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This Sacred Hanuman Mantra Can Create Jobs And Wealth

The sacred Hanuman mantra is a powerful way of creating jobs and promotions. On this page we reveal the Hanuman mantra and share the story of how this mantra has changed our lives.


Today I visited the Salvation Army to donate my old books. Among them was a copy of Harvey P Alper’s book Mantra. Dave, an old man in his 80s,  picked it up curiously and flicked through the pages. He stopped on the Hanuman mantra for jobs. Reading through he prodded his finger into the page.

“This could have helpe me a while back,” said Dave. “Spent ten years unemployed. Did everything. Applied for jobs. had my resume professionally edited… everything.”

I entered into a long conversation with him about the Hanuman mantra. I wish I had been able to film that conversation, but as you guys know I don’t currently have a camera. As you guys know, I love nothing more than discussing spirituality with people. So I took great pleasure in explaining everything about Hanuman to Dave. I also told him my own story, the story of how I myself started using this mantra, and why I suggest anyone looking for a job, or a promotion, start using it immediately.

Before using this mantra I was working a mundane job in a shop. It was a job that paid minimum wage and gave very little sense of reward. To me, at the time, the idea that I could promote my career through recitation of the Hanuman mantra seemed like some kind of magic. But I had nothing to lose, and so I decided to give it a show. I added the mantra to my meditation schedule, reciting it once a day.

It took a few weeks for the mantra to work. At first I didn’t notice any difference. The mantra relaxed my mind and focussed me, but then, so do all meditations. During the third week, however, something very strange happened:

I lost my job. 

I panicked at first. I might have only been making minimum wage but I still needed that money to get by.

“Don’t worry. It might be a blessing in disguise,” a friend said. “You never enjoyed the job anyway and it pays next to nothing. Perhaps something good will come from this.”

He wasn’t wrong.

Losing my job forced me to find alternative ways of making money.

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.
– Deepak Chopra

I meditated with the Hanuman mantra once more. Then a spark lit at the back of my mind. It was a spark of passion. It was a resolve to make my own money doing work about which I am passionate–two things specifically: teaching meditation and writing.

For the next month I worked like a madman. I sent off pitches to magazine editors (which is one of the main jobs of any journalist). I made contacts. I networked. I wrote. I meditated. I spoke to people about teaching meditation. I began to build a successful business for myself. Within one month I was making more money doing what I love than I ever did working a full time job.

And here’s the thing. I am not alone in my experience of the Hanuman mantra.

Nothing will work unless you do.
Maya Angelou

I have now taught this mantra to many people, and amazingly, a similar pattern occurs with all my students. Firstly, the person disbelieves. They don’t think a mantra can help their business. But then they try it anyway, just out of curiosity, as I myself had. Then they lose focus with their current job and perhaps even lose that job (if it’s a job they’re not interested in). Then the spark, the ignition: They find the desire to make their passion a source of income. They then dedicate themselves to making that dream come true. Finally they find success.

Is the Hanuman mantra some sort of miracle?

I dont know. There are many reasons why the Hanuman mantra could work. It could be the mantra itself. It could be a placebo (people begin to believe it will work and once they believe, it does work). It could even be the way I teach personally teach it. My belief in the mantra helps my students to believe in it.

I honestly don’t know why the Hanuman mantra works, I just know it does. If you’re looking for a promotion or for a new job, I have to recommend using the Hanuman mantra. So, how do we begin?


How to do the Hanuman mantra

You can find the mantra in the image below. I recommend that you chant the Hanuman mantra 11 times each morning. It is best to begin using the mantra on a Thursday. Note that this mantra is also said to be very useful for students taking exams.The mantra is said in devotion to Hanuman.


If you have any questions, I’m always available via our Facebook page. 





This is the Hanuman mantra. It creates jobs and grants promotions. 

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