How To Make Your Mind Stronger Every Day By Simply Asking A Few Questions

how to make your mind stronger

There are 3 simple but powerful question techniques. These are the best way how to make your mind stronger every day.



Having a strong mind means loving your life and being happy no matter what. And one of the best ways how to have a strong mind is by practicing mindfulness.


Mindfulness is the simplest thing in the world. Being mindful simply means focusing your mind on the present moment. It’s about living your own life and focusing on your own being. It’s easy, and it’s truly powerful.

Scientific research has proven that practicing mindfulness is one of the best ways to have a strong mind. Daniel Siegel has written a great article on the science of mindfulness on

If you look at your happiest friends and family members, you’ll probably notice that they’re always living in the moment, they’re always being mindful, they’re simply doing what they are doing and not worrying about anything else. That’s because being mindful is one of the best ways how to make your mind stronger.


If you have a spiritual friend, for instance, you may very well have seen them sitting in their garden simply focusing on nature. They’re the type of person to spend hours mindfully noticing the beauty of life, mindfully observing such things as the way a butterfly flaps its wings or how the wind whistles between the branches.

If your friends are fitness fanatics who love to get out for a run, a cycle, or to go for a swim, they may have told you about how those exercises make them feel.

Fit and healthy people love nothing more than getting out for a run, or going for a swim, and simply living in the moment doing what they’re doing. Running, for instance, creates a wonderful feeling through the body as the wind brushes against your skin. Mindful runners love to focus on those sensations.

And then there’s the millions of beautiful people who allow themselves to simply be themselves and to love each moment of their lives.

These people are some of the happiest people on Earth. And they’re all truly strong-minded. More specifically, they are strong minded because they always stay in the moment, living mindfully.



Throughout the ages spiritualists have innately appreciated the importance of mindfulness. As long ago as the 6th Century BC, Eastern philosophers were advocating the importance of mindfulness, the importance of keeping the mind focused on the present moment.

Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi and many of the world’s brightest minds spent their lives training others to be mindful. They knew that when you allow yourself to be mindful of the moment you experience a state of pureness and bliss. They understood that being mindful was the best way to have a strong mind, and that a strong mind naturally meant a healthy and happy life.

But these gurus also knew something more. They knew that being mindful is not always as easy as it sounds.


It can be a challenge to always be mindful and to always focus on the present moment. But it’s a challenge that we all should fight for. Because life is beautiful, and when you allow yourself to focus on the present moment and to simply live your own wonderful life, you experience true and lasting joy and happiness.


But it is a challenge.

To stay focused on the present moment we can make the mind stronger through some fantastic exercises. Stay in the present moment is one of the best ways how to make your mind stronger. 

There are many excellent techniques that you can use to stay mindful. Some of my personal favorite techniques include meditation, yoga, tai chi, and QiGong. These are wonderful exercises that have powerful psychological effects.

But there are also many simpler ways to stay mindful.


Today I’ve been practicing one of the simplest mindfulness techniques of all. This technique really is a piece of cake. But boy is it a tasty piece of cake. Because when you practice this technique you will immediately become very mindful of the present moment. It is one of the best ways how to make your mind stronger.



So, here’s how to make your mind stronger every day. Just ask three questions: Where? What? Feeling?

I simply ask myself “Where am I?” “What am I doing?” and “What am I feeling?”

How easy is that? Just asking three questions? But do you know how much of an effect these three questions can have when they are asked in the right way? Let’s take a look.




When you ask yourself “Where am I?” you make yourself mindful of your environment

This easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy question immediately makes you more mindful of your surroundings.

It might seem too simple to be effective. But actually, when you ask “Where am I?” a powerful psychological effect takes place and is one of the best ways how to make your mind stronger. When you ask this question you immediately bring your consciousness to your surroundings.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re making dinner for the family. Your kids are running around and having all sorts of fun, the TV is blaring out the latest news stories, and there’s a radio on downstairs that’s playing some cheesy pop. That’s all fine. The family’s happy. Fantastic. But because of the noise you can’t focus.

Simply ask yourself “Where am I?” This will immediately bring you back into the present moment.

When you ask a question, your consciousness has to answer. So when you ask “Where am I?”, your consciousness has to actually observe where you are in order to answer the question.

So by asking this one really easy question you bring your consciousness back to the present moment.

You can also enhance this effect by practicing an Open Meditation (which just means meditating on the entirety of your surroundings).

Ask yourself “Where am I?” and you’ll notice how quickly this question changes your state of consciousness. This is one of the absolute easiest ways to make your mind stronger.

Whoa. That was so easy. And it’s one of the best ways how to make your mind stronger. So. What’s next?





The second really simple question is “What am I doing?”

We’ve all experienced those times when we’re doing something but we’re not focusing on it.

You’re driving to work but really you’re not focusing on driving you’re focusing on what might happen if you’re late.

So while you’re driving your mind is doing something else. That’s not very mindful. But there’s a really quick, easy, and oh so healthy way to change that.

Simply ask yourself “What am I doing?”

Again, because your consciousness actually has to answer the question, your mind will focus on what you’re doing.

It’s a little like this:

“What am I doing?” you ask.

“Not sure, I wasn’t focusing,” your mind says. “Hang on…. [you become mindful]… oh, right now I’m driving.”

From asking that one question your mind has focused, you’ve become more mindful and you’re now focusing on the present moment.

This simple technique has been proven to reduce stress and boost happiness levels. And when you ask yourself this question frequently you will make your mind stronger because you’ll naturally become more mindful.





The third question is “What am I feeling?”

If you’ve noticed, when we’ve been asking these questions we’ve led our mind on a journey. We started by focusing on our surroundings with “Where am I?” Then we focused on our external reality with “What am I doing?” And now we move our mind to our internal reality with “What am I feeling?”

Being mindful of your internal energy is really important. It’s something many spiritualists dedicate themselves to. Daoists, for example, practice many different meditation techniques that are designed to bring the mind into harmony with the energy in the body.

If you practice Daoist meditation, that’s great. But there is a simpler way to become mindful of your internal reality.

Simply ask: What am I feeling?

This simple question forces your consciousness to focus on the energy within your body, and on the sensations you’re experiencing.

Being mindful of internal energy is truly beneficial.

One of the reasons why monks have so much self control is that they are always aware of what’s happening within. This type of internal awareness will naturally make your mind stronger.

Your inner energies motivate external actions. Feeling tightness in your chest, for example, could mark the onset of anxiety for people who have panic attacks. But if you’re aware of that tightness when it is just beginning, you can do something about it. So if you know someone who experiences panic attacks, recommend this technique to them. Recommend that they be mindful of their internal energy. Then recommend that whenever they notice a change in that internal energy they should do something different. If you do know someone who has panic attacks, this really simple technique could help them so much.


By asking the question “What am I feeling” you make your mind conscious of your internal reality, and that gives you greater control of your external reality.


These three questions are the best way how to make your mind stronger every day. And it was oh so easy!