How To Do A Mindfulness Meditation in Easy Steps

This guide to how to do a mindfulness meditation breaks down the process of mindfulness meditation into simple to follow steps. This is  perfect for newcomers and is one of the many techniques covered in our comprehensive book: Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners (click on the book on the right or left of your screen for more details).

Mindfulness is one of the most popular and best techniques. So, why would you want to begin mindfulness meditation training?

Mindfulness meditation is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It helps eliminate stress (which is why it is used in cognitive behavioral therapy in depression treatment and with other mental health conditions). 
  • It boosts general happiness and wellbeing
  • It enables you to live in the present moment
  • Mindfulness meditation moves you beyond the trappings of thoughts and feelings
  • It increases workplace productivity
  • And much much more

IN order to learn how to do a mindfulness meditation you first have to understand how mindfulness works.

How mindfulness works

Mindfulness works around the simple premise that the vast majority of people are stuck inside their own thoughts and feelings. We do not see the world directly, but rather through our personal biases, our beliefs, our thoughts and our feelings. When we practice mindfulness we move beyond these thoughts and feelings, focussing the mind 100% on what IS–on external reality. 

Through this process of mindfulness meditation we are able to overcome negative thoughts and feelings but, more importantly, we learn to live in the moment and as one with our environment.

So, how to do a mindfulness meditation. . . 

  • Before revealing how to do a mindfulness meditation, there are a few basics that must be understood:
  • When practicing you should always be comfortable and never tense
  • It is important to practice mindfulness somewhere quiet and peaceful
  • You may choose to sit with your legs crossed but this is not necessary
  • You must not fidget


How to do a mindfulness meditation

We are now ready to do a mindfulness meditation. Click to the next page, below, and we’ll get started.

We recommend that you read the steps below once or twice before actually beginning the meditation. Familiarise yourself with the process first.

  1. Sit comfortably somewhere quiet and peaceful
  2. Spend 2 minutes just generally relaxing
  3. Focus your mind on your breathing. Specifically, focus your mind on the sensation of your breath moving between the area between your lips and mouth
  4. Continue to focus on this area for 20 minutes. 
  5. At times you will notice that you are experiencing thoughts and feelings and that you are being distracted. This is okay. Be aware of the thoughts you are having but in a detached way. Imagine you are just a spectator, you’re looking at yourself in a detached manner, focussing on your beathing but also being aware of thoughts that arise
  6. Continue until the twenty minutes are up. 
  7. That’s it!

We hope you found this guide to mindfulness meditation helpful. If you would like to learn more about meditation training pick up a copy of Mindfulness and Meditation Technique for Beginners. In the book you’ll find guides for every majry type of meditation technique,.

Thanks for reading.


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