did. It’s ridiculously easy. But when you meditate, you focus your mind and you overcome all those negative thoughts and feelings that are the real cause of comfort eating.

And that’s really all it takes, just sitting down and meditating for twenty minutes, calming and focussing your mind.  After about one week of doing this I had overcome my negative thoughts and no longer needed to comfort eat. I even began to feel so good that I wanted to exercise, as opposed to feeling I had to exercise. I started to love my body—even though it wasn’t perfect yet—and, loving it, I started to look after it.

There’s a complete guide to how to use meditation for weight loss in Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners which I personally recommend to all my friends who are hoping to lose weight.

90lbs down and feeling darned good about myself, all I can say is that it’s not always the diet plans and exercise that works, sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective, to start feeling good about yourself. When you start to love yourself you start to look after yourself. Meditation gives you the self love to get you through the hard times. I’m now 120 lbs and feeling great!

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