10 Gift Ideas For Buddhists That They Will Absolutely Love

Looking for some great gift ideas for Buddhist friends? We’ve collected the best Buddhist gift ideas to make life easy for you. Whether you’re looking for Valentines Day gifts, Birthday Gifts, or any other type of gift, we’ve got you sorted.


I know how difficult it can be to choose a Buddhist gift for a spiritualist.

Chocolates are probably a no-no on account of empty calories. Flowers are better left in the ground. And there simply aren’t that many vegan restaurants around. So how are you supposed to find the right Buddhist gift for your spiritual friends?

Well, here are a few excellent ideas for Buddhist gifts ideas for spiritualists.

I’ve started from the most expensive and gone right down to some very economical ideas–not that price will matter to a Buddhist, it’s the sentiment that counts.

1: This is one gift any Buddhist would love. A Trip To Golden Buddha Beach Resort PRICE: $1,500

Golden Buddha Beach Resort is a tropical resort in Thailand that is perfect for anyone who is into Buddhism and meditation.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:
“We stayed in baan Chang which is right on the sea front, perfect for the cool sea breeze. Food in the clubhouse was wonderful, really tasty and not too expensive. If you are looking for a peaceful island paradise away from the tourists and you don’t mind forgoing a few mod cons then this is definitely the place for you. Absolutely beautiful.”
Imagine the look on her / his face when you pull out a pair of tickets to this stunning paradisal resort. It will make their year.

Of course, this present is probably just for that significant other in your life. Well, unless you’re a millionaire in which case you can give me a ticket too, thanks  🙂


2: Zen Garden Price: $100 to $500

This gift requires a little bit of effort but is well worth it.

Tell your partner that you would like to start spending some more relaxing time with them, and that for that purpose you would like to create a Zen garden togethe

r. Creating a Zen garden isn’t as hard as it sounds.

I’ve written a complete guide to creating a Zen Garden for you.  You’ll need the basic tools and items, including pebbles and a bonsai tree, but you can easily get the job done with $100 and about three hours of work.




This oil is perfect for a relaxing and romantic massage, so if you’re looking for a gift for your Buddhist partner, this is perfect.

4: Lotus Flower Necklace Price: $90

This 22 Inch Long Sterling Silver Filigree Lotus Flower Necklace is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing. The Lotus Flower is symbolic of awakening to the spiritual.  







4: Spiritual Protection Bracelet PRICE: $22.99

Here’s a fantastic idea. If you’re looking for a spiritual gift for your partner, tell them that they are so precious to you that you want to know that they will be protected always, even when you’re not around. Then hand them this Spiritual Protection Bracelet. Tell them it will protect them when you’re not there. This is one of the most sensitive and caring gifts you can give.



5: Romantic Wall Art PRICE: $25

Spiritual people tend to love art, and by choosing an expressive piece of artwork your partner will have a constant reminder of how much you truly love them. We recommend this stylish romantic wall art piece.


6: CD (varies)

Buddhists love music.

Eh. Everyone loves music.

But Buddhists and spiritualists have a slightly different relationship to music. You see, Buddhists and spiritualists use music as a way to enter nirvana.

A beautiful piece of music will help a Buddhist to find their inner peace. Instead of just listening, they will sit there meditating to the music. And for that, only the most beautiful music will do.

But what is the best music for a Buddhist gift? I’ve gone ahead and put together this list of the very best meditation music for you.


7 DVDs And Books (varies)

You really can’t go wrong with a good book or DVD, can you?

DVDs and books are the go-to presents for … well, everyone. The only safer present than a DVD or book is a pair of socks.

But when you’re buying a DVD or book for a Buddhist you’re not looking for Bourne or The Hunger Games. You’re looking for a divine viewing / reading experience that delves into philosophy.

Or, for the new Buddhist, you’re looking for a book or DVD that teaches them meditation (because the majority of new Buddhists are principally interested in meditation).

So what books or DVDs can you give to a Buddhist? I’ve gone ahead and created a list of the best meditation DVDs and books for you. Take a look.

8: Lotus Flower Incense Burner PRICE: $16.99

This the type of gift you can give to anyone. A beautiful lotus flower candle.




9: Mala $5.88

This Buddhist mala is perfect for anyone who is just starting out on their spiritual journey. The mala is used for counting breaths and mantra recitations during meditation. It is one of the most important items in any spiritualist’s collection.

But perhaps the design of this mala just isn’t quite right for them.  No problem. You can find all the best malas in this list. Take a look. And remember, a mala is one of the absolute most important items foe a Buddhist to have. And they will wear it all the time. So they will always be reminded of you.

Alternatively, instead of buying a mala you could always make one with them. Take a look at our guide to making a mala. You will love it. 


10: Our books

What does a Buddha want more than anything? They want to connect to Buddha. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate guide to finding Buddha within you. It’s called Journey To The Buddha Within You. Take a look.


11: Take A Zen Walk With Them (Free)

This gift is free and honestly, as a spiritualist, I can say without doubt that if someone said they want to spend a couple of hours going for a Zen walk with me, I would be absolutely delighted. If you want to do this, you’ll find my guide to Zen walking meditation very helpful.

thanks for reading.



NEWLY ADDED: Buddha Statue

I don’t know how I forgot to add this to the list the first time I wrote it.

All Buddhists love statues of Buddha. And there are statues that cater for every need. Some are giant and will only go in your garden, some are tiny and can  just go on the shelf. Some cost thousands. Some cost less than a book. So really, there is a statue for every occasion.

Which one should you get? Take a look at my guide to Buddha statues. It will help you choose.


I would love to know which gift you chose. 

Leave a comment. 


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