The Healing Powers Of Meditation Really Are A Health Miracle

 The world needs to wake up to the healing powers of meditation. Meditation is more powerful than the drugs that are pushed on us. And it’s damn time we realise that.

Do you know who many different conditions meditation can help with? It can help with cancer, asthma, stress, anxiety, depression, eczema… I would go on. But I’ve put together a list of more than one hundred health benefits of meditation. Honestly, take a look. You will be amazed.

If you yourself are suffering from a health condition. Or if you know someone who is suffering from a health condition, then read on. Because you’re about to be amazed by the staggering healing powers of meditation.





Meditation can cure very many illnesses. And there is one very important reason why meditation can heal illness.

The reason meditation heals illnesses is that it stops stress.

A very large number of health issues are caused by stress, and particularly chronic stress. Meditation beats stress and thus eliminates the health issues associated with stress.


But it isn’t just about stress. Here’s a few more reasons why meditation is so powerful at healing you.

Anxiety and depression are two more leading cause of health issues. Practicing meditation helps to eliminate depression, which is why Jim Carrey started meditating when he had depression. (It’s just a shame how pharmaceuticals hold the power in the health industry, and they like to keep silent about the link between meditation and depression).

Meditation is also one of the best ways to support the immune system naturally.

Meditation  has been shown to help support people going through serious illnesses.

Meditation helps promote the mind / body system, getting you more in contact with your body and thus promoting exercise.




Mental calmness and inner balance are vitally important to your overall health.  One of the reasons why meditation is so good at healing you is that it calms and purifies both body and mind.

When you meditate you essentially lose off all your thoughts. You focus your consciousness of one element (like your breath). This gives your mind a much needed break. It lets any negativity or mental blockage to free up.

This all results in a state of flow. When you meditate you allow your body to flow naturally. This creates mental balance and also increases the prana (lifeforce) energy circulating through your body.

Prana (lifeforce) is the basis of health. When you have a good amount of prana flowing feely through your body you will feel energetic, alert, and relaxed. And this positive state helps both your mind and your body.  A lack of prana, one the other hand, leads to lack of motivation,  fatigue, and illness.




One of the saddest facts about modern man is that we’ve forgotten the natural way. When we feel ill we are far more likely to grab a bottle of pills than to stop for one second and think “How do I get back to the natural way”?

We are so obsessed with health products that we’ve forgotten one very important fact. That very important fact is this: our body knows how to heal itself. We’ve forgotten that. So instead of letting our bodies heal themselves we turn to medication.

The healing powers of meditation are the healing powers of your own body and mind. In fact, you can forget all about the healing powers of meditation. Because to an extent it is not true that meditation heals. It is your own body and mind that heals. Meditation simply allows your body and mind to function naturally so that they actually have the opportunity to heal. It basically stops you from interfering with your own wellbeing.




Of course, you already know how important oxygen circulation is, right? One of the best ways to heal any health complication is by increasing oxygen flow. That’s why one of the first things they’ll do for you at hospital is give you an oxygen mask.

When I was a kid I suffered from chronic asthma. It was terrifying. I would suddenly struggle to breathe. The ambulance would come and rush me to hospital. And they’d put me on an oxygen mask.

Now, I am very thankful to those doctors who helped me. But at the same time I am now aware of something vitally important. I’m aware that I could have increased my own oxygen if I had know some great ways to relax very quickly. If I had known how to meditate back the I very well may not have needed an oxygen mask.

Meditation increases oxygen circulation and therefore helps with very many health complications.




Thing Is. You Don’t Need To Know The Science To Understand The Healing Power Of Meditation

You don’t need to know the science to understand why meditation is so helpful. All you really need to do is to practice meditation for five minutes.

I’d like to ask you a very quick favor. It’s a favor I think you’ll enjoy.

I’d like to ask you to take thirty mindful breaths (if you’re not sure how to do this, I’ve put together a beginners guide to breathing meditation for you).

So go ahead and take thirty breaths. Just thirty.

Wherever you are right now, simply close your eyes and take thirty deep breaths while focusing your mind on your breath.

Go ahead. Trust me this is going to be very elucidating.

Done it?

Tell me how you feel?

You feel more relaxed, calmer, more balanced, healthier. You feel great, right?

That is the healing power of meditation. And you do not need science to feel it.




We’ve Forgotten how to heal ourselves

You don’t always need science. You don’t always need a doctor. Some things you can just feel for yourself.

But we’ve forgotten that we can heal ourselves. Thanks to those sodding drug manufacturers and their constant commercials, we have come to believe that health is in a bottle. It isn’t. It never was. It never will be.

Health is in you. Health is in your mind. It’s in your body. Yes, there are some times when medication can help. But a lot of the time you can heal yourself when you just let your mind and body do what they need to do.

Meditation is the key to letting your mind and body take care of themselves.

There are very many healing powers of meditation. But they are all powers that you yourself possess. Let yourself exist in your natural state and you will have health.

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Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discovery their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.

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