Get Peace Through Your Hand With The Gyan Mudra

One of the most popular and most important of all mudras is the Gyan Mudra.

The mudra has been used for thousand of years and is believed to bring peace and spiritual advancement. I have written about the origins and history of mudras, and you might like to look at that link before reading this guide to the Gyan mudra.

The Mudra is seen in depictions of many spiritual and religious icons, ranging from Jesus Christ to Buddha. The Gyan Mudra offers many health benefits as we will reveal below, but first let’s look at the Gyan Mudra technique.


 The Gyan Mudra Technique

Place the forefinger and thumb together with the tips touching lightly. Straighten the others fingers in a relaxed manner.

Gyan Mudra Benefits

The Mudra offers many important benefits, including:

  • Helps with depression and anxiety
  • Stimulate root chakra
  • As a natural cure for stress and tension
  • Opens the mind
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Brings air into the body, helping to stimulate the endocrine system and helping dry  the joints and muscles.



More on the Mudra

When it is used in Kundalini Yoga the Mudra is usually seen with hands on knees. The mudra may be used with palms facing downwards, in which case it has the affect of rooting the practitioner.  Used with palms facing upwards it has a more spiritual affect, connecting the practitioner with divine knowledge.


The Mudra can be modified to form the Abhay Gyan Mudra, which has the hands in the same position but the arms raised and palm facing forwards. The Anhay Gyan Mudra is a fearlessness mudra, dispelling fear from the practitioner.

The Mudra may also be modified to create the Dhyan Mudra, which has the hands—again in the same position—resting on the lap.

Try meditating with the Mudra for ten minutes now so you can feel the powerful effect it has on you.


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