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In 2008 Angelina Jolie admitted she had been suffering from depression and has taken treatment for depression.




Actress Ashley Judd spoke in 2006 about her depression and eating disorder.





Buzz Aldrin has spoken candidly about his past alcohol abuse and depression. 






In 2008, Delta Burke, star of the TV series Designing Women, spoke in an interview about being hospitalized for depression.




Nanny McPhee star Emma Thompson has admitted that she suffered from depression related to her struggles with infertility.




Harrison Ford has opened up about his long lasting sruggle with major depression disorder.





Musician Billy Joel has openly discussed his struggles with depression. He is now cured. 






Actress Brooke Shields suffered from postpartum depression.




Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia once battled depression and came close to committing suicide.






Jim Carrey has long struggled with bipolar disorder. He used meditation to help. 




Before his 2008 overdose, actor Heath Ledger suffered from depression, insomnia and addiction.




In a 2007 interview, Hugh Laurie, the British actor who portrays Dr. Greg House on Fox’s hit medical drama House, confessed that he was suffering from depression.





When he spoke with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell, comedian Drew Carey confessed to attempting suicide on two occasions by overdosing on pills.




During her tenure on The View, Rosie O’Donnell discussed her depression following the ColumbineHigh Schoolshooting and how she currently uses inversion therapy to help control her depression.




A profile of musician Sheryl Crow and her experiences with depression.

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