TheDailyMeditation: Meditating on Cyclone Phailin and the Safety of East Indians

Today, tens of thousands of Indians have fled their homes as the fiercest cyclone in fifteen years hits the area. 14 years ago 10,000 people were killed in a devastating storm. Today, we’re meditating for the safety of those on the East Indian coast.

Colossal waves were banging on Andhra Pradesh more than 24 hours before the expected arrival of Cyclone Phailin. Villagers were forced to evacuate to the safety of schools in the north as panic drove up food prices.

Today, at TheDailyMeditation, we are meditating for the safety of those East Indians effected. May they be kept safe from the cyclone that threatens their home.

Please join us in meditating for the safety of all involved.

Thank you.

Images of Cyclone Phailin in East India

Paul Martin Harrison

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