“How Can I Make Myself Happy?” You Asked. Here’s 10 Ways To be Happy

A reader wrote in and asked “How can I make myself happy?” Thanks for the question.Good news is there is plenty you can do in order to boost your happiness levels. Let’s take a look.


While travelling from my home in Oxford England to Toronto Canada I had the pleasure of talking to a very interesting Indian girl. I asked her what she loved the most about her home country.

She smiled brightly and said, “Well, I do not have a lot of money, but my quality of life is exceptional. I work as a meditation teacher. It’s a job I love. That makes me happy every day.”

IAfter chatting with my new friend, my mind was full of ideas about happy people and their happy habits.

I decided to do a lot of research to try and discover precisely what happy people do differently. Some of the results were truly surprising.

I came across hundreds of happy habits during my research (some a little obscure, including a man who spent one day a month living with his eyes closed, which he said heightened his senses).

My research led me to create this list of the top ten ways to make yourself happy.


So, thanks for asking “How can I make myself happy”. Here are the top 10 answers, which I’ve decided to write from the perspective of things happy people do differently. 

1: They put themselves first. 

I actually went up to a lot of happy looking people and asked “How can I make myself happy?” The most popular answer was to put yourself first.

Genuinely happy people understand that it isn’t selfish to put yourself first. Happy people understand that in order to be at their maximum they need time to themselves, and they often need to put their needs ahead of everyone else’s.

Thing is, for a lot of people it is not easy to put yourself first. Lot’s of us feel guilty when we do that We think we’re selfish. And if that sounds like you, then I’ve got new for you. Firstly, you deserve to be happy (read that). And secondly, you need to know how to put yourself first (so, er, read that too).

2: They challenge a fear as it happens

Happy people understand that fear is the chief enemy of happiness. In my research I met many happy people who intentionally found and overcame their fears. They included a forty year old woman who had just been to the dentists, whom she dreads, and a rock climber who constantly sought out new challenges.

So how do you handle fear? Well. You face fear the warrior way. And then you learn to live without fear completely.

3: They have a reason for living

Every single happy person that I met could tell me in one sentence what their main reason for living is. Their reasons were wide ranging. Some lived to write novels, some lived for family, some wanted to make millions, and others lived simply to make other people happy.

But what is your reason for living?

Let me show you how I found purpose in life. Or, if you already know your purpose, let me hear about it Leave a comment below.

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