The Ganesha Mantra For Debt Removal Gives You Financial Freedom

The Ganesha mantra for debt removal asks for the help of both Ganesha and Lakshmi to bring abundance into our lives.    The mantra, which you will find below, must be recited for 40 consecutive days and the more times the better. This will help not only with the removal of debt but also with the coming of wealth and abundance.

We recommend that you bookmark this page (press CTRL + D on your keyboard) so you have this mantra ready for reference. You may also like to save the image below (click on the image to load a bigger version, then right click > save). This way you have the Ganesha mantra for debt removal with you at all time.



This is the Ganesh mantra for debt removal. Click the image for full size.

Ganesha Mantra for Debt Removal

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Read my introductory guide to Hindu mantras before you use the mantra below. That is very important as there is lots of info you need to know before proceeding.

Read it? Great.

Recite the following mantra 108 times now, and remember to continue to use this mantra frequently.




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