How To increase Memory Power So You Never Forget Again

 This is one of the very best ways how to increase memory power . It is great for anyone who suffers from ‘scatterbrain’ as well as for general cognitive practice for yourself or for employees / students etc, should you be in a position of leadership. It is also great fun and very simple.


This exercise is the best way how to increase memory power.

Essentially, the task of this exercise is to increase memory power by memorising a series of ten poems or songs. Doing so will work your executive centre (the part of the brain involved with judging and convergent thinking) as well as, of course, your memory. It doesn’t matter particularly which poems or lyrics you choose to recite but here are some good categories.


  •  Anything that inspires or motivates you
  • Anything that creates any other positive reaction
  • Romantic poems or romantic lyrics (might as well impress him / her at the same time!)


Take one poem at a time and try to learn that one poem or song within a week. Recite it to yourself once per day in order to work your memory.


Learning is beneficial for a number of reasons and strongly advocates routine learning of new subjects / tasks. This will greatly help with your cognitive performance!

The best way how to increase memory power is to use this exercise frequently!



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