How To control Your Emotions By Meditating (with a meditation for beginners)

Discover an effective and easy way to control your emotions with a simple meditation for beginners

It’s been scientifically proven by groundbreaking research that observing and naming your emotions helps you control them, and the best way to do that is through meditation.

Brain scans have shown that when we associate negative emotions with words we calm the emotional centre of the brain. This is cited as being one of the main reasons why meditation is of psychological benefit because when we meditate we become better able to observe our emotions and thus to name them.

This news seconds the belief held by psychologists that talking about our feelings and emotions enables us to take control of them (and, vice-versa, being unable to talk about our feelings can lead to a person suffering depression).

Research by UCLA psychologist Matthew Lieberman showed that naming emotions caused the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex region—an area associated with thinking in words about emotional experiences— to become more active and activity in the amygdale to become calmer.


How Meditation Enables You To Control Emotions

Many of our readers already practice meditation and so are already seeing these emotional benefits, but if you are new meditation you might like to know how to start.

Thankfully, meditation is an easy practice to pick up.  All you need to is find a twenty minute period in the day when you can relax by yourself (for this reason, you may wish to bookmark this page for later by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard).

Here’s what to do when you have a twenty minute period free to meditate.


How to meditate in your twenty minute break

  1. Find a quiet spot where you can sit or stand comfortably with your eyes closed.
  2. Adopt a position which is relaxing but in which you also feel ready or alert (for instance, you may kneel down or sit crossed legged).
  3. Focus on your breath. simply allow your mind to settle on your breath coming and going in and out of your nose.
  4. You are now doing a basic meditation. Continue to focus on your breath and notice any thoughts or emotions that occur.
  5. When you feel an emotion, don not fight it or indulge in it but simply observe the emotion. Notice how it feels. Observe the pure energy that is emotion.
  6. Name the emotion.
  7. Let the emotion go and return to focussing on your breath.

This exercise is extremely effective at relaxing your mind and allowing you to control your emotions. It will help to relieve stress and can greatly benefit both your physical and mental health.

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