How To Change Your Beliefs About Yourself [TURORIAL]

how to change your beliefs about yourself

If you want to start on a new path, if you want to get the best out of life, you need to know how to change your beliefs about yourself. Here’s how..



You and I are built of beliefs.

Beliefs lie deep within our minds. They are the foundations of our psychology. Our personalities, our attitudes, our actions, all are fueled by our beliefs.

Change your beliefs and you will change your life.

Positive beliefs motivate positive actions that lead to real world results. But when the mind is corrupted and overrun with negative beliefs it becomes stifled, like a flower covered in weeds.

We can rise tall as oaks in the forest. Or we can stay stagnant and wither away, like weeds in the Earth.

All hinges on our beliefs.

Truth is: control your beliefs and you will control your life. When you learn how to change your beliefs about yourself you will gain complete self control.



Acknowledge this fact: Your beliefs about yourself shape your entire life. When you know how to change your beliefs about yourself, you will be empowered.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what life you were born into, where you came from, what limitations have been put on you… the more you fill your mind with positive beliefs, the further you will go. When you learn how to change your beliefs about yourself, and how to create positive self beliefs, you will gain self empowerment.

“But Paul, I was born a poor kid in a rough neighborhood and had to quit school. What hope is there for me?”

Well, for starters, you need to change your thoughts about money.

But you do have a point. Your situation might be a challenge. But it’s a challenge you can conquer if you set your mind on the right path.

So you were born without money and in a rough area with next to no one to help you out. So were lots of people, from celebrities like Snoop Dogg to religious figures like Jesus.

Snoop Dogg and Jesus Christ…? Weird combination.

But that combination, of Jesus Christ and Snoop Dogg, highlights an important fact.

Consider the mutuality between those two.

What links Jesus to Snoop Dogg?


Snoop Dogg was born into an extremely challenging lifestyle. But he firmly believed that he was someone important and that he would become successful.

And Jesus, of course, believed he was the messenger and son of God… and you don’t need me to tell you the rest of that story.

And I don’t want to single out Jesus here, because maybe you’re not Christian. Maybe you’re Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist, aethiest, whatever… doesn’t matter. We all know people who were born in the destitute streets with no penny to their name, and who went on to conquer the world and achieve the impossible. Research those people. You’ll find that from a very early age they all believed they mattered and that they had an important role to play on this Earth.



So here’s the simple fact of the matter:

Whether you want them to or not, your beliefs about yourself will determine your future.

Obviously, you and I and every other person on this spinning orb in the middle of the Milky Way want success, happiness, and to achieve our ambitions.

The people who succeed will be the ones who believe they will succeed.

The people who fail will be the ones who believe they will fail.

Sounds scary, right, because what if your mind is full of negative, self-limiting beliefs?

Stop sweating. There’s an answer.


So, here’s how to change your beliefs about yourself

Changing your beliefs isn’t string theory. It’s way easier than that. Actually, changing your beliefs is as simple as cottage pie.

All you need to do is find your beliefs and then act against them.

Let’s elucidate that.

Let’s say, for instance, that you want to get fit so you can fit into those size 8 jeans so guys’ eyes dilate when they see you.

But you believe you’re an “overweight person”.

You want to go to the gym but your mind says “No point. I’m a fat person.”

So you don’t go to the gym. You stay overweight. And you fail to meet your object. And it’s all because of that one debilitating self-belief.

Seems obvious, right? Just go to the damn gym already and don’t listen to the belief. What could be more obvious than that? Nothing.

But the problem is that your beliefs usually aren’t so apparent. It can be hard to actually see your beliefs. Sure, you know you belief in some things, like family, but what about the more illusive beliefs? Those can be harder to see.


The information that flies through your brain moves at up to 200 miles per hour. It’s there one second, gone the next. Blink and you miss it.

So that belief, “I’m an overweight person so I can’t go to the gym” might stay in your brain for approximately half a second, if that. And if you miss it, it’s gone, having already corrupted you before you’ve even noticed it. Guess you could call it a psychological thief in the night.

Blink and you will miss that negative belief.

But not only do you miss it, the belief will germinate.

While that belief is tearing through your brain at 200 miles an hour it’s also producing thoughts in your mind. This is why it can be difficult to know how to change your beliefs about yourself, because those beliefs happen so fast.


The picture looks like this:


You experience a belief: I’m fat so I don’t belong in the gym.

That belief creates a thought: If I don’t belong in the gym, I’m probably not the type of person who exercises.

a second thought logically follows: If I don’t exercise I’m probably unhealthy.

It continues: If I’m unhealthy I’m probably going to be ill.

While all this rubbish is bursting down your mind like some garbage truck spilling trash down the street, your mind is also looking for evidence that all these thoughts are true.


So it works like this:

SELF-BELIEF: I’m fat so I don’t belong in the gym.

