Facebook Makes Me Feel Bad, Sad, And Lonely

Facebook makes me feel bad, sad, lonely and depressed. There are just so may people showing their perfect lives. And my life is messed up. If you feel this way you are not alone.

 Did you know that Facebook is commonly making people feel depressed?

Every day, Facebook users are searching Facebook using the following search terms .. .

“Facebook makes me feel depressed.”

“Facebook makes me feel sad.”

“Facebook makes me jealous”

“Facebook makes me insecure”

“Facebook makes me feel lonely. . . “

People are even saying that Facebook makes them fat!


Now, I’m not sure about the last one. But what I do know for a fact is this: Facebook is one of the leading causes of depression in the world.


Yup, of all the reasons to feel depressed, Facebook is one of the absolute most common.

There’s no wonder Facebook makes us feel depressed. We see friends updates all day showing how they’re all socialising, going to events, doing cool things.

But if you’re feeling lonely on Facebook, let me assure you that you most definitely are not alone. In recent research, it was shown that 44% of all Facebook users feel depressed during their visit to the site. Of the reasons for their depression, the most common were:

Why Facebook Makes You Feel Depressed, Jealous and Lonely

1)      Feeling jealous of Facebook friends who are (supposedly, according to their statuses) doing all manner of cool things.

2)      Another leading causes of Facebook depression was having too many friends who we don’t actually know.

The leading cause of Facebook related depression is comparing yourself to other people.  Even though we know that most status updates are either a) complete BS or b) exaggerations of the truth, it seems near impossible not to compare ourselves to others.

Then there’s the Facebook profile picture. 99% of people on Facebook have happy pictures. We see these happy pictures all the time and presume that other people are always happy. This then makes us feel bad for not being hapy 100% of the time ourselves.

So, what can we do to stop feeling depressed and jealous on Facebook?

How To Stop Feeling Depressed, Lonely and Jealous on Facebook. 

  1. Use Facebok Less: Pretty obvious tip this one. Simply limit the amount of time that you’re on Facebook. The less the  better.
  2. Be Honest with Yourself: When you feel depressed on Facebook, remind yourself that it is Facebook itself that’s making you depressed. Also remind yourself of all the facts we discussed above. You’re far from the only person feeling depressed on Facebook and it’s important to remember that fact.
  3. Face the BS and dance: Remind yourself that 99% of what you’re seeing on Facebook is either complete rubbish or an exaggeration on the truth. People’s status update are very rarely 100% accurate and honest.
  4. Think Positively: Any time you’re on Facebook and a negative thought arises, challenge the thought and think positive. If a friend is doing something cool tonight and you’re jealous, think “Well, I hope they have a nice time. I went out only a few days ago. I’m more than happy to relax at home tonight.” Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones.
  5. Replace Facebook: Facebook is addictive. It’s designed to be addictive. Facebook makes billions by intentionally making you addicted to the site. That’s why I hope you will try to stop using Facebook as much as possible and replace it with something more positive. Go for a jog. Go talk to friends in the real world. Mediate. Relax. Do something positive that will actually make you feel better.
  6. Tell Your FB Friends You’re Going: Help your friends while you help yourself. Tell your friends you’re leaving Facebook. Give them an alternative and more healthy means of communicating with you. Let them know that you’ve heard that Facebook causes depression and you think it’s a bad thing. Let them know about this article and read it for themselves. Perhaps that way you can inspire others to find a more healthy and positive means of communicating too.

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