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10 Exercises For Self Esteem That Psychologists Advocate

We reveal the best activities and exercises for self esteem. These are the very best way of improving your self esteem, with exercises and activities



Everyone suffers from low self esteem at times. Life occasionally turns sour, we make mistakes, and it’s all part of the grand roller-coaster ride of this thing called life.

As Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Alice Boyes Ph.D states, “People tend to feel good when they’re having success and then feel awful when they’re not getting the response they desire from the world.”

Right now your self esteem is in transition. It’s simply human nature that at times our self esteem will be high, and at other times low. What goes up… eh, I’ll save you the cliché. Needless to say, at times we all suffer from low self esteem.

If you’re in need of a bit of a touch-up at the moment, in need of an injection of good feeling, then these ten exercises for self esteem are precisely what the councillor ordered.


10 Exercises For Self Esteem That Will Boost Your Confidence Right Now

Try these exercises for self esteem one at a time. Some will be more effective than others. Let us know how you get on. Love you guys!


  1. Compliment Yourself

You know precisely what you would do if a friend were feeling bad about  themselves, right? You would pay them a compliment. Say something nice and from the heart to make them feel better. At times, try turning those compliments inward. Say something nice about yourself.

Motivational speaker Louise Hay teaches a concept called “Mirror Work.” It’s a simple system. You simply walk up to a mirror and compliment yourself. For instance, say to yourself, “Hey, you’re looking good today” or  “I’m really happy with all the hard work I’ve done recently.”  As Louise Hay says, “Look into your eyes in the mirror, and love yourself within.”

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