10 Healing Mantras for Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Want to heal your body?

Looking for a natural treatment for diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease or a similar condition?

You’ll be amazed how mantras can help you.

In my Ultimate Guide To Mantras I reveal how mantras can restore your health.

There are many powerful mantras that can restore health. In this article I will share 10 of the best.

These mantras are said to be able to cure heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a lot of other health complication.

When you use these mantras together with these spiritual healing techniques and this powerful self-healing meditation you will return to complete health.

But first of all, a friendly reminder. You should always seek the advice of a professional health care professional before attempting to use mantras or meditation. We are sharing these mantras with you for educational purposes. If you wish to use them, please do consult a professional first.

I’ve made sure to include both English mantras and sacred mantra from Hinduism and Buddhism. Pick the mantras which sit best with your personal belief system.

The Best English mantras for blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Use these non-religious English mantras to promote inner calm. This will help alleviate the symptoms of  diabetes, high blood presssure, and heart disease. 

  • “Every day. One step at a time.”
  • “I am calm and in control of my body.”
  • “I am healing minute by minute hour by hour.”
  • “I am breathing deep, calming and relaxing.”
  • Recite one of these mantras 108 times now, with your eyes closed. Then repeat once a day.
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Mantras from Hinduism, Buddhism and more.  


These healing mantras for diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease are Tantrik treatments. They will cure health issues when chanted. Let’s begin with one of the oldest and most sacred.


VUNG — This mantra corrects blood pressure

Take a look at this article about meditation and high blood pressure.

As well as using meditation, you can use the mantra VUNG.

Traditionally it was said that to practice this mantra you must be holding rudraksh beads. You must then recite “Vung” one thousand times. This will correct blood pressure (for both low blood pressure and high blood pressure). It is best to use this healing mantra in the morning and after work, while facing north, and to do it every day for one month. For best results perform outside.

The Vung mudra can also be used with this chakra technique.


Healing Mantra for Heart Disease: Om Hrung Joong Shah

This mantra should be repeated 500 times a day before sunrise and after sunset. This mantra will only work in the early stages of heart disease. You must wear a Rudraksh Mala while chanting.  Use the mantra consistently for 15 days  to cure heart disease.


Healing Mantras for Diabetes

The healing mantra for diabetes is “Vung” and “Om Joong Shah,” which must be repeated 200 times twice a day. It’s best used before sunrise and after sunset while counting on rudraksh beads and holding Bel Patra leaf in left hand.  This mantra for diabetes is most effective when done outdoors.

*Consult our mantra-index for more.



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