Hariharalaya Meditation Retreat Centre Review

Fancy getting away for a spot of meditation at a beautiful mediation retreat centre? The Hariharalaya  Meditation Retreat centre in Cambodia may be perfect for you.


Hariharalaya  Meditation Retreat Centre Review

hairharalaya meditation retreat center

Hariharalaya   Meditation Retreat Centre is situated in the ancient capital of Cammbodia. The name “Hariharalaya   ” actually refers to an ancient city in Cambodia that was in existence between 800AD and 1000AD.

The Hariharalaya Meditation Retreat Center refers to itself as an “Oasis of consciousness and creativity.” The center includes activities in breathing, healing, arts, study, yoga and, of course, meditation.  It is a beautiful space to awaken, to lose yourself and then find yourself again. At the Hariharalaya  Meditation Retreat Center it is difficult no to feel completely at peace with the world.

The center offers various programs, ranging from the Back to Nature Cleanse to the Digital Detoxes. ON Saturday there is an intensive meditation session that lasts all day.

Most likely the most attractive aspect of the meditation center is its stunning natural situation. The center is in Khmer, a farming village, which is about a natural a beauty as you’re likely to find. It is the perfect spot for practicing meditation and mindfulness.


Hariharalaya  is a rich community full of artists, teachers, healers and (importantly) chefs. As one might expect (give the area) all are friendly, polite and in many ways inspirational.

The Hariharalaya  Meditation Retreat Center is perfect for newcomers to meditation as well as lifelong meditation practitioners. For beginners there is a two week student program that teaches meditation, yoga and general wellbeing. This course is certain to awaken individuals to the spiritual aspect of life. Seasoned meditators will likely be drawn more to the natural environment than to the specific courses and programs. They will not be disappointed.

All in all, the Hariharalaya Meditation Retreat Center is the perfect way to escape, to get away from your day to day life and, more than anything else, to awaken yourself to a new mode of existence, to the realm of peace that resides in us all just waiting to be awoken.

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