Hanuman Mantra For Job | Online Meditation Training

As a meditation teacher I have personally witnessed the power of the Hanuman mantra (mantra for jobs) first hand many times.

I began teaching this mantra many years ago after  a spiritual teacher taught the mantra to me. My first experience of the power of the Hanuman mantra was from myself.

Before using this mantra I was working a mundane job in a shop. It was a job that paid minimum wage and gave very little sense of reward. To me, at the time, the idea of the Hanuman mantra–the idea that I could promote myself through recitation of this mantra–seemed like some kind of magic. But with nothing to use I began to use it, adding it to my already existing meditation training schedule.

My Experience with the Hanuman Mantra for Jobs

It took a few weeks for the mantra to work. At first I didn’t notice any difference. The mantra relaxed my mind and focussed me, but then, so do all meditations.

Then something very strange happened. It was three weeks into using the Hanuman mantra for a job when I actually LOST my job.

I panicked at first. I might have only been making minimum wage but I still needed that money to get by.

“Don’t worry. It might be a blessing in disguise,” a friend said. “You never enjoyed the job anyway and it pays next to nothing. Perhaps something good will come from this.”

He wasn’t wrong. Losing my job forced me to find alternative ways of making money.

I meditated with the Hanuman mantra once more. Then a spark lit at the back of my mind. It was a spark of passion. It was a resolve to make my own money doing work about which I am passionate–two things specifically: teaching meditation and writing.

For the next month I worked like a madman. I send off pitches (for journalism). I made contacts. I networked. I wrote. I meditated. I spoke to people about teaching meditation. I began to build a successful business for myself. Within one month I was making more money doing what I love than I ever did working a full time job.

I am not alone in my experience of the Hanuman mantra. I have now taught this mantra to many people. It is amazing that the exact same pattern occurs everytime I teach it. Firstly, the person disbelieves. They d not think a mantra can help their business. But then they try it anyway (I suppose out of curiosity–after all, what harm can it do?). Then they lose focus with their current job and perhaps even lose that job (if it is a job they are not interested in). Then the spark, that ignition, that desire to make their passion a source of income. Then extreme motivation and hard work. Finally, success.

Is this some sort of miracle? I dont know. There are many reasons why the Hanuman mantra could work. It could be the mantra itself. It could be a placebo (people begin to believe it will work and once they believe, it does work). It could even be the way I teach it–it worked for me, why wouldn’t it work for them?

I honestly don’t know why the Hanuman mantra works, but it does. If you’re looking for a promotion or for a new job, I have to recommend using the Hanuman manra. I’ll show you how on the next page.


On this page of our online meditation training we look at the Hanuman Mantra for a job, a mantra I learned with a little thanks to my meditation teacher.

The Hanuman mantra for job which we share on this page is one of the most effective ways of attaining work according to Hinduism. If you’ve been following our online meditation course you know that there are mantras for all different purposes. This one is for getting a job.

! *** Looking for a different mantra? Find it in our mantra dictionary 


It can be very difficult to find work these days, let alone to find a GOOD job or, once in a job, to find promotion. The Hanuman mantra for job can help with all these things.

Click through to the next page to find the Hanuman mantra for job.

The meditation teacher (who currently runs a great course in Hindu studies online, incidentally) recommends that you chant the mantra 11 times each morning. It is best to begin using the mantra on a Thursday. Note that this mantra is also said to be very useful for students taking exams.

The mantra is said in devotion to Hanuman, So, use the meditation then head over to a job posting site and you’ll be employed in no time!


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