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There is so much beautiful meditation music on youtube that trying to choose the best of it is a mountainous challenge. Thankfully we’ve been listening to meditation music for years and have compiled a list of our favourites.

The music you’ll find in this list makes perfect accompaniment to meditation, being soothing and relaxing and helping to induce that rich sense of inner peace.


 FREE BEST Meditation Music – Youtube Meditation Music

Best Meditation Music #1: MeditationRelaxClub: The MeditationRelaxClub has a ton of different music, all related to self improvement / meditation / spirituality and more. You’ll find study music, relaxing music, Zen music and a ton more besides. Best of all, some of the tracks are nice and long, allowing for deep meditation.

Best Meditation Music #2: The Dazbar Meditation Music: The music of Dazbar was recommended to me by  a friend who is currently studying for an online degree in spiritual psychology. The Dazbar has a generous amount of free meditation music covering a variety of different meditations. There are Chakra meditations, Buddha meditations, Universal Mind Meditation and some basic music too.

Best Meditation Music #3: Fearless 2435 : Fearless 2435 has one of the most listened to pieces of meditation music on Youtube. This channel holds Tai Chi music, Yoga music, a piece on the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra and more.


Best Meditation Music Radio Stations

Looking for great meditation music radio stations? These are the top three that I have found online.

Best Meditation Music Radio #1: Radio Magico: Radio Magico streams 24/7 and has a daily program that includes dance music, zen meditation music, meditation music for relaxation, mantras, easy listening music and more.

Best Meditation Music Radio #2: Radio Ananda: Radio Ananda is definitely one of the best meditation radio stations online. Radio Ananda offers spiritual and uplifting music along with talk shows. It aims to be your resource for calmness.

Best Meditation Music Radio #3: Nirvana Radio: Nirvana Radio over at finds the best relaxing and meditation music from around the world. They offer deep meditation for healing and for relaxation.


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