Observation: Yeah, my belly’s pretty massive actually. Don’t want those fit gym people looking at my fat gut.

This creates a secondary thought: If I don’t belong in the gym, I’m probably not the type of person who exercises.

Observation: Yeah, I don’t have any muscles and my body seems to be withering away.

Thought: If I don’t exercise I’m probably unhealthy.

Observation: I do feel a little sick. Maybe I should just curl up and binge watch TV.

Thought: If I’m unhealthy I’m probably going to be ill.

Observation: I’ve hot a headache, maybe I should go to the doctor.

So then you end up going to the doctor when you wanted to go to the gym, and the doctor looks at you like, “Well, you’re healthy, but kinda mental.” Clearly, negative self belief leads to negative actions. That’s why you need to know how to change your beliefs about yourself.


What happens if you change that belief about yourself?

Let’s take a look:

SELF-BELIEF: I am going to be thin and healthy in a few months so I should go to the gym.

Observation: Hey, I’m not as fat as I was a few weeks back. Let’s keep this up. Where are my running shoes?

Thought: If I’m going to run I should start doing some stretch.

Observation: Yeah, these stretches feel good. And look at me, I’m exercising already.

So within a few seconds of having that positive self belief you’re doing the thing you wanted to do, and you’re moving towards your goal of losing weight and being healthy.

That’s the difference between a positive self belief and a negative self belief.



So now we’ve been smacked in the face with a new understanding of why self beliefs matter so much, what the hotcakes we gonna do about it?

Good news.

If you can actually see your beliefs you can change them easily, just by simply acting in the opposite way that your negative beliefs tell you to act.

“I can’t talk to that girl because I’m shy,” you think to yourself. Just talk to the girl, dude.

But as we said, changing beliefs can be hard because your brain works so fast that it’s hard to see what’s going on. And within a few seconds of having a negative self belief, your mind is so full of doubt, fear, and negativity that it’s next to impossible to do the thing you wanted to do.



The trick is get used to spotting your negative self beliefs the second they occur so you can immediately fix them.

So what do we do?

If you want to know how to change your beliefs about yourself you first have to actually perceive those beliefs. How so you do that?

Belief journal.

Yeah, just two words. Belief journal.

Grab yourself a little notebook. In that notebook, write down every negative self belief that runs through your mind.

This is important. Because once you can see your negative self belief written down in front of your face, it’s a lot easier to objectify it and act accordingly.

Once you’ve written your list of negative beliefs, change them. Go through your list on by one and act in spite of the negative belief.

If you’re a dude who thinks women don’t want to talk to you, talk to them anyway. 99 times out of 100 you will find that your negative self belief is bullshit. That girl will talk right back to you happily. And with one action you have erased your negative self belief and it can no longer corrupt your mind and ruin your life.

So. Find your negative beliefs about yourself, write them down, and then act in spite of them.  


Great. But you might not be able to see all your negative self beliefs. So then what?

Given that your brain is firing information at up to 200 miles an hour, you can be forgiven for not catching all of it.

You’re going to miss some of your negative self beliefs.

But hold your horses.

Just because you can’t perceive your own negative beliefs right now doesn’t mean it’s game over.

Trick is to slow your mind down and become more observant. That way your thoughts will be slower and clearer and you’ll be able to capture them more easily.

There are lots of ways to slow your mind down and to increase self awareness. But the best way is with meditation.

Meditation will slow your mind down, increase your awareness, and make it easy for you to spot those pesky negative self beliefs. And as we’ve said, it’s easy to change your beliefs about yourself once you’re aware of them.

If you want to slow your mind down, I recommend you take a look at my guide to different types of meditation. It will show you everything you need to know to slow down inwardly.


Read those articles and try the exercises. Your mind will slow down and you’ll be able to spot your negative self beliefs more easily. You will learn how to change your beliefs about yourself.


But what if you don’t want to meditate or you have meditated but it didn’t work? What else can you try?


If you’re still struggling to spot your negative self beliefs, do this. Think about the thing you’re struggling with—weight loss, for instance. Now write down the thoughts that come to mind:

  • I’ll never be fit because I’m too lazy to exercise.
  • There’s just not enough time in the day to workout
  • People will judge me if they see my fat ass running
  • I don’t look good in running pants


Okay. Obviously there’s a common thread here. You’re worried about what you’ll look like when you exercise, and you think you’re the type of person who never does exercise.

The commonality is exercise. Get your butt to the gym and exercise. Just Do It (thanks Nike). If you manage to act in spite of this negative self belief you will effectively be taking an axe to those negative beliefs and cutting and dicing them into oblivion.

And if you ever feel fear about challenging your self beliefs… well, then you should probably just read this guide to how to end your fear… read it now.


Over to you. Are you aware of any beliefs you’d like to change? What have you done to change your beliefs about yourself? Maybe you know a good way how to change your beliefs about yourself, a way I haven’t shared. Leave a comment below.



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