Female Body Language Explained

Women. . . contrary to popular belief, they’re not that confusing. Here are some of the key ways in which female body language is different from male body language.

  • female-body-language-explained-1Women touch each other a lot more than men do, which perhaps is less than surprising given that female friends are far closer and share far more of themselves emotionally than male friends do.
  • Women have much more expressive faces. They smile more, but they also show more anger, sadness, joy, love and all other emotions.
  • Women (and particularly business women) often stand with both hands on their hips in what body language specialists call a “ready” position. Though this position can look moody to a guy, women mostly use it to create an image of power that puts them on a level pegging with men when in the boardroom.
  • Women show more body language across the board than men. They will use their hands more while talking, show more emotion in their face, touch more, use more variation in voice and so on. They are simply more expressive than the average guy.


This last point brings us to a mistake a great many men make with women.




Tfemale-body-language-explained-2hough a woman will be more likely to show her emotion, she may not be much more emotional than the average guy. Imagine a man and a woman facing each other, the man showing a very subtle smile, the woman a more obvious one. Many people would think the woman to be happier than the man, whereas in actual fact they feel the same way, only where the female’s body language clearly expresses her emotion, the man’s hides his.

Women and their Possessions 

A lot of women like to play with their possessions. Here are a few pointers on interpreting female body language with objects.

Tapping on a phone: A woman busying herself with a phone could mean a few things. Obviously, she might have a message. But it’s actually more likely she’s either a) bored or b) nervous.




female-body-language-explained-3Slipping her foot in and out of her shoe: A classic sign that a woman is aroused. Women simulate sex by slipping their shoes on and off. And most likely, the person her foot is point to is the one she is interested in.

Carrying her handbag in front: If a woman carries a handbag in front of her body she is creating a barrier between herself and the outside world. She is doing this to subconsciously create protection as she is feeling insecure.

Holding a cigarette to expose the wrist: If a woman is interested in a man she will smoke in a way that clearly exposes her wrists. This is a submissive signal used to attract men.

Leaving handbag near someone: A handbag is a very person thing to a woman. She will only leave it next to a person she either feels close to or is attracted to.



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