Everything You Need To Know About Merkaba Meditation Technique

Merkaba meditation technique is a means of transcending three-dimensional existence and transforming the body to light. But it’s also a lot more than that.

Society has somehow adopted a misunderstanding of precisely what Merkaba Meditation technique is. Today, it is believed that Merkaba meditation technique enables the individual to ascend or descend in terms of consciousness, and that at ultimate ascension the individual will be liberated from the three dimensional world, discovering the fourteenth dimension.

Different religions and spiritualities explain Merkaba in different ways.

The bible states that Ezekiel ascended to heaven on a vehicle called Merkaba, the throne-Chariot of God. This is the understanding of Merkabah by the Jewish mysticism. The Hebrew version of the word Merkaba is “Merkavah” which means both “Chariot” and “Throne of God”. In Ancient Egypt Mer-Ka-Ba was three words, which put together mean “Light. Spirit. Body.”  This is where the real understanding of the term comes in. Merkaba thus speaks of radiating light to ascend the spirit and body.

Zulu author Credo Mutwa tells me that Merkaba (one word) refers to a time / space / dimensional vehicle. He tells me that his entire tribe believe themselves to have been brought to Earth from an alternate dimension through Merkaba, the inter-dimensional time / space vehicle.

Myself and other spiritual authors and teachers are currently bringing Merkaba meditation technique back into public consciousness. For my own part, I am writing this purely for the sake of education, but there are many spiritual gurus out there who are attempting to reintroduce Merkaba meditation technique as a means of allowing people to ascend.

But what is ascension? According to some very interesting friends of mine, ascension can best be thought of as a means of transforming the body into light and thus allowing us to escape this three-dimensional existence for a higher plane.

Mer-Ka-Ba, I am told by some of my metaphysics friends, is an “electro-magnetic field sitting at about four degrees Kelvin”. It is mainly found in microwave range and is geometric in nature, or more specifically it is of “Sacred Geometry”—geometric patterns found in all things of creation.

The specific Merkaba geometry is extremely complex and is said to extend through all dimensions and universes.

The Merkaba geometry wraps around the body awaiting activation. When this dormant power is discovered the individual undergoes a remarkable transformation. The means of activation, according to Hebrew and Ancient Egyptian beliefs, is a specific meditation technique. That technique is revealed in the video below.


When a person’s Merkaba field is activated, via the meditation above, an electro-magnetic shift occurs, resulting in the excretion of a disc of energy that develops at the spine and extends 30 feet from the body. The energy is perceivable by scientific means and is said to have been tested by various governmental institutions.

Authorities believe that governmental institutions have experiment on Merkaba. Two such experiment is the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment and the 1983 Montoc Experiments. Many believe that Russia are also using Mer-Ka-Ba in their spy programs.

The time has come for people to awaken the dormant Merkaba inside of them. When this occurs, a monumental shift in consciousness will take place. Or so we are told by authorities on the subject.   


Paul Martin Harrison

